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Google Search is Promoting Adult sites over Normal sites – Case Study

I have been working on this case study for some days. Adult sites are promoted in the first page instead of the normal sites. I was using the keyword “10 Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites” and I was checking the first few results. Usually appears as the first result because of the good information provided by the site.

This time gone to number 7. I was really surprised to see this. I could not understand what made Google think information is not relevant to audience. Then I started checking the other 5 websites promoted to the first page of Google. Surprisingly 4 out 5 sites lead to adult sites.

I do not understand why Google promotes these websites to the first page. Those adult sites has no content, no information related to dating or email lookup or reverse email lookup. They all redirected to the same adult site and showed pages of adult content. I do not what the search intent is all about for Google algorithm.

People are searching for tools or sites that can provide reverse email lookup services for dating and Google provides adult content sites. This is so bad. I do not now how long Google has been providing this kind of promotion for such sites. I think the new Google algorithm updates has ruined the search experience and made good sites go back in search pages.

I reported all these websites to Google but I do not see any action from their side. I have already mentioned that sites hosted in are severely affected with DDOS attacks. No initiatives are done yet to fix this issue. Considering that and this promotion of adult content is severely affecting the quality of Google as a search engine. I hope Google will realize this flow and correct it.