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how overwriting helps in increasing search engine ranks

How Overwriting Helps in Increasing Search Engine Ranks

I have been observing some posts regarding coding in blogger and especially adding social widgets in blogger. The actual need of the user is to get the code and paste in the gadget and save. However, most of the posts that rank 1-9 in Google has written more than seven hundred words for this. They have written like what is the widget, why is the widget important, what are the outcomes of adding this widget, how they added and how it made their traffic increase, how they came up with the code etc.

I started reading some of these and got so much bored. It was like a never ending reading. After scrolling down for more than 4-5 seconds, Ifound the code at the bottom of the post. These long posts tests the patience of an average user. I am not against long posts, but at least why can’t blogger give the code first and give the explanation later.

It takes an enormous amount of time to read the entire post to find the required code or information. Some suggest to skim through the post than actually reading it. Sometime while skimming also, important warnings or messages do not get noticed resulting in more use of time.

From this I understood that write long, long posts where the user gets so bored to read in the information explosion era and then your posts end up in rank 1 or 2. All search engine bots search for content so if you keep writing long posts without much of quality also, your posts will end up in rank 3-5. It all depends up on the number of words.

There so called pros who just stuff information in long posts which has more than two thousand words and Google rank these posts in rank 1 or 2. There are shorter posts that help the user but haven’t stuffed keywords and made it longer, these will be in like one hundred rank or so.

Whatever ranking structure Google or Search Engines have, the idea of giving more rank to longer post is not right and this will consume more time for user. This post will not even turn up in the search engines as I have not stuffed keyword related to overwriting, helps, increasing, search, engine, ranks and how. I don’t want to be. There!!!

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