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Callback URLs Explained

Callback URL aka redirect URL is used by web developers and application developers almost every day. You may have heard callback URL and default callback URL many times and have asked What is a callback URL in relation to an API or a website. Callback URL allows the webmaster to call back a webpage which was already left by the user to visit a new webpage.

A person having minimal or basic knowledge about coding will be easily able to grasp this concept. If you have a bit of knowledge of programming in C++ and if you know what is calling for function then it will be easier for you to understand. If not, then don’t bother. I will try to explain call back URL in simple terms.

Callback URLs Explained

In programming, calling of a function is used when we want to callback a specific function or call back a bit of code. This same term, on the web, has become call back URL just because it calls back a web address rather than calling a bit of code. Callback URL is also called as “redirect URL” because it redirects you to another page. To understand it better, let’s take an example.

Callback URLs Explained

Just imagine that you are shopping online through an e-commerce giant like Amazon. Once you add all the item to cart and you click on “place your order” button, you are taken to a page that handles their payment system. After the payments, you are again redirected to the home page. The page that you see, is called call back URL. Just because users, after payment are redirected to the home page (in other words, the home page is called back), is called callback URL.

Let’s take one more example. You are scrolling your Facebook newsfeed. While scrolling you see an advertisement for some service or some product. You are interested in that service or that product. You click on it, and you are taken to the official page or official website of that service or product. After you complete reading, you are again taken to your Facebook feed. Here also callback URL is used.

Like this callback URL is a very simple term and easy to use. I hope you have now completely understood what is callback URL.  

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