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How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

Are you searching for How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month. It can be five dollars, five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars depending on the niche and season. It is just 90% of pure hard work and 10% smart work. Let me show you how some bloggers really make money as n Amazon Affiliate and share you some screenshots on income per month for Amazon Associates Program.

How They get Money from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote products and services of a merchant website using links or banners. You get income or affiliate revenue when new user signs up and buy the product. Having a website with some traffic is an additional leverage only. The fundamental aspect of promoting affiliate links is to get it delivered to the right audience.

Affiliate marketing

How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

I know that A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some screenshots of Amazon affiliate income.

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

After 6-7 months: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers india

After 1 year: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate high income for bloggers india

After 2 years: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers united states

How do they earn so much

1. Promote affiliate links: Run a directory/comparison App

Create an app that list of your merchant’s products and service or compares various products of your affiliate products to others. You can publish the app in various app market places such as Google Playstore, Apple iTunes store, Amazon App Market place etc.

2. Run a coupon discount App

CouponDunia is a great example of this app. They created an app that list all kinds of discounts thereby promoting affiliate links.

Promote affiliate links for free: Run a coupon discount App

3. Have A YouTube Channel / Series

Start a YouTube channel and start making videos of reviews about the products and services offered by the merchant service. Add affiliate links at the description of every video.

4. Provide courses/training modules

If you have expertise in the products and services of the products that you get affiliated to it, start running courses/trainings. You can any teaching platforms and start generating money from teaching as well affiliate links.

How to Promote Affiliate links Without Website: Provide courses/training modules

Twitch Gaming Affiliate

5. Build websites / templates / designs for clients

You can suggest your client to buy a specific product that you are affiliated to and get money from that. The client will get a good deal as well as you. A win-win situation.

6. Develop themes, plug ins, or software for commercial use

Add your affiliate links in those themes, templates and do some marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

7. Run a podcast on making money without website

A podcast will help you to generate good revenue but you may need the traffic just as website. A beginner in podcast do not need to expect much of significant revenue in the first few months.

8. Write content/articles in other websites

There are many successful websites that have thousands of loyal readers and huge traffic. You can submit a guest blog post to these websites and add an affiliate link. You may need to write the article as per the instructions in the website. Usually guest posting is accepted by major websites. If you get your posts published in The Huffington Post or Mashables, you did not need to look back.

9. Social Media Marketing to promote amazon associates without website

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to create a loyal fan base and successfully generate revenue. Facebook pages with affiliate links can be used to promote affiliate links. Start with social media marketing if you have$0.00 funds to begin with and later on move to e book marketing.

FlipKart E Commerce Affiliate or Amazon Affiliate

10. Free affiliate marketing without website

Create an email list and send word to everyone about a new discount or a promo code offered by the merchant website. It is that simple.

11. Incentives (example: offer a product/service for free in return for a purchase)

Offer incentives to buyers for purchasing your products. You can use 1-2% of the revenue to provide incentives.

12. Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

You can set up Cashbacks out of your affiliate revenue. Thereby promoting affiliate links and get more traffic.

coupondunia Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

13. Pay per click affiliate programs without website (example: Google AdWords)

Set up Google Adwords account and create a campaign based on your affiliate links. You may need to spend some money on advertising.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

14. On Forums (example: You are active on forums and plan to write there)

Find forums related to the niche of your promoting products and service and add comments. This way more users will end up buying products and you get money. This way you can generate money utilizing user base of the merchant website. Forums helps in building your credibility and trust among online communities.

HostGator Hosting Affiliate or BlueHost Hosting Affiliate

15. Write an E Book on how to make money with affiliate marketing on facebook

You can write an ebook on why people should buy this product or a review of the product. It is not that easy to write an ebook. But once you are ready with an ebook, you can get revenue by selling the ebook as well generating income from affiliate marketing.

16. Use Squido or Hubpages to promote affiliate links for free

Squido and Hubpages already have strong readership. You can write articles in them and add affiliate links.

17. Outsource Writing, Designing and Marketing

If you are ready to spend some money, find a freelancer in Elancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and ask them to write a good article on the products that you want to promote or create an e book. Find a designer to design the template, ebook, article in a presentable form. Find a good marketing manager and pay to market the product.

18. Personal recommendation to make money with affiliate marketing

It is always a good strategy – Word of Mouth. Do you know any friend who want to buy a product, suggest him your products and ask him to buy using your affiliate link. Give him some incentive for that. Next time he will ask you if he need to buy a product.

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