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Power of Letting Go: An Essential Skill For An Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is not always the one who makes companies or startups. One can only become an entrepreneur if he/she possess the essential skills. These skills not only help to resolve issues, but also a great time saving. One essential skill is the power of letting go.
I believe that once in a while, we all experiences that day of disappointment. May be your expected capital was not good as you expected, or the first person who you employed quit his job or you could negotiate as much as you wanted with material suppliers. We all faced tragic disappointments and Googled “How to Get Over Disappointment” and read all the junk written by junkies.

Time For Yourself

I want to raise this issue, this disappointment to another level. I want to examine it andanalyze it andput it somewhere to see how can I or You alter it. I think we can take disappointment as a solution, not a problem. It is a solution to a lot of problems. Problems of stress, strain, mental confusions, fatigue, over concentration, back pain, neck pain, headache, eye pain in doing stuff, achieving the milestones, bringing your ideas to reality etc. Think about it. The disappointment gave you something that you needed the most: “Time For Yourself”.

Power of Letting Go

Feeling the power of letting go

Now you have some time for yourself to think and not think, to feel and not to feel, time to relax and not relax, time to have red wine and ponder on World’s unresolved mysteries or not to, to sip a coffee or not to. You just need to do it and you will feel the power of letting go. The power is within you to let go of your stress, troubles even for 2 minutes.
Write down what happened and what you feel about it
Write down possible scenarios what could have changed the course
Think about possible directions / negotiations you could do to alter the outcome
Buy a white board and sketch pens and draw what you feel
Write down the problem in a paper and burn it.
Consult someone who is a professional in dealing with matters such as yours
Consult near and dear family members for support
Call your friends and just tell them what happened. They may have few suggestions
Walk to a park and talk to a stranger about this
Visit a similar start up company and talk to the founder

Steps To Do To Relieve Stress

Take a deep breath by taking a pause from wherever you are and what you have been doing
Hold it for5 Seconds
Breath out: Imaging your body, mind and soul is getting relaxed as you breath out.
Do this for 3 times
Get Up
Take some drinking water in your mouth
Feelthe nourishment of water and the taste, the cold
Slowly drink it sip by sip
Drink one glass of water like this
Lie down
Put your arms closer to your body
Close your eyes
Do the breathing exercise 3 times
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