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What is CKWL in IRCTC and Waiting List Status

India is a country of more than 1.252 billion population. Majority of the people travel in trains. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation – IRCTC is the subsidiary company of Indian Railway which provides railway tickets to all those travelers depend up on train travel.

Limited Number of Trains

Indian Railway do not adequate number of trains proportional to the number of travelers. 
If we arrive at a certain assumption that the number of travelers are a thousand, then there may be one train for them. Let me give an example. 
I want to travel from Alwaye to Ahmadabad. I login to IRCTC and check for the train availability on particular dates. 
from Alwaye to Ahmadabad
As Shown in IRCTC website
Now I am going to check availability of trains today. 18/11/2015.
check availability of trains today. 18/11/2015
As Shown in IRCTC website
Now how many trains are there?????Guess
Available Trains
As Shown in IRCTC website
Only 1
 So I thought lets check for 19/11/2015. Below is the result.
Available Trains
As Shown in IRCTC website
ONLY 1 again.
 Lets check for 20/11/2015. Below is the result.
1 Available Train
As Shown in IRCTC website
ONLY 1 again.
I tried few other stations also, like so called main stations, hence I did not get more than two trains to Ahmadabad from Kerala.

Connection Trains

Some people suggest that take connection trains. These are time consuming as well as not efficient in manner. 

Waiting List/WL

The system of waiting list comes from the lack of number of trains per people. Because too many people want to travel and the number of seats are limited, WL system was invented. It means that there are certain number of seats in 1AC, 2AC, 3AC and Sleeper compartments and these seats will be filled with early bookings. So as seats gets confirmed, later booked people will be put as waiting list. If anyone who booked early cancel heir trip due to “reasons”, then probably, if you are lucky enough, the subsequent later booked one will get the seat. An example.
I wanted to book a ticket from AWY to ADI. As I shown above, I tried to check train status on 19/11.
 Now I am looking how many people booked the sleeper ticket.
Number of people booked sleeper ticket
As Shown in IRCTC website
So if I book a ticket I will be in QUE with a waiting list of 56. Great.
As the number of trains is less, the chances to get a waiting list is more fifty percentage. Some people say book early. What if I have to travel suddenly?

Tatkal waiting list/CKWL

IRCTC maintain another system for people who might need a ticket urgently- Tatkal. It will be open only after 11 PM in morning on the previous day and if you get lucky, you will get a ticket. I will give you another example of being totally unlucky.
I urgently needed to go to Ahmadabad and I tried to get Tatkal. I tried to book the tickets. Look at my
booking history.
booked ticket history
As Shown in IRCTC website
First time was 17 November which I tried to book the ticket for 18 November. There were 251 tatkal waiting list tickets available. I had a good internet connection also. I confirmed the payment using debit card, it went merchant site and loading,,loading,,loading. When it was over I successfully got CKWL81 ticket. 
Next day I tried again for 19 November, I went for normal waiting list, just to make sure that even if I miss CKWL atleast I will get WL ticket, which have a chance to get confirmed. It was WL51.
Again I went for Tatkal. 151 ticket was available. Previously I went for debit card, so I used net banking now. Proceeded with payment. It took half a minute to receive the OTP. In 3 minutes past 11 PM, I booked the ticket with CKWL92.
For one travel, I have booked 3 tickets and still no confirmation. 
IRCTC Tatkal Scheme/CKWL and Waiting List Status Sucks Completely. As we approach 2020, where India is supposed to become the super power, Indian Railway have far more to reach. Kindly provide more trains and make the travel more comfortable. Kindly do not make it as a punishment to travel in Trains. 
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