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Online Business Without Money: Start Art Gallery Business With Zero Investment

Do you love paintings?

Do you love to watch and enjoy the vibrant colors of art?. Then why are you waiting for : start an art gallery and earn money.

Kerala mural painting
Kerala mural painting

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art” – Andy Warhol

Funny Story

One day a elite Lady said to the famous artist of all time, Picasso that “oh, my dear, i saw your own painting of yourself. It was marvelous”. Then he said that “fine, you should realize that it is not me”.


Paintings are the kings of interior designing. A beautiful painting which hang on the walls of the drawing room gives the guest a warm welcome and a nice impression. Today the art of painting is a well developed industry and lot of buyers are around it. Nobody is hesitated to spend tons of dollars to buy beautiful paintings. So that it is easy to earn money from art galleries. Now a days this business is considered as prestigious and highly rewarding. Another important aspect is that you have the freedom to express the creative spirit within you and decide whatever you want to do.

According to U.S economic census data, the revenue of the retail art dealers were increased to 40% and more. So you just need to show the World how your gallery is different from other existing ones.

What are the things i need to start one? Is it costly?

No.not at is not costly. The materials you need is just an empty room in the house and a beautiful mind which loves the art and the colors. All you need is a little time to spend and some amount of capital investment according to the size of the gallery. You can start one by partnership with a friend or a relative. By adding more partners, that much knowledge and contacts are added to your effort which makes it easy. By creating one you are becoming a part of a great culture and will start to experience the high reputation in the community. You can search for the term “Online website of a Art gallery” for knowing more.


Where to Exhibit your Artwork? Most of sites in internet provides information for artists interested in exhibiting their artwork. Also features ideas about where to exhibit artwork.

How to earn money?

From the art galleries earning money is from the commission by selling paintings. Usually 30% to 40% are the commissions for one painting. A well furnished art gallery must have contemporary and traditional paintings which suits the taste of the customer. So it is important to know what the customer need. Find out the customer’s need whether it for home, business firm or as a gift.

Suggesting the paintings according to his need will make the customer satisfied.

The rate of contemporary and modern paintings are starting from 10000 to crore of bucks. The rate of picture is decided by the standard of the painting and the fame of the painter. The frames of the paintings should be in export quality. There should not be any compromise on the basis of quality of the paintings and originality.

If you are starters it is better to give art galleries for rent. That way you can earn more money without doing nothing. You can decide the rent amount by the facilities offered by the building and the popularity of the gallery. If there are some popular monuments or places near by then you can increase the rent.

You can use internet, newspapers and advertisements to popularize the art gallery and can start an online website to publish and sell paintings. There are lot of websites such as amazon and e bay where we can sell the paintings online. Search wide and make friendly relationship with people. Apply Search engine optimization techniques to improve the website and the blog. Apply for affiliate networks and of course add-sense by Google.

So what are you waiting start An ART GALLERY and earn money..good luck..

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