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part  peer educator training for trainers module proposal

Part 2: Peer Educator Training for Trainers Module Proposal

This is Part 2 of the previous post: Peer Educator Training for Trainers, Facilitators Program Module Manual Proposal.

Duration of the project

The duration of the project is two years. After the selection of the students they are given training through different sessions. After the training they are allotted with different schools. Then they will work with respective schools until their completion of the course.  The program will be experimentally conducted for a single batch with 2 years of follow up.

Expected Results

The successful implementation of the project will result in the formation of different groups oriented and having expertise in child related issues.  This groups which includes peer educators and the target groups in the future will intervene in the issues of children like child rights, child atrocities, policy formulation related to children etc.


The energetic team will consist of project director, project supervisor, project coordinators and peer educators will be there who will be selected from students.
a) Project Director
He will be the contact person and in-charge of overall superintendence of the project, monitoring every aspect from time-to-time.
b) Project Co-coordinators
It is proposed to have Project Co-coordinator who will co-ordinate with the Beneficiary groups and Project director and oversee each area for smooth and efficient implementation. He will directly report to the secretary and receive all necessary guidance and instructions from him from time-to-time.
c) Peer educators
They will be responsible for carrying out the activities in schools like counseling, awareness class and different types of activism in the community regarding issues related to children. They will be selected from the colleges.

Budget of the Program

Project director 8000*12
Project coordinators(2)- 5000*12*2
Resource persons-1 training session-Rs 1500
8 training sessions- 8*1500, 3 follow up session-1500*3 in 2nd year, 3 follow up session in 3rd year-1500*3
Transport and stationary
Materials- brochures, pamphlets, booklets etc
Miscellaneous expenses


Five colleges will be selected from nearby rural/urban area.  For each college there will be orientation program on the project which will be taken by project coordinators. The students will be screened and selected by expert committee which includes coordinator, project director, principal of the college and staff coordinator of child line club of college. After the selection of 50 students from 5 colleges a common orientation program will be given by child line coordinator and the project coordinator.   After the orientation 16 days will be prescheduled according to the academic calendar which will cover 8 training sessions and 12 modules. This will be taken by experts. Among 12 modules 6 modules will be covering peer education and the other 6 modules will be about child rights, contemporary picture of atrocities against children, need and importance for youth activism in the area of children.  After the training sessions the peer educators will be allotted with schools to work up to the completion of their course.  In the second and third year there will be review sessions to review entire process. It will be carried out under the same experts who have carried out the training sessions so that the continuity can be maintained.  By the end of the project feedback will be collected from peer educators, target groups and colleges.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring of the sessions will be conducted regularly. Every three month during the course the expert committee will be summoned and the process will be evaluated and if required necessary changes will be done accordingly. Also the project coordinator in every 4 months will collect the feedback from peer educator, target groups and college authorities on the proceedings and it will be evaluated by the expert committee.  And at last feedback will be taken from all these categories and it will be evaluated and a comprehensive report will be prepared including all details.


The sustainability of the project during the course period will be ensured through proper feedback sessions and periodical evaluation.  Mass level implementation will be carried through the same process with necessary changes. The effect of the project will be long lasting as the students gone through this process (both peer educators and target groups) will get involved in the issues of children in one or other way.

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