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Do you like to increase your blog speed?

Are you not ware of technique to increase blog speed by adding cache control in blogger which in turn become good SEO technique.?

edit htrml by adding cache

If yes, then I have the answer - Cache – Increase your website/blog speed easily

 I have been searching a lot to add cache control to html of template in blogger but Google does not give adequate information regarding this. When I tried to check my speed of website in page speed by Google, it suggested a better cache control can do a lot. So I was eager to add it to the site. But all I got is about info about servers and other junk info. Later I found it and added it the site. So I thought maybe I could share with you and increase your site speed.

What is cache?

Leverage browser cache is the technical term used for cache. The codes below mainly instructs the browser to cache diverse static resources like images, JavaScript, flash, and social network icons for a specified period of time.

How it increased loading speed of the blog?

Browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera cache diverse static resources like images, JavaScript, flash, and social network icons for a definite period of interval resulting in reduced page load time. This ensures increased number of visitor’s time on site. Visitors view more pages at the same time. Ultimately improving the performance.

The cache tags are listed below. You have to copy them add just below the <head> tag. You can find it by ctrl+F in the template section.

<META CONTENT='never' HTTP-EQUIV='Expires'/>

Save the template.

Useful links - This link can be used if you need to add info about adding meta tags for mode of caching to word press sites.

Hope you like it. Express your heart in the comment section.


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