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November 5, 2018

Find Long Tail High CPC Keywords Adsense

Are you searching for High Paying Long Tail AdSense Keywords (CPC), top paying Adsense keywords and Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. I will share some secret keyword tools to high CPC AdSense keywords.


You can earn more than 50$ per click.

You heard it, right.

The secret ingredient to that much money is Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. Here is the key to find all of them and get more money.

We are going to cover the following topics like top google adsense keywords, best keyword research tool free, keyword suggestion tool, google keyword traffic tool and google keyword planner free which I am pretty sure no other tutorials talked about. I will demonstrate you how to use, Google Trends, Google related searches and Google Trends.

There are many websites that published thousand keywords with high cpc ads list. The only issue here is how to rank using these as they are highly competitive. Below methods will solve the problem easily.

Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords
A good keyword can increase the CPC, RPM, CTR of a post and generate more revenue for the blog. I wrote a trending post on How To Increases Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense for beginners if their ad sense earnings dropped suddenly.

1. Most Searching Keyword with Free Tool

All great websites and blogs start from the seed - A keyword. An keyword can change your life. You need to figure out a keyword that is going to be in the market for long. The only fuel for blogging is good keywords.

1.1 Fixing Your Keyword

Think about why you want to start a website or blog. Is it boost sales, generate readers, to run an online magazine, to get revenue from ads or is it just a hobby. Running a website or a blog is a cumbersome task for the early days and fixing the keyword will help to keep the emotions at bay.

Eg: If you want to write about gift ideas, go to Search gifts and you can see rich keywords in the sidebar. Free ToolSearching Keyword with Free ToolHigh Paying Amazon Keywords Free Tool

You can make good keywords using these search options. Eg: Christmas Gifts for 12 years & more.

Do a filtered search with by ticking these boxes and you will find another set of complex keywords. Stick with more broader keywords as we need them to go for the next step.

You look at many companies that advertise using adwords other than and find keywords related to the product manufactured or marketed by them.

Choose at least 5-12 keywords and note it down in a notepad.

2. Research a High Paying Keyword 2017 That Pays Well Using Related Searches Google

Now that you have fixed your keywords and what you want to do, it is time to find a high paying keyword with high number of searches related to the interest area. A high paying keyword means a word that has high bid by by advertisers. There some proved methods to find keywords.

Go to Google and search for your keyword using quotes.

Eg: If you want to write about website builder then search in Google with "website builder". Then scroll down to the last and you can see some long tail keywords [3 or more keywords together] that are searched by people.

Searches related to highest costs per click (CPC) in Google

Searches related to "website builder"
website builder software
how to create a website free of cost
create website google
create free website and earn money
best free website builder
free website domain
create website free of cost in India
best website builder

3. Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords with Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Login with Google Account. Take each keywords one by one and search them to find most searched keywords. Select 2-3 keywords which are more searched than others.

best website builder
best free website builder
create website google

How to Find top paying Adsense keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Sign in to the Ad Words website with your Google Account.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data, you will be able to see Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter any keyword in the search box.

There are numerous options to select to get effective keyword search results.


Countries - Eg: United Arab Emirates, United States

Language - Eg: English

Select Google and search partners

Negative keywords
- Add keywords that you want omit
Date range - Select Show avg. monthly searches for: last 12 months

You can also add Keyword filters
  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Suggested bid
  3. Ad impression share
Keyword options

  1. Show broadly related ideas
  2. Hide keywords in my account
  3. Hide keywords in my plan
You can add specific Keywords to include in the search.
Hit Get Ideas.

The Adword Keyword Planner tool fetches data of the keywords searched for from Google Database and show following results.

  1. Avg. monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid
  4. Ad impr. share
You can select on any of these options to reorder the data from high to low.

Bloggers mostly opt for keywords with low competitive, high avg. monthly searches and high suggested bid. That way posts can rank high in Google and get high cpc per click.

4. Find profitable Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords for Adsense with Google Trends

The very easy way to do this is to know what is Google Trends. It is a platform that lists the most searched keywords in Google based on categories, Nations, and what are trending in YouTube. You just have to visit the website and all the information is visible. 

The listed top search keywords will keep on changing their positions as per the volume of the search. So it will be harder to know which keyword is the number one.

The advantage of this is that bloggers can know the search volume per keyword which will help to make better posts related to that keyword. This increases page views or should i say dramatically explodes the number of page views.

The disadvantage is that it will be harder to start a niche blog based on the keywords as this search volume will keep on changing. You can try refreshing Google trends after 2 minutes. You could see the change in positions.

By selecting each keyword, you will be able to Most relevant articles, Interest of viewers over time, Interest by region, Trending queries and Related topics.

