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Peer Educator Training or Facilitators Program Manual Proposal


Inspire Lives, Transform Communities


To inspire the lives of individuals, the building block of society, so that they may become the catalysts for transforming communities.

Peer Educator Training for Trainers, Facilitators Program Module Manual Proposal
Peer Educator Training for Trainers, Facilitators Program Module Manual Proposal


“An enlightening the candle of the World”
To help the individuals to discover themselves and thereby to help them to reach their true potential
To facilitate the development of life skills in children and ensure their holistic personality development
To Build a high-performing group of students with excellent character and  motivated for a good career through educational gatherings, meetings, workshops, classes, and other similar events.
To conduct and promote researches recognized for innovation and excellence in children, adolescents and youth development services by collaborating and partnering with others who share our Values.

Our Target Groups

Teenagers, adolescents and younger’s
Person with disabilities


Awareness Sessions
Role Play
One-to-one Coaching
Experiential Activities
Small Group Discussions

Today we live in a highly sophisticated society where life has become very complex. Extremely competitive persons can only succeed. Not only the academic qualifications but also the personal as well as the spiritual quality is also essential. We have to equip our children with these qualities from their very childhood. PET offers an opportunity for such a holistic development. As Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” In this program, we ensure the integral development of participants through different methodologies such as seminars, workshops, trainings, counseling, group activities and discussions etc.

Peer education modules.

The following sessions handled by experts:
1. Health & Hygiene
2. Personality Analysis / Mental Hygiene
3. Personality Profiling / Development / Personality Etiquette
4. Self Esteem & Confidence Building
5. Dealing with Criticism & Failure
6. Study skills / Positive thinking
7. Youth & Substance abuse
8. Moral Values & Adolescence
9. Leadership / Positive Mental Health
10. Mental Map/Effective study habits
11. Social Media and Mental Health/ Media & Youth
12. Teenagers & Sex Education

Design of the project

The idea of the project is to select a group of 10 students from every schools and colleges from each district and to provide them with a training session which includes sessions which covers issues related to children especially contemporary issues, child rights and sessions which covers peer education modules. There will be 8 training sessions covering 12 modules.  The trained students will be allotted to nearby schools of the colleges.  Students from 6th standard to 10th standard will be the target groups. The peer educators will be selected during their first year in college. They will be utilized as mentors, advocates, child right activists and peer educators guiding the students of the assigned school. This will be a two year process for the peer educator where they will be recruited and trained in the first year and after the training they will be assigned to school where they will play the role peer educators. Subsequent review sessions will be conducted in next 2 years with the help of same experts who have taken training sessions. The project will be experimentally carried out in single batch and there 2 years functioning will be monitored and evaluated. The successful implementation of the project will help to implement the program in mass level.

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