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Avoid Buying Fake Products Shopping on Amazon

I have been an Amazon customers for long. I have bought many products and returned few fake products. Here are some insights, tips on how to spot the fake products in Amazon. Using these amazing tips you can avoid buying fake products in Amazon.

Amazon fake products policy to avoid counterfeit products: Generic v/s Unbranded

There are some Third-Party Sellers which are external sellers in Amazon who sells fake products or products purchased from unbranded warehouses in wholesale. Chinese products that do not have quality to be sold internationally or damaged goods are shipped to India or any other developing countries and sold in Amazon under different brands.

Most of the Generic brands are fine as they give good products in lesser price compared to branded ones. It all comes to finding out which brand is fine and which are not.

Product Rating and Customer names

If you want to buy a product in Amazon, do check the product rating. Many products has fake reviews these days. So do not get blown away with golden stars. One way to find whether the review is original and not fake is to check for names of customer.
Amazon customer reviews
This looks lovely. Right? Let me tell you the most important thing: These are fake reviews.
Now how do I know that. By just checking their Amazon profile. I click on the Amazon customer and see their Amazon profile. And what do i see?
Have you checked out your Profile yet? Make sure it's up to date!
This customer only bought stuff from single company. That ideally means that this profile is fake. 

Product Description 

People who sell fake products do not have much time to invest in making catchy phrases or sentences that make sense. I am sure you have seen spam emails floating around spam box that makes no sense.
I want to you to check the description of this product: Kuber Industries Tea0101 Stainless Steel Tea Pots, Silver.
The product is stainless steel tea pot. 
product description spot fake products
The product description is about BPA free air tight containers. 

Amazon allows such stuff. I called out customer care and made them see this. Instead of taking out this page, they still allow this page to be there as a memory of fake product sponsorship. Does these Amazon fake products policy to avoid counterfeit products is good and working.
Spend some time reading the descriptions and checking out the profile of past customers. This will make it easy to spot fake products. Do avoid buying fake products in amazon.
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