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How To Do Online Bill Payment through SBI Debit Card

Pay Electricity Bill Online KSEB Through SBI, ICICI Bank as it is now easy to pay Electricity bill online to Kerala State Electricity Board in a minute. Paying current bill online is easy with quick pay services. Here is an easy guide with images and detailed explanation on how to pay electricity bill online in minutes to KSEB.

1. Go to KSEB Website

kerala electricity board website online web portal

2. Select Quick Pay: Pay bills instantly in simple steps, anywhere

electrical section KSEB online pay bill

3. Select YourElectrical Section: If you do not know the electrical section, check the bill from KSEB. You need to find the Bill ID and the first four digits of the Bill ID stands for Electrical section. You can choose the electrical section from the given list by using the number.

find electircal section easily

4. Type the Consumer Number: The consumer number is 13 digits code. You can find the consumer code in the bill written as C# 11, 4 digit electrical section number ID, 6789121. If you are unable to see the first letter, you can use “1” and type the next 12 digits.

5. Type the bill number: The bill number is written after Bill #: Bill Number is a 13 digit code.

6. Select Submit to see the bill

Under Outstanding Bill Details you can mutiple values.

kseb online electricity bill payment portal image

Your Last Success Transaction details

Consumer Name:
Tariff Code:
Bill Amount:
Due Amount:
Payment Amount(Rs.):

* Excess payment will be treated as Advance payment means you can add more money if you want to and that will be deducted from the next bill you receive.

7. Verify these values with the bill you have and if everything is fine, proceed by typing your email ID and Mobile Number.

Bill Payment Section

8. Choose Your payment options: Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card and select Pay Now.

Bill payment portal image view
Transaction charge for Online payments
Payment Gateway/Bank Name of Transaction Rate per transaction
Rate Service Tax Total
TechProcess [PG]
NetBanking Rs 3.20 Rs 0.40 Rs 3.60
Debit Card 0.70% 0.08% 0.78%
Credit Card 0.90% 0.11% 1.01%
South Indian Bank
Direct NetBanking for SIB account holders
[Direct Bank Integration] Nil Nil Nil
Canara Bank
[Direct NetBanking for CAB account holders]
Direct Bank Integration Nil Nil Nil
Federal Bank
[Direct NetBanking for FBL account holders]
Direct Bank Integration Nil Nil Nil
Canara Bank/PayU [PG]
Canara Bank NetBanking
Nil Nil Nil
NetBanking (All other banks )
Rs 4 Rs 0.49 Rs.4.49
Canara Bank Debit Card
Nil Nil Nil
Debit Card (upto 2000)
0.75% 0.09% 0.84%
Debit Card (above 2000)
1.00% 0.12% 1.12%
Credit Card
0.85% 0.11% 0.96%

During Online Payment, if the amount is debited from bank account and the transactiondetails are not generated online, please check the transaction details after 48 hours.

After completing the payment, you will get a message in your mobile number on successfully completing online payment.

payment successful electricity bill full image portal website

9. Once you get Payment Done Successfully window. You can select Print Button to save the bill.

save electricty bill payment bill easy

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