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Find Someone’s Social Media by Phone Number

Find Someone’s Social Media by Phone Number (2022)

Getting someone’s social media would be an excellent place to start if you’re seeking to establish common ground with a new neighbor or want to know if they’re a prospective date. You can find out all social media profiles of a person by just a phone number.

You can never be too cautious in today’s environment, especially when it comes to evaluating potential Tinder matches because everyone is so linked. There’s a simple way to find your Tinder match or someone you’re interested in on social media. Using some tools online you can easily search someone on social media with just a number and know more about the person.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup

Searching people on social media has never been easy with the new reverse number lookup tools. A reverse phone lookup tool searches public records using only a phone number and a specialized search engine. It generates a report on the likely owner of the phone number you have, which may include information about any social media accounts linked to the phone number and its owner.

6 Best Ways to search social media by phone number

It may not always work, but with the right tactics and tools, we can quickly find someone’s social media by phone number when that is the only thing you have about them on your hand. There are services that offer this on the internet. Some of them are:

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified specializes in searching individuals on social media as a long-standing brand in the field of people search. You may instantly discover that person’s online identities, digital footprints, and even clandestine dating accounts by just inputting their phone number.

  • Go to BeenVerified website
  • Write down their phone number with the area code.
  • Click on “search” and you will get your results.

You will have to pay to Beenverfied as it is a subscription system that collects social media data from millions of records. You can search information of anyone online in a wide range of social networks to find someone’s social media by phone number.

2. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is yet another useful social media search tool that’s also quite simple to use. This program allows you to search practically anyone online by aggregating information from a variety of websites. Aside from social media accounts, the report will also contain the entire name, current and previous residences, court records, and other information.

  • Go to PeopleLooker’s website.
  • Write down the phone number of the person with the area code specified
  • Click on “search now.”

PeopleLooker collects social media data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and scan for matches in tons of other social media sites.

3. Spokeo Phone Number Lookup

Spokeo Phone number search might be the perfect phone number lookup tool for you. With a massive database containing billions of records, you can quickly obtain a wealth of information on a phone number, including names, residences, criminal histories, and social media activity. It will just take a few minutes.

  • Go to Spokeo website
  • Write down the information on the box in the middle of the page
  • Click on “search now” to get your results
spokeo phone number search
spokeo phone number search

You can search all the social media profiles and social media history to find out full name, age, address and more than 120 social media account details.

4. Social Catfish Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Social Catfish is an amazing platform that has reverse phone number lookup tool. It will help you know all lost connections and authenticate online identity of a person using phone number and online social media profiles.

  1. Go to Social catfish reverse phone lookup
  2. Enter the phone number and hit search
phone search social catfish
phone search social catfish

5. Google Search

Google is a powerhouse of information with billions of records. Google crawls through billions of social media sites and dating profiles every single second. You can use simple parameters in search to find all social media profile details using a phone number search in Google.

google phone number search
google phone number search

Here I have searched visitor’s office phone number of White House, USA and Google has given me all details regarding it.

6. Sync the contact info with social media accounts

This is a typical tactic used on individuals who are looking, and it may be quite effective at times. By linking you with someone you know, most social media companies want to increase your engagement.

Social Media firms do so by evaluating the contact information you provide. You may, however, take advantage of this and obtain what you desire. You can use contact-finding tools of social network apps to find the number owner on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

7. Search the number on social media websites

Users may look for a phone number and receive the account connected with it on various networks, such as Facebook. Simply open Facebook and put the phone number into the search bar.

facebook phone number search
facebook phone number search

You might be able to score a match without ever raising a finger by searching a phone number in Facebook. By default, this functionality is enabled on Facebook website. However, there’s no assurance that this will always function, especially if someone has deactivated this feature or isn’t even using this platform.


You can learn a lot about a lot of individuals just by knowing their phone numbers. For example, you might be able to find out whether the people phoning you have any recognized aliases.

People search engines also has records of job and employment history that will be provided as well. On the internet, photos are sometimes linked to a phone number. It is easier to find someone’s social media by phone number and all related information on your own with these tools.