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How to write a Journal Article Review for Social Work – Guidelines

Review for Social Work be inspired by ideas
Social Work

Purpose: The aim of this Article Review is to acquaint students with a range of historical ideologies that inform practice theory. Students need to analyze knowledge by contextualizing it historically and culturally so that they understand the roots of the social work profession. Through this assessment, I hope the students get to explore and understand one’s own set of beliefs, based on one’s socialization. Usually this will be an individual assignment.

Format: Each student will be assigned a topic, the list of which is given below –

Judeo-Christian Ideology
Secular Humanism Ideology
Protestantism Ideology
Rationalism Ideology
Welfarism Ideology
Liberalism and Democracy Ideology
Utilitarianism and Social Darwinism Ideology
Socialism Ideology
Human Rights Ideology

You will need to make use of the required readings, extra references and any other material you come across in the course of researching, for your paper. For each topic, the student needs to take at least one article from any peer reviewed journal.

The overarching framework for preparing this paper will be as follows:

1. Cover Sheet/Title Page (Name, Student Code, Semester, Year, Assignment Title, Subject Name, Lecturer, Date of Submission, Length)
2. Table of Contents
3. Bibliographic Citation (Author, Title of Journal Article, Name of Journal, Volume, Issue, Date of Publication, Pages – in APA Format)
4. Introduction (Indicates purpose of the Paper)
5. Summary (of the Journal Article)
6. Critical Review
7. Conclusion (Re-emphasize main claims and Articluate importance of argued position)
8. Bibiliography 

Referencing: All review papers must have a list of references and in text citations, according to the APA Format. Students are expected to acknowledge sources of ideas and information in their paper through the use of in text citations and references. Failure to acknowledge ideas and information/facts/theories will amount to plagiarism/copying. Consequences of such an act would include failing in the paper and/or in the course.

Note for Written Assignment: The review paper should not be more than 5000 words. The word count should include all words in the main body of the assignment (including ‘a’,‘the’, etc.) Do not count the words in the content sheet or the reference list.
Please type your work in Times New Roman, font size – 12, using double spacing between lines.

Note for Presentation: There is no limit to the number of slides required for preparing this presentation, the goal is to convey the Journal Article’s information to the class in a conducive manner. However, each student will be alloted a time of only 20 minutes (15 minutes for Presentation and 5 minutes for Discussion) for the purpose of the presentation. Some o ther guidelines –

Do not cram too much information onto one slide, keep your sentences short
Font size must be large enough to be easily read and contrast the color of the font with the background for easy viewing
Do not just read from your slides talk freely about the knowledge you acquired from reading the article
Involve your audience. Ask questions, insert video/ hyperlinks into your PowerPoint; use humor if possible (the key is to captivate your audience)
Proofread everything
Submission Date: The last date for submission of the Theme Paper Article Review (Written Assignment) is——–. All submissions are to be made to the e-mail id –…. latest by 5pm on that day. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Grading Rubric: This Article Review carries 50% weightage in the course. Usually students will be marked on the following criteria –

1. Content and Organization 
2. Critical Thinking Skills 
3. Application and Research 
4. Style, Grammar, Spelling and Documentation

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