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Find Name And Download Any Song Without Knowing the Lyrics

What’s The Song

Here is a short guide to find the Song Name Without Knowing the Lyrics. There are days where you have you remember the rhythm of that amazing song abut unable to fetch the lyrics. Or may be your are in party and surprisingly you got attracted to that song in the background abut unable to hear the lyrics. You may be asked your friends about what’s the song and and what are the lyrics but unable to find out.

People usually ask in parties what song is this? Here are various ways to identify songs without lyrics even if we don’t know the name of the song.To identify a song even without the lyrics, you can use the below methods.

To record song playing in the background use Instant Sound Recorder

To identify songs playing near you like in a Cafeor party usingSound Search,Open the Google Play Store app and search for “Sound Search for Google Play.”. Then you can see an app of sound search in the app store. Select install and wait for it to download and install in your android phone. Once the app is installed, go to the home screen to see the app or if not found swipe to the side. Select the app. To move the widget, drag What’s this song?
To identify songs playing near you like in a Cafeor party usingVoice Search,

Using Google Search

Long press Home button or if you have a Google search bar on the home screen, you can tap the voice [mic] button to do the sound search.
Say, “what song is this?” Or Say “what song is this?”or “What music is playing?”

Using Siri in Iphone

Long press Home button andSay, “what song is this?” Or Say “what song is this?”or “What music is playing?”

Using Cortana in Windows

Say, “what song is this?” Or Say “what song is this?”or “What music is playing?”
In the US or anywhere in the World, you can search for songs without downloads. But if you want to download an app for finding and playing the song, check out apps listed below.

If Song is playing in the backgroundensure that you have installedShazam (Android) or SoundHound (Android)orTrackID™ – Music Recognitionby Sony apps in your smartphone. Ta the app and it will record the song. After getting a proper sample of the sing the app will search in the online database and fetch you the title of the song, name of artists, and other details.
Name any song in seconds
If Song is playing in the background and you don’t haveShazam (iOS) or SoundHound (iOS – Android) app in your smartphone, then use in built voice recorder in your phone and record the song. Then go tomidomi.comand selectthe ‘Click and Sing or Hum’ button. Play the recorded song of your phone using the microphone of the computer. The recorded song must have more than 10 seconds duration to find the song. After sometime you will get teh overview of the song that you are looking for.

If song is already played and you remember some keywords, Use Google. Search that keyword in Google and use words like song, lyrics at the end of the keyword. You can find the name of the song easily.

How To Download Without Knowing the Lyrics

Meet the new AI bot search engine that allows you to download any song in one search.

Download Any Songs in One Search - AI Search Engine Bot From India
Download Any Songs in One Search

Usually in order to download a song, user have to visit multiple websites and waste enormous amount of time for searching. There are multiple issues in playback of some of the songs downloaded from some websites.

Now You Don’t Need to Wait for Downloading Songs from Internet

Openaisearch is a new search engine that provide direct download links to the songs. The playback file comes in.m4a format. It is pretty easy to search and download songs from this innovative search engine. It was created using php python and some open ai codes such as openai which is available on github.

The creatorSumit Sharma is just 18 year old from Lucknow. He just passed Plus Two in 2015. He will join a college this year for BTech – CSE. He always had in interest in computer from a young age
and he got a 2G internet on a phone when he was 15 and a half and broadband when he was 17.

Step 1: Search for songs by typing the name of the song. eg: Kaho na pyar hai. [You can mention the name of the artist if there are multiple songs with the same name]

Step 2: Click on the search button.

Step 3: Wait for the download link

Step 4: Click on the Download Link to Download the song [If it is not working in some browsers, do right clicking on the link and select the save link option] provide users with direct download link to songs through Ai search bot. Ai search bot learns from users search database and searches multiple sites.The link provided in the search engine is not hosted by the team so the declared that they are not responsible for any legal copyright notice’s on the content. Thus it is recommended that you search only non copyrighted music on the website. What sets this search engine apart of other websites is the minimalistic design which let the users go through the site without any hindrance.

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