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How to create small businesses using Blogspot or wordpress

Basic affiliation laws for a blogger to increase revenue

  Are you a newbie in the field of blogging? Do you want to earn money by blogging?

If you want the best way to begin in the blogging world then I have an answer for you. BUY A CUSTOM DOMAIN AND HOST IT ON BLOG SPOT. I have always used blogger, it’s so simple to use, and you can really customize your page if you have the right tools, knowledge, and time.
Personally I think that buying a domain is always easy. But to host the domain you need careful understanding of each hosting companies. 

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SEO guide for small business / Blogger or wordpress

                          I bought in Go has sudden sync option with Blog Spot. I had a rough week to configure all those namespaces and related info. So after that I searched whether I should host it on Blog-spot or word press. But you know people; they just made it worse by saying issues of the two hosts. Then I decided to go with blogger because I heard it was free and easy to customize.

There are people who need just info and roughly pass through all the websites. They do not need precise information however a generalized news only. Your blog must be prepared for these two types of people. When the customizing are over people will be redirected to some other websites. So keep safe and make less redirection to other websites.

Blogger template- The fundamental step

The main and fundamental step of blogging is to find your original and unique template. I think it would be important to say that you can get custom themes for your blog through Blogger. So that you don’t have to stick with the ready-made themes they offer. The template needs to look so much more professional and personal. A simple way to get one is to do a Google search for Blogger themes and you get loads of custom themes. 

             You could use keywords like Ad-sense optimized templates, free premium blogger templates etc. Select one suitable template. You get given a code that you just copy and paste into the HTML edit part of the Blogger dashboard and hit the save button. By this way you can make an otherwise ugly blog look lovely! If you are not satisfied with it, don’t worry. Just check after a week or two. You will find lot more templates listed in Google, Bing or yahoo. 

The latest trend is to find HTML5 templates with CSS3 customization. Only by exchanging ideas and knowledge the life of human beings will sustain. People will come to your website to know about Olympics, Mars, curiosity etc. If you are succeeded in filling in their holes you won them. Revenue and affiliation are the two most important aspects in the life of a blogger.

There is so much of website that gives affiliation to new bloggers. You have to let them know that you are here. What if you give something additionally like a link to specific page, pictures of something and related videos? It has been found that by adding videos one can bring more visitors to the arena.


  • Blog Spot is simple and after all it’s free- The main feature is it is free. You need to give some amount of money for the domain in each year. So giving hosing charges with it is difficult.
    • With blogger extending its provision to recent posts and comments, the effortlessness of adding widgets is greater than before.
    • Usage of the HTML/JavaScript gadget to add and customize the widgets is easy, even for little things like adding ads to the sidebar.
    • Switching to Word Press-Realize all the extra costs that accompany it. 



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