Top Startups Of 'NON'-IIT or 'NON'-IIM Graduates in India

It became a trend in Indian media to portray start up winning stories of IIT or IIM graduates.Majorly Indian Media think that general public very much "interested" to read such winning stories and get motivated by it. Media is also interested to specifically publish stories of drop outs from IITs and IIMs who created some kind of start ups. It is good that media is at least publishing these stories. Given that the IIT acceptance rate is below 2%, there are many qualified Indian students who don't make it into IIT but go out there and create amazing start ups. Their stories are often get dwindled down. Here are top 5 Top Startups Run by a 'NON'-IIT or 'NON'-IIM graduates in India.
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Getting Rejection Mails? Casual Small Startup Profitable Business Ideas

Are you getting rejection mails all the time? Are you fed up with the resume submitting process? Stop sending your resume and start doing business. Take the case of Mr.A who wanted to start a social enterprise but was unable to find the capital for it.
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8 Profitable Online Small Start up Business/Freelance Ideas

Online businesses are popular way to earn income and it can provide you with customers from all around the World.

"Amritha was in confusion before. She know how to make and design ornaments and she wanted to sell it through online to reach to more customers. She started her own online store and after six months of marketing, she is earning 5000 rs only through online by selling her handmade crafts!!." Why cant you become like her and earn some income?

 For offline business, you have to spend lots of days to find a suitable business location, affordable building, staffs, and other infrastructures. Online business is much  easier to start, with cheaper investment.

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