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Network No Signal Problems In Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company that has a revenue of 329.2 billion INR (2016, US$4.9 billion) with 211,086 (2016) number of employees.

BSNL has been new and improved offers for customers to beat Reliance Gio, BSNL is offering 2 GB internet data for 78 Rs and other good plans. However major problems persists as before. Customers are unable to connect to the network.

Lack of Network Availability

Customers who take BSNL connection or port from other telecom companies find it very hard to find the signals. It is harder to get signals if you are inside a building or a room. Signals are also not available while travelling in buses or trains. 
Is it because there are no signal towers? According to Business Standard, BSNL has 65,000 towers all across India, as its going to be the second-largest tower firm in the industry. So its not about towers then.
It it of high number volume of customer base? As per Wikipedia, BSNL as a customer base of 93.29 million as of June 2015. Its not as huge as expected and the number of mobile towers existing are enough to serve this customer base.
Lack of network is mainly due to proper management and maintenance of the mobile towers. As its a state-owned company, no one cares about it. There are thousands of complaints by BSNL customers online and offline such as incomprehensible speech, call drops, no network coverage, number is switched off, the call wont connect even network is there etc.

No Customer Care in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

Have any customers tried to contact bsnl customer care when problems arise? If yes, you know the pain. It never connect. The customer has to wait for an infinity to connect to the care center and if it luckily connected, it will drop in between or they will ask you to call anothe number.
Now onward, if a customer has a problem, better prepare to change the mobile plan or just port to other network. Maybe your problem will never get resolved.

Sudden Signal Drops and 3G to E change

BSNL customers are experiencing sudden signal drops across India as well change in Internet selection. If signals are less, 3G automatically changes to Edge or 2G and it won’t change back even if signals get restored. Other problem is that customers maybe accessing 3G and create to a mobile hot spot, signals get reverted back to Edge or 2G. 

BSNL Online Complaint Portal

Bharat sanchar nigam limited has launched a new Online Complaint Portal For Mobile, Broadband and Landline Customers.

BSNL Online Complaint Portal

BSNL Online Complaint Portal Screenshot

In this screen, you have to Select Telecom Circle, Name of Subscriber, Address, Place/Exg-Code, E-mail Address, Any other Contact No. 
Then Select Telecom SSA/Unit, Grievance-Phone STD Code, Tel.No, Grievance Nature and Grievance in Brief and Submit the complaint.
No one is sure when your complaint will be resolved. It is just that you can be satisfied that you have registered a complaint and have proof if it. 
Being a BSNL customer is tough but this is how you make India Great again.
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