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pan and legal name is not matching with cbdt database solutions

PAN and Legal Name is not matching with CBDT database- Solutions

Problems and solutions usually encountered Solution provided by GSTN on GST portal

Problem 1: Mismatch in name as per VAT-TIN/Service Tax-TIB and that in CBDT

Solution: Making the Name as per PAN editable in the application for proprietors, where details of Authorized signatories were auto-populated to correct anydifferences between Name as per VAT and Name as per PAN

Problem 2: Mismatch of names where middle name is notthere (in such cases one space was being addedwhen name data was downloaded from CBDTdatabase.)

Solution: Removing all spaces from name as per PAN validation to avoid appearance ofspaces in PAN because of missing middle name

Problem 3: Mismatch arising out of First Name, Last Nameand Middle Name as given in VAT/Service Tax TIN with that in PAN

Solution: Concatenation of First name, Middle Name & Lastname of taxpayers andsending single string request to CBDT in order to avoid failure due to namemismatch arising out of Fname, Lname & Mname.

Problem 4: Mismatch arising when PAN in enrolmentapplication was left blank due to nonavailabilityof CBDT service at the time of datafetching for activation (after submission ofapplication using DSC/eSign).

Solution: Enabling fetching name as per PAN at the run time, should the name as per PAN in enrolment application was left blank due to non-availability of CBDTservice at the time of activation.


Problem 5:PAN and Legal Name is not matching with CBDT database. Please submit PAN and Legal Name after validating with CBDT database

Solution: Go to Searchpan, enter your PAN number and captcha. Press search Now. Find your PAN Name and use it for filling GST provisional application. You can use Know Your PAN to verify the name if needed.

You need to fill two parts for GST registration: Part A and Part B. Here is a guide to help you with registration. You can register GST easily with these guides.

Step By Step Guide to Register For GST TRN Number

Register for GST Application After you Get TRN Number .

ENGLISH Video Tutorial


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