15 Sure Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

There are some important findings by several webmasters about Google Ad sense and how to increase the revenue. ShoutMeLoud has shared fifty methods to boost the revenue of ad sense. However there was no explanation on how to do this. This will explain shortly sure ways to boost ad sense revenue.

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How to Invite - Add Multiple New Others As Authors in Blogger

There may be many friends you have who have interest to write blog posts. All they want is a good platform to express their views. You also know them and you have a blog. Well, lets invite them to share their views in the blog.
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(Solved) Error parsing XML: Element Type "meta" Must be Terminated

Meta tags are used to dramatically improve blog traffic. Meta tags can be added to individual posts and improve traffic of them. However usually when webmasters tries to add meta tags to their blog templates, they often get parsing XML errors.
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Disable Blogger Template CSS bundle Get Higher Loading Speed

 Blogger Widget CSS Bundle is a default style sheet for all the templates of blogger. This style sheet has a higher load and significantly slow down the loading speed of the blog. If you are using a customized CSS style sheet, you can disable this CSS bundle and get higher loading speed.
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Easiest Way to Add a Free Forum to BlogSpot Blog

Today I am going to share you the easiest way to add a free forum to your blog-spot blog. Have you heard of tal.ki? I think you don’t because that is why you are reading this post. So what is tal.ki? 

According to ReadWriteWeb which is a good site including reviews and discussion, "Tal.ki isn't kidding when it says it's as simple as cutting and pasting a single line of code". This makes no sense right. It will when you hear what Techcruch have to say about tal.ki. Techcrunch says that tal.ki is the easiest way to add a forum to a website. Now it is evident that tal.ki helps bloggers to add a free forum to the website by just cutting and pasting a single line of code.

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Use linkback technique to increase page rank and back links

Akhil S Kumar 13-06-2014
        Link back as the name suggest is a SEO method that is used to get abundant back links from other sites. Link back is used commonly to increase SEO rank and page rank.

text "linkback to get back links"
Use link back technique to increase page rank and back links

The process of link back can be explained like this,

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Most Searched Keywords on Google Today 2016 in India

How to find the most searched keywords in Google was a tough question before Google Trends was developed. See the following list of The Most Searched Keywords in Google in 23 April 2016.
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12 Steps for Writing Great Killer Blog Posts Get Gigaviews

How to be a best blogger and write awesome blogs? I was just searching in quora.com and found this image. This is so funny!!
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Must Read Review of Free Web Hosting package Plan Biz.nf

Akhil S Kumar 09-04-2014

Biz.nf provides free hosting plans which are powered by Attractsoft GmbH to users without any adds on the website. That means they will not any kind of adds like pop ups, banner or link adds to your website.  The post discusses about the web hosting plan of Biz.nf and its good things and bad things. We are just reviewing the free hosting plan of biz.nf and this may vary as terms of service and resources change. The listed info is adapted from the website of Biz.nf and other sources. 

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Do Not Forget To Add Speed Reading Techniques To Website

It is common sense that readers leave the website if they find the content is difficult to read or content is in different language. It is proven that if the content is not reader friendly, readers leave fast and hence the bounce rate will increase. I have written a blog on reducing website / blog to Adjust Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. But what about the website?
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Make Ad sense Profit Videos using YouTube or by Vlogging

You tube as you know is one of the top websites and this allows users to add videos for earning money. This is called you tube partnership program. In order to accept a publisher, there are some criteria’s which a publisher should be fulfilled. The uploaded videos must follow terms of service and community guidelines by You tube . The videos must be original and must not copied from other websites.

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Link back Technique For More isitors Using Micro-Blogging

A while back I have written a blog about Link Back Technique that went viral among bloggers. You can read that here, "Use Linkback Technique To Increase Page Rank And Back Links". In this post, I am sharing how Micro-blogging services like twitter, tumbler can be used to increase traffic in search engines.
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Get 1000 Visitors A Day by Best Online News Press Releases

Writing Online News press Releases are needed and it is unavoidable if you are in the business industry. I am sharing some techniques to write best  and good online press releases.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Writing About Ad Sense

There is a trend among new tech bloggers to write about increasing ad sense earnings as well as page views. In this post, I like to state a different perspective on why new tech blogger should not write about earnings in Ad sense.
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Get Organic Traffic Results Through Natural Search Engine Optimization

This is last part of step 1 of Project POUQ. If you haven't read what is Project POUQ, I urge you read it before reading this post to understand the context.
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Introduction to Project POUQ for Getting Higher Amounts of Traffic

Let me start off by introducing you to my Project POUQ. Project POUQ is a unique project that finds Pattern, Originality, Uniqueness and Quality in Content for getting Higher Traffic.

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Increase CPC Using Responsive Formats for Ad revenue

                        Ad sense is one of the top revenue ad models exist today. Increase in Cost per Click [CPC] revenue is what webmasters are looking for. You can increase your CPC ad sense revenue by changing the layout of responsive ad formats.
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More Ad Revenue with Structured Data Markup Rich Snippets

A page contains an event, recipe, product, review, or similar items and how Google bot will know which item is in the blog post.  For that Google introduced rich snippets or Structured Data Mark up. Structured data needs to be added to events, products, local businesses, articles, software applications, movies, restaurants, and TV episodes as each snippet is unique to the item. Google webmaster tools offer a very good free tool called Structured Data Testing Tool and often bloggers do not use them well. Structured Data Testing Tool is very important when comes to search rankings in Google.
Below is an image of a tested page in shipmethis.com
Result from the Google structured Mark up tool with text of all good
All Good

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Increase Loading Speed of Blog/Website with Facebook Asynchronous Script

Everybody is fascinated with whole idea of Facebook Page Plugin. Even I have published two posts related to that. Anyways the Facebook script which Face book developers provided makes the website loading a bit slow.
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Online HTML White Space Remover Tool Blogger

Most of the users are using normal internet connections with average speed. Hence s website/blog should have fast loading time in order to retain the users and engage them on to site.
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