Speek Out Loud is an NGO registered under society registration act of Government of Kerala. Speek Out Loud is based in Calicut and works throughout Kerala. Their primary focus is in the field of mental health. SOL is initiated by a set of energetic youth community dedicated to channelize the energy of youth in the field of mental health. SOL promotes youth initiative in mental health and also plans for larger social interventions in the field of mental health.

Why Speek? why not Speak?

Speek can defined as a different sound in a normal society. Speaking is what "normal" people do and that does not make any difference as it is normal. So that is why we all SPEEK.

Speek Out Loud build of various models related to Mental Health, brain games and more.

Based on our larger social interventions in the field of mental health, Speek Out Loud take classes for students, teachers and non-teaching staff in professional colleges. The classes for students will consist of establishing good personality, identification of self and behavior, improving soft skills, facing interview without fear, learn and study in a systematic manner, be ambitious and many more. The classes for teachers and non-teaching staff includes improving job satisfaction, improving multitasking and commitment, personality and emotional intelligence development, handling bullying students and making proper judgments. The classes will include power point presentations, video presentations, brain games, group and individual activities and live demo. They have developed a model called “Freeze the Stress” to overcome stress from people.

These classes were proved to be effective and students and teachers expressed their sincere thanks to Speek Out Loud by opening up their talents and create new strategies for approaching people. Each session will bring out polish the talents hidden within individuals, make them better human beings and professionals.

People can mail Speek Out Loud at speekoutloudsol[at]gmail.com for getting these classes and become professionals...

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