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4 Models in Abnormal Psychology

The article discusses about the various ways described that states how can one be considered as normal.
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Are you afraid that you are having mental illness?

The first line i want to tell you is that all Human being are not perfect. I certainly believe that we can not find a normal person in the world because normality itself is controversial. There are only variations from mild to moderate and moderate to extreme. As from the study of genes (human genome project) it is proven that all human beings shares 99% of the same genes. Only 1% of the genes are different from each individual. These 1 % of the genes give so many characteristics and they makes you vary from others. Such genes are based on the genetic and environmental factors of the person.

Are you a father, mother ,brother, sister, relative or a friend of a so called “abnormal person”?

then you know the pain of that word- “abnormal”. How can we say that we are normal? Normality is defined as a state of complete physical ,mental and social well being. Another definition says that normality are a set of patterns of behavior or personality traits that are typical or that confirm to some standard of proper and acceptable ways of behaving and being.

How can we say one individual is abnormal if we are not normal?

There are so many children and adults who face the disorders in the body and mind. In abnormal psychology there are some models which were put forward to define normality.

  1. Social model : The person should behave as social norms says.Only then the person can said to be normal in the basis of this model. I think the main drawback of this theory is that revolution  comes from bending the edge of social norms and breaking the rules like “Che”.
  2. Statistical model : This model says there are only variations of normality and no typical objective type normality. In this model a genius and a less intelligent person are considered as abnormal.
  3. Medical model : If a person is showing no symptoms in his body and the mind then we can consider as a normal human being.
  4. Adaptive model : The person must have an adaptive level of functioning in various situations. This theory is born from the Evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin.

As a process : In this model normality is considered as a continuous process until death. Normal process is the ‘n’ result of interacting systems.

Normality as undefined : This model suggest that there are no definitions possible for normality.

Personal well being : They says normality is an introspective process. One should analyse it themselves and decide whether he is normal or not.

There are drawbacks to all these theorems. So it is really impossible to define normality. I have seen people saying that we should not trust abnormal mad people. They will attack us. I have seen kids who are less intelligent are thrown out to orphanages and streets. They need shelters and good habitat to live not the sharp words. So lend an helping hand.

Abnormal psychology

My question is will you marry a woman or a man by knowing that he/she had a brother who is mentally ill? I think your answer is a big NO. But if yes then your heart and thoughts are broader. Those who said is no is not aware some basic factors about mental illness and abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology is the study of abnormal behavior of people. Such a broad terminology is what makes abnormal psychology interesting. Abnormal psychology studies various topics from basic phobias to Schizophrenia.

We all have about 1% of chance to get a abnormal disorder. But if you marry a member from a family which has a certain background of a mental illness, the chance may increase up to 5% that is really a low percentage compared to other families who are not having mental illness in the genetic pattern. So it is really no harm if you marry a member from such a family.

Are you afraid that you are having mental illness?

There people who believes that they are having mental illnesses like hallucinations and i want to tell that by doubting yourself you are weakening your mental power. According to the studies people who are introvert are having such problems mainly because the didn’t have a way to express such feelings to other individuals. If you certainly believe that go find a psychologist and do a check up.

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