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An Experiment with Blogger – One Post / One Author / Many Ideas

I was just thinking about doing an experiment with blogger. There are many people out there who have brilliant imagination and interest in numerous topics. I would request each one to write a blog for I would love to see what others would write and their interests are. I will list each blog post written by others here and finally we could see how broad can the topics be, hows is their writing style etc. I really do not know how far this experiment will go? But It would be better if I start it now. Right?

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Do you want to write something? Send something to me.

The only rule is that it should be written by you only from start till end. What I meant is originality.

I will read the post, we will discuss about it, will publish it and many will read it. I cannot say how many people will read it. But shipmethis already have more than five hundred views a day. All the blog authors will be able to connect with each other and share views. This way you will get new friends, maybe for a life time.


Everyone is busy in this world. Whether it be work, school, college, or anything else. I understand. 
Everyone have the fear of other’s opinions. What will others say after reading what i wrote. How will the think of me after that. I understand.
Everyone have the writer’s block. I understand.
Everyone thinks that others will criticize them. I understand.
But why can’t we just pause for a minute, spend some time and write something without all this fears.
I meant start writing – Write Gibberish, crazy poems, terrible stories, day to day incidents etc. Create flawed, imperfect characters in your stories. This will make you relaxed without the fear of rejection, or being perfectionist, or competition. Lets stop being a consumer and start producing something. This is the right time to write, because you are never too old to write or never too young to write. Write about something without the fear of punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes.

Because balance is overrated and Passionate people aren’t balanced []

Write Something and Send it to me

1. The Phone Call After Ten Years – The first which is going to get published is a short story by Pragya Shah. The story revolves around two best friend’s Rajat and Randeep one being the narrator and other the protagonist. They have been like brother’s since childhhod but things changed when an ambitious Rajat got a respected post in Randeep’s father’s company. Rajat betrayed the company and further worsened his relationship with Randeep by falling in love with his friend’s sister. eventually it led to a huge fight causing Rjat to leave the family, breaking all the ties with the family and his friend. This changed when Ten years later Randeep gets a phone call from Rajat’s wife informing him of his ailing friend. Read the wonderful story in coming days. 

Applause for the writers
Applause for the writers

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