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1.     Alzheimer’s disease – new cure is found
2.     The most important characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease
3.     Signs and symptoms
4.     Risk factors
5.     A new hope for millions


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Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease that causes slaughter of memory. It is a widespread form of dementia and the most unpleasant one too. The disease cannot be diagnosed in a single test but a differential diagnosis can be done. Alzheimer’s disease has no treatment till now. The solitary alternative is to slow the development of the disease. The menace of attainment of Alzheimer’s doubles every five years after age 65. In that age the immune power of body is less. If disease is affected at a younger age even it can be said as very exceptional. Such kind of disease is called as “younger onset Alzheimer’s disease”.

The most important characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease

   1.   Lack of judgement- The patient eventually loss the cognitive functions as period increases. When I visited an Alzheimer’s centre, a gentleman with his wife entered the centre. He went straight to the kitchen without her and stopping anywhere. Suddenly he asked to the lady in the kitchen, “is my food ready?”. She was astonished and stood there like statue. It was his first visit to the centre and the wife had to pull him to the seat in front of the doctor.

   2.   Difficulties in learning – The patients are compelled to do activities that require concentration and learn new tasks. But they will refuse to obey the instruction and continues to do the same thing over and over.

   3.   Difficulty in concentrating – Take a tooth brush and give it to the severely affected patient. he will be having a tough time for brushing. You can observe his difficulty in concentrating due to lack of finger dexterity.

   4.   Loss of language skills – Damage in the neural connections impairs linguistic abilities of the person. 

   5.   Persona changes- a few people will turn out to be aggressive and some may depress.

   6.   Decline in the capability to gain knowledge of household tasks and innovative activities

     Memory loss- obscurity in identification of acquaintances and family members
     Violent behaviour in several patients with impatience
     Physical symptoms
     Hand-eye coordination
     Muscle stiffness

Today researchers are in the progress of identifying each and every cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Hence they identified and listed some risk factors.

14.  Family history – principally persistent on the genetics and history.
15.  Age
16.  Long-term blood pressure, heart disease, history of head trauma
17.  Education level of the person- People with higher and continuing education is less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Such declaration is not yet proved in laboratory or experimental condition but it is based on the reports and case studies. A person must be diagnosed in order to label him as an Alzheimer’s patient.

                                                A new medicine claimed to be found which can cure Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. The study was published in the publication of journal of neuroscience by a group of scientists lead by Dr.Brunden. The journal of neuroscience is published by the Society of Neuroscience which has more than 40,000 scientists as members. The study was conducted in mice. These drugs can completely cure the neural infections and diseases if used in the earlier stages of disease. These drugs can stop the production of cytokines which causes the decay of neural cells. North Western University in Chicago has taken patents for MW.151 and MW.189 drugs. I don’t know when will it get to the market but let’s hope it will come soon.

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    Updating = A new medicine is claimed to be  found to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease.

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