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economical burden of people with illness in pain and palliative care clinic

Economical burden of people with illness in Pain and Palliative care clinic

I just went to observe General Out Patient care and was posted with the in charge doctor in Koduvalli clinic. After that volunteer explained some special cases referring to people who are suffering from severe physical and psychological issues. Such stories made me learn so many things including how one patient is affected with severe psychological stress when he/ she hear that they are affected with cancer or other terminal illnesses, how one family is arranging money for the treatment and buy medicines from shops without even understanding what is in that prescription and give it to patients.

An interesting note is that in Koduvalli area, people with mental illness or any major illnesses are kind of geographically isolated. Usually these families are situated in hills; therefore it will be really difficult to get a treatment. This kind of isolation can result in lack of care and support from community. So that I thought about visiting another pain and palliative care clinic in  Farooq College and find out their activities.

Visited Pain and Palliative care of Farooq College and authorities introduced about history of Palliative care of Farooq college and their activities. After that introduction to the palliative model, went to discuss with fund raising activities with officer in charge of palliative care. From there trainee got an idea about introducing a palliative calendar and making glass paper weight with transparent mirror stickers. While doing home visits, the trainee observed so many people with mental illness and the family members of paraplegia patients who can do work are not doing anything. This happened usually because of the lack of desired work pattern and model of work. Therefore if we create very useful and income generative work, we could create jobs for them.  Making glass paper weight with transparent mirror stickers can be done by patients coming to the day care and their family members. Therefore, that such work will give them an earning and create a self confidence in them. Then trainee went to the shop to design the stickers and pasted in the glass models and it looked really impressive.

I am going to introduce this idea to other palliative care clinics, may be it will help of people with economical burden.

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