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mab charges icici bank means, MABChgs, SMAB Charges

There are multiple ways to check the Bank balance account in ICICI.  It can be through SMS, Mobile Application, Aircel Mobile Network,

1. Through SMS

Type “IBAL” without quotes and send as an SMS to 9222208888. You will get a SMS on the registered mobile number informing you about latest 5 banking transactions like credit or debit, cheque return etc of savings account.

To check last 3 transaction details, send the SMS- ITRAN to the number 5676766 or 9215676766.

To use this facility your mobile number has to registered with ICICI bank. Registration happens when you fill your phone number in the form to open the account. If your mobile number is not yet registered, kindly visit the home branch and add your phone number as official one.

2. Use iMobile application of ICICI bank

Go to iMobile app. 
Select Bank Account
Press OK
Select Desired account. 
Press OK
Select Balance Enquiry
Press OK
A window will show like “Fetching Balance information”
Your Balance is Displayed with date.

3. Through Aircel Network

Dial *345# and start dialing
Select 5 for My Account
Press Reply and Dial 5. Then Press OK
Select 1 for check balance
Press Reply and Dial 1. Then Press OK
Enter MPIN [your password code.] . Press OK
Your Balance is Displayed.

Major complaints solved

Q1. My mobile number already registered ..but i cant get any SMS alert through or account info?

A. Check whether your bank account details have been attached to that number. Kindly visit your home branch and inquire about this issue.

Q2. Can I register my Mobile no. Online?

A. No. You have to go to the ICICI home branch and have to add manually

Case 1: Ravi was a customer of ICICI bank and he had a savings account in ICICI bank. He is working as technician in a company. One day he was checking his mini statement and got shocked by knowing that his money got deducted 4 times with 394 rupees every time and he lost total 1572 rupees. He haven’t got any SMS or email about deducting these charges.
Even he goes to any shop and swipe for purchase an item of 12 rs, he gets SMS that this money is deducted. However this money was deducted 4 times and no SMS was received.

MABChgs-May12+ServTax 30.9 – 280.90
 MABChgs-Jul12+STax 30.9 – 280.90
MABChgs-Aug12+STax 43.26 – 393.26

MABChgs-September12+STax 43.26 – 393.26

Ravi is just one among many. ICICI bank has a certain rule regarding savings bank account that the account should have minimum balance unless certain amount will be deducted from the account. The issue here is that these customers are not aware that their money is getting deducted again and again.  ICICI bank is clearly violating Rule 8(1)(k) of The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 i.e. “levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer”.

Ravi went ahead and complaint in the an online forum and got a reply like this,

“Hi Ravi,

We have made a note of your account number. Our official will get back to you soon to assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team”

However issue did not get solved.

Ravi again complained and got another reply,

“Hi Ravi,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have made a note of your account number. Our official will get back to you soon.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team”

You can contact for resolving your queries.

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