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How To Convert Bad Writers To Be Good Bloggers

How To Convert Bad Writers To Be Good Bloggers
Be Good Bloggers

I remember the day I started blogging – 5 years back. Sometimes I go back to my old blogger posts and read them and I could see how badly they are written. Spelling mistakes were less, but an endless number of grammar mistakes.

But things have changed a lot. Now there are only 1 or 2 spelling mistakes and few grammar mistakes. I am not a pro blogger and I get very little traffic and I am kind of satisfied with it. For me, blogging is a way to ventilate and tokeep on writing without gettingjudgements from people. That’s why you cannot see a comment box at

We all are not good writers

We all are not good writers, not good marketers, not good bloggers also. People often comment on social media that this blog post is bad or the content is bad. It is necessary to understand that most people are judgmental and critical. They do not care about how much time you have taken to write a post or find information. They always criticize what they see. So we are not good writers,but we are Self Starters.

We are Self Starters

I call myself a self starter. I do things for myself. If i want to do something, i start it without considering too many opinions. We are also part of this huge network of self starters. We started a blog and started writing even with endless mistakes. Mistakes are a part of this. Everyone who started blogging and writing made mistakes, even professional bloggers would have made thousands of mistakes. They became professionals with practice and careful analysis of their strategy.

Being Good Bloggers

The essential principle in being a good blogger is that anyonecan be one. You do not need too much SEO to start a blog. It is all about how much effort you are going to put in. See blogging or whatever you do as part of personal growth. That way you can keep motivating yourself and keep blogging.You can help people by writing about issues you face daily and how did you resolve them. You can write about social issues or mere thoughts. You can also start exploring otherblogspotblogs orwordpressblogs to know more about blogging.
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