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administering vocational interest record vir in kashmir

Administering Vocational Interest Record (VIR) in Kashmir

I had an interaction with the students in the previous days. From that I understood that the students do not have any particular ambition or aim in life. The supervisor also mentioned the same when we discussed about what we thought about them.

Career guidance class was arranged by making the students understand that career means a profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion and not just livelihood. For that we had asked individually to students what kind of subjects they like to study. Some said mathematics, social sciences and biology and only one student said English. Then we wrote in the white board what are future degrees one can take after plus two. It went like,

Plus Two, 3 years degree or 4 years MBBS or 4 years Engineering, 2 year post graduation or MD or Mtech, 2 year Mphil or specialization after MD, 4 year PhD, 2 year Post-doctoral fellowship.

The students were amazed to see such a long list of degrees. Then we gave some information what should one aim to achieve in life and how one can do that. The class was found to very effective.
I and co-workers were planning to administer a psychological instrument as a follow up of the career guidance class I had taken for students. Vocational Interest Record (VIR) was taken for the test after the discussion with the field work supervisor.

The main objective of this VIR is to measure vocational interest, to enable the people to select such subjects in schools which are according to their preferred vocations. Vocational Interest is defined as one’s pattern of preferences aptitude, likes and dislikes preferred in any manner, wisely or unwisely by self or by another souse for a given vocational area or vocation. The present record contains 200 vocations belonging to the different vocational interest areas.
Ten students from each standard were selected. As the school does have a strict schedule, we were asked to take students who were interested in the test. Only few were shown interest in taking psychological tests. Hence the numbers of participants were less from the expected numbers. However the names and details were listed and date and time was fixed for the test.
The VIR was administered to the students. 30 students came for the test.

The entire jobs will be coming under ten specific areas and each are will represent by a letter. For example ‘L’ denotes literacy and ‘SC’ denotes scientific.

Literacy includes jobs like editor, translator, critic, journalist, poet, writer, language specialist, dramatist, epic writer, language teacher, novelist and story writer. 

Scientific (SC) include engineers in different streams, health officer, compounder, astrologer, scientist, medical representative, botanist, science teacher,   doctor etc.

Executive include mayor of corporation, hospital superintendent, president, collector, probation officer, army officer, magistrate, judge, police superintendent, manager, school inspector, principal , tehsildar etc.

Commercial include the areas like secretary, shopkeeper, steno, accountant, ticket collector, commerce teacher, treasurer, draftsman, income tax officer, sales man, industry manager etc. 

Constructive (Co) include the jobs like goldsmith, ironsmith, foremen, radio mechanic, bookbinder, washer man, welder, carpenter, potter, toy maker etc.

Artistic(A) include the areas like music director, painter, cartoonist, photographer, dancer, sculptural etc.

Agriculture(Ag) include the areas like farmer, gardener, animal-husbandry, agriculture  inspector, seed stone officer, soil specialist, manure specialists, tractor driver, agriculture researcher, poultry man, breeder, dairyman, horticulturalist etc.

Persuasive(P) include the jobs like advertisement manager, M.P, M.L.A, insurance agent, order bookers, vocational counselor, political lecturer, ambassador, advocate, religious preacher, tourist guide, sales manager etc… that jobs are fully persuasive.

 Social(S) include social jobs that are religious reformer, red cross works, social worker, guide etc… 

The category house hold (H) include cooker, embroider, home science teacher, home science researcher, nurse. Home manager, home decorator etc.

After the analysis, the 4 percent of thirty participants were interested in the category of house hold, 7 percent were interested in the category of Social, 11 percent were interested in the category of Persuasive, 47 percent were interested in the category of Agriculture, 13 percent were interested in the category of Artistic, 12 percent were interested in the category of Scientific and 6 percent were interested in the category of Constructive and 4 percent were interested in the category of Executive.

The results were given to the field work supervisor and asked him to design some vocational activities in school related to the vocation interest of students.

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