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Amazon Affiliate Account Closed Without Warning

Amazon is a popular E commerce company that offers Affiliate accounts.  Being an affiliate you just have to direct users/visitors to Amazon website and let them buy products. When they buy products, you will get commission. However there has been a global issue happened with Amazon Affiliates. Their accounts has been closed down without warning.

Amazon Associates Error
Amazon Affiliates With Closed Account

My Amazon Affiliate Account was Closed Without Warning and I contacted the customer care executive of Amazon. I have listed the entire conversation in my latest post on Think Twice Before Being An Amazon Affiliate – Account Closed Without Warning. The summary of the conversation is that you lost it bro. Yes, Amazon will not reopen your account.

Sometime back US Government suggested a new law called COPPA Agreement (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) for online companies and websites. Every affiliate had to sign this and if not, their account has to be cancelled and not reinstated. However it is the responsibility of the company to inform the affiliate via email, website and other means to sign the agreement. Most of the company done that properly. But Amazon being the most popular in e commerce field failed to properly inform the affiliates about this.

I did not even receive one email from Amazon that informs to sign the agreement otherwise account will be cancelled. Amazon representative is not even ready to accept the mistake and reinstate the account if possible.

What Can Amazon Affiliates With Closed Account Can Do?

Amazon Affiliates need to close down their accounts completely and apply for new one. That is the only way available as informed by the rep. Then repopulate your website with new links. You can contact Amazon rep and know more about this if you want. But I am sure result will be the same. Just think before being Amazon Affiliate as they may do that again.

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