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make ad sense profit videos using youtube or by vlogging

Make Ad sense Profit Videos using YouTube or by Vlogging

You tube as you know is one of the top websites and this allows users to add videos for earning money. This is called you tube partnership program. In order to accept a publisher, there are some criteria’s which a publisher should be fulfilled. The uploaded videos must follow terms of serviceand community guidelinesby You tube . The videos must be original and must not copied from other websites.

vlogging or video blogging is publishing videos in You tube and other video platforms. One example of vloggers are Travel vloggers who travel and provide videos of their travelling.

If your account is eligible you will receive a notification in your inbox. Then you can read other details about eligibility by going this link

How do you earn money?

You can earn money when you associate ad sense account to you-tube account. When you do that you will get a bonus from YouTube and this bonus is determined by the quality of uploaded videos, community-standing positions, number of videos uploaded etc. You can upload anything from short films, documentaries, videos of anything and that will give the potential for earning money.

Imagine a topic likeWhat is Cholesterol? How it can be tackled easily?

Cholesterol consist of half of body mass which takes care of the energy requirement of the body. We can see Cholesterol in a wax like structure in blood as well as cells. Cholesterol is not soluble in blood hence it interact with protein creating something called lipoprotein. Lipoprotein reaches to each and every corner of the body through blood. Body needs appropriate level of Cholesterol because Cholesterol is one of the major essential requirement in the construction of cell walls as well as growth of cells.Cholesterol is also helpful for the generation of sex hormones like androgen and estrogen, imbibing vitamins A, D, E and K, and Cortisol hormones. Liver is responsible for synthesizing eighty percent of the Cholesterol of our body. The other twenty percent is provided by the food we eat daily. Low Density LipoProtein [LDL] Low Density LipoProtein [LDL] or bad cholesterol can be dangerous to the body as it will stores in the walls of arteries and veins and block of the blood flow. High Density LipoProtein [HDL] High Density LipoProtein [HDL] or Good cholesterol helps to push all the blocked fat in the blood vessels to the liver.

You can create your own brand like “videos of blogging, videos of fitness and health, videos of how to escape from Cholesterol etc”. Just take a webcam, read out this content, add some pictures respectively. Done..

You are getting a platform for making money and if you use it well, you can earn quite a bit. Just try to be original and authentic and do not attempt anything called policy violation and if you committed something, your you-tube account may get cancelled or account may be banned.

You can earn money by 55-45 split which means Google will get $45 and you will get $55, if Google sells $100 worth of advertising products. But you see the way you get money per view is not as god as monetizing through blogs or websites. So you may need to produce a variety of videos that suits different people’s tastes. The combination of You-tube ads as well as blog posts works better. This is called “vlogging . Vlogging defined as video blogging and this is a nice term for publishers and need to take sometime to pronounce it.

You tube helps to brand your product and blogging increase traffic to the brand. The cooperation between blogging and you tube need to be explored more by publishers. The combined method may create much more income than blogging or adding videos alone.

You can know how many people watched your videos by going to You tube analytic.

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