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How to Talk to Women Confidently You’re Interested in

I have seen many youngsters who are unable to start a conversation with women. This happens majorly because they are unable to talk to women confidently. Many youngsters often turn to online tutorials on how to talk to women confidently and not screw it up.

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Are there any rules that one should follow to appear and talk confidently to women?

No, there are are no specific rules. But you must know a few of the general ones.

6 Rules on How to Talk to Women Confidently You’re Interested in

These are called dating rules. These may appear general but they are really powerful when it comes to conversation and dating. If you are with me, I am sure we can work things out and make you more confident. 
Lets start then.

1. Confront Your Worries, Doubts and Fears

How to Talk to Women Confidently You’re Interested in

First things first. Take a pen and paper. Sit relaxed and start writing your doubts and fears. It can be anything. From what will I talk to her when I meet, I do not think I can talk to her or even face her, how will she react if she saw me in this dress or that dress, will I able to make her smile, I could not find a good tutorial on How to Talk to Women Online Confidently and the list goes on.
It is completely fine. Just write all of them. Continue reading once you have done it. Good!. Read it again and try to categorize them in Worries, Doubts and Fears. You can put a W for Worry, D for doubt and F for fear. Keep the checklist ready for the next move.

2. Imagine A Women is sitting next to you and start speaking

You imagine a women sitting right next to you and is very keen in listening to what you want to stay. She is your ideal women and you are completely fine in talking to her. You are confident and can express anything without getting judged or mocked. 
Are you able to talk? If not, why. What are the major obstacles that you are facing? Can you go back to checklist and see which of them are currently hindering your conversation. Tick them or color them.

3. Talk to a picture of women

Work on your ticked items on the check list. Talk to a picture of women and start speaking. Each time you speak, you will have increased confidence. Do this for two, three rounds and you will be ready to start.

4. It is easy to start with ‘Hello’

How to Talk to Women Confidently
Start with an easy hello and then make your way to her likes and dislikes. Be gentle and express respect. Introduce yourself by saying the name only and ask what is her name. Then begin conversation like; “I was here for a cup of coffee and I saw you. I felt a connection and just want to have chat”. Don’t overdo it. Just ask genuinely.
She may say she has a boyfriend. If she says, better to walk away by saying “Oh ok. nice to talk to you”. You can still ask her social media insta id to follow.

5. She will Assess You in One Look

Know that you will be assessed in one look and she will know if you are interested or not. Wear clean cloths and smile. An open smile is an invitation to for a conversation. Do keep calm and ask her why she is here and what is she doing. Know that she is doing something because there is something that make her interesting in it. 
Understand what is that interesting thing and ask her about that. An example would be, “I am studying Psychology in Minnesota University or University of Maryland“. So you can ask her what makes Psychology interesting for her for studying.

6. Ask her out for a coffee

How to speak to Women Confidently You’re Interested in
A coffee and a comfortable chair can make you and her relaxed. Do not cut her while she is talking or say comments on her statements. Give her your attention and sip coffee. Limit your talking to a minimum and make sure you are giving a slight care in her comfort. You can ask her how is the coffee or are you comfortable etc.
These are few pointers on How to Talk to Women Confidently You’re Interested in. Share these tips if you like them.
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