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Miracle mantra for job seekers to get desired job immediately

Are you searching for that miracle mantra for job, mantra to get job in a week,
pooja for getting job immediately and mantras for job seekers. There is no such mantra in this post. And there no mantra to get job instantly, mantra to get desired job immediately, mantra for job success and mantra for job interview. It is just about education, skills and luck.

Are you looking for a desired job and unable to find potential opportunities. Do you want to have  desired salary, work perks, potential opportunities to grow as an individual and a career that broaden your perspectives. Getting that dream job is harder than it sounds. Not just harder, way harder.

I am going to focus few specific details on why getting desired job is harder. I am sure that you may have read 14 Tips if You Being Unemployed for Over 6 Months. This post explains my take on this matter.

Miracle mantra for job seekers to get desired job immediately

Match Expectation of Employers: miracle mantra for job seekers

I hate to say it but expectations of employers are too much to handle. They suck because they want to hire a ‘potential’ candidate who can not just work but ‘dedicate entire life’ to them.
1. Potential Candidate – I realized and explored this idea of potential candidate so many times in many interviews and JDs. An employer is looking for the next Steve Jobs for minimal salary who can make their company number 1 in the world. Sometimes I just read Job Descriptions to get a good laugh. An IDEAL CANDIDATE for the employer does not exit in the world.. I am pretty sure people with that kind of abilities which constitutes an IDEAL idea would have started another organization instead coming to an organization for a job. What I am trying to say is that employers expect higher than what they can offer.
2. Experience: They ask for more than 5 years of experiences without any significant focus on the specific job at hand. My friend had an interview with a prestigious company for a HR Analyst position and they said he need to have 5 years of experience in HR. He had more than 3 years of experience specifically of HR analytics but they declined saying less experience. Later we heard they had to take someone who has 7 years experience in HR but no experience in HR analytics. I still have no idea how he works in that company.
3. Lack of Mentoring: Employers look for ready, set, go employees. Some provide training for 1 month or two months to equip the person to do the job and not to excel in it. They do not care about mentoring and fostering a professional relationship with the employee. Employee leave organization whenever he gets a higher pay leaving them at peril of replacing another one.

Getting Desired Job: mantras for job seekers

The problem lies with the job seekers too. Job seeking is a skill that need to be acquired. Job seeking is affected by many factors such as place 

Where You Live
If you live in countries with high unemployment rate, then you are stuck.

What Education and Skills You have: no mantra to get job instantly

Education prepare you for job market and Skills get you the job. Skills are something that you achieve with experience and training. A fresher do not have experience and skills which is leading to unemployment. Employers need skilled workers and not job seekers.
Lets start counting how many marks you are getting out the below list for chance of getting an employment. You may think these are stereotypes but most people get get jobs because they have these.
1. Institution: An accredited institution by respective bodies and agencies [UGC]
2. Mode of Education : Full time study is always preferred rather than part time, distance, correspondence, online modes.
3. More than Eighty Percentage Marks or 8 GPA out of ten consistently: I am not asking you to be the top ranking person in every class but if you maintain at least eighty percentage marks or 8 and more GPA out of ten, you can get through.
4. Language: Ability to use preferred language by the employer is a needed skill. Many prestigious companies prefer good command over English language and language of the place that you are going to work with. Many countries insist on having expertise in language to get a job.
5. Internships: An internship experience at a company and a recommendation letter from supervisor and certificate.
6. Good Bio: A professional updated bio.
7. Soft skills: Just Google for that.
8. Over confidence and boasting of skills : If you boast yourselves, you are going to lose the job. Keep Calm and be authentic.

9. Financial and Social Back up : If you have family members and relatives who can back you up, you have a chance to get your desired job.

Other issues are lack of Matching Algorithms in Market. I meant lack of websites that compare skills of a person and existing job profiles.

Do you want to get a job? Not easy at all. I would urge you to think the time of unemployment as a break to learn more about yourself, write more, read more and sharp your skills. You can start by finding your skills, polishing how you talk to people, how to use speech modulation and how to convince people on an idea. I am sure once you get hold of yourself, you may need to seek a job. It will come to you. As I told you in the beginning of the post there is no mantra to get job instantly, mantra to get desired job immediately, mantra for job success and mantra for job interview. It is just about education, skills and luck.

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