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just keep trying new flavors until you find the right combination

Just Keep Trying New Flavors, Until You Find the Right Combination

Happy Hours

Sitting in a bar amidst the smoke of hukkah, can be seen happy faces, sad faces, crying faces and faces lost in deep thoughts; Some young, some old trying to blend their emotions with the drinks on their tables. For all those of you who drink in pubs, it won’t be an uncommon view.  We tend to increase our happiness with drinks or may use it to drown into sorrows. Some may drink to socialize or due to peer pressure whereas some may drink to just know why people drink at all? If one starts to wonder, they may come up with hundreds of reason, so as to why people drink.

I feel, that our drinks reflect the way we live. Imagine life to be your glass of neat Smirnoff (or any other drink of your choice). Just like we mix it with a lot of other liquids, we mix our life with a lot of other emotions and thoughts. Some make it taste bitter, some sweet. All the experiences we have end up leaving a different color in your glass of life. Your first kiss, your first heart-break, your first salary, the look on your parents face when you got your degree.  All the memories we have, gives a different flavor to our life.

All the people who drink with us momentarily share our lives. They, may last for a very long time, or just for a night, but there is always an opportunity to learn something from them. Tasting their drinks and realizing their lives, gives us a good opportunity to introspect into ours. Just because your life is currently on turmoil doesn’t mean it’s going to be like that always. So what, your drink tastes bitter because you are having issues in your relationships? Look around, someone’s stomach is burning because of her/his drink. It’s okay if you added a lot of juice to you gin or if your drink isn’t as strong as you expected, in the end it will leave you feeling just fine.

If you tend to drink when you are sad, because it gives you temporary satisfaction, have you ever stopped to imagine, how much sadness you are mixing into your life each day! If you drink when you are happy, stop and acknowledge all the sacrifices you are making in your life to stay that way. It’s always good to take a moment off from our own intoxication just to appreciate the efforts each of us are putting in their drinks to remain sober.

This article does not support drinking in any form. It is just an excuse to give us a food for thought. Next time when you feel shitty about something that has happened in your life, try to take it as just another flavor which will pass leaving bittersweet memories. Even Smirnoff can taste better with a little bit of beer and a dash of lemon.

Try to enjoy whatever flavor life brings to you, initially it may taste bitter. Who knows, you might end up liking it in the end or even better if you lean your lesson to never drink Smirnoff with Pepsi again! Just because you did not like a few combinations with your drink, doesn’t mean you’ll stop trying? Then, why settle with life because of some negative experiences. Just keep trying new flavors, until you find the right combination for you.


Author: Pragya Shah
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