Go to Google Trends. Enter each profitable keywords to understand how many people are searching and what is future forecast of the word. You will know only one keyword is getting more traffic than other. Now you got the best searchable keyword.

Find Most Searching Keywords in Google using Google Trends

Points to be noted:

1. Recently published articles are listed first in Google.

2. The keyword or parts of the keyword should be there in the title and full keywords are listed first.

Interest of viewers over time

The graph shows interest of viewers over a period of time and the type of article that are getting all the traffic. 

Interest of viewers over time Graph
Search Interest

Interest by region

You can see the map of the country in this tab. By selecting the "List View" you can see the search volume in each state. 

Trending queries 

Trending queries is the best option here. You can see what are the related queries per keyword and find out the search volume of that. This will enable bloggers to add more related keywords to the blog post. You can select "Embedded" option to get the code. In that you can see a tick box for "Keep data updated. This data is live and will keep updating". It means what it says.

5. how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords with

Go to and enter the keyword that you got. Enter them and found out related keywords. You can group keywords and find out which one is paying more.

6. Find highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

KW Finder is an amazing keyword finder tool that can generate high cpc long tail keywords for bloggers and for websites.

highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

Enter your keyword and select appropriate boxes. You have options to select different countries and languages. KWFinder will fetch related keywords from the selected geographies and languages. This is one of the unique keyword finder tools that you can use.

7. best paying Google Adsense keywords by SEMrush Keyword Find Tool

Increasing organic traffic is a tough task especially when your competitors are doing the exact same methods and keywords to increase traffic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to increase organic traffic up to 29% by SEMrush Tool.

What is SEMrush Tool

SEMrush is an amazing paid keyword research platform for bloggers, website owners, SEO beginners and experts and entrepreneurs and those who needs to increase organic traffic to website multi fold. SEMrush will help you to discover incredibly high paying ad sense keywords at a nominal cost.

Why SEMrush keyword Tool For Finding cost per click (CPC) keywords AdWords

SEMrush can do more than just to find competitors' keywords and it is time to change that perspective. This keyword tool provides keywords from US, UK, DE, FR and 131 more countries.
It provide details of your website on Desktop vs Mobile and shows Categories and visibility percentage.

Other tools are;
  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks
  5. Advertising Research
  6. PLA Research
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Traffic Analysis
  9. Ranks
  10. Domain vs. Domain
  11. Charts
  12. Keyword Analytics
  13. Overview
  14. Phrase Match
  15. Related Keywords
  16. Ads History
  17. Keyword Difficulty
  18. Keyword Magic Tool
  19. Projects
  20. SEO Ideas
  21. Position Tracking
  22. Site Audit
  23. Social Media Tracker
  24. Social Media Poster
  25. Brand Monitoring
  26. Backlink Audit
  27. Link Building
  28. PPC Keyword tool
  29. Ads Builder
  30. Organic Traffic Insights
  31. Content Analyzer
  32. Gap Analysis
  33. Keyword Gap
  34. Backlink Gap
If you want to be a professional blogger, then check the SEMrush tool.

Get Free Trail for SEMrush here

8. Find Long Tail CPC Keywords with Keyword Generator Tool by SEOCentro

SEOcentro has a free keyword generator tool. Type the keyword, enter the captcha code and select Submit. You will get only 3 results which is really helpful in creating long tail keywords. You can start with a topic which you are interested and keep adding keywords as you search. Finally you will get a high paying long tail keyword.

Use the keyword generator tool

Finding Most Expensive Keywords in Ad sense is Easy

Most people want to know which are the most high paying and expensive keywords in ad sense. The answer is too simple. Here are the ten High Paying Google AdSense Keywords. The article on WordStream explains them.
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Most of these keywords pays from $27.80 to a whooping $54.91 per click. Two clicks from these keywords and you are looking at a pay check from Ad sense. It is that easy. I call these keywords are DREAM KEYWORDS.

Dream Keywords: highest cost per click (CPC) keywords

find high cpc keywords for youtube videos

As dreamy as it sound, you can just keep on dreaming on ranking on these dreamy keywords. All those SEO masters and SEO companies are working for them and their clients to get ranked on these Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords.

If you have seen the movie war dogs and dialogues of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, This is the biggest pie. Everyone is competing against for these big pies. And small and medium bloggers should go for the pie chunks which are called the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords. It may take sometime to digest. it took me a while also.

LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords - the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords

I know it does not look fancy but what to do. This is the best I can do. Try saying it fast for 5 times. You can use it as a tongue twister. Does't it feel classy.

What are these LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The long tail low competitive high traffic keywords can bring you enough visitors and revenue.

Let's explore them. Shall We?

Let us take a keyword called "hosting".

A long tail Keyword will be like "Hosting Small Website" with three words together.

You can find enough long Tail keywords that has less competition and high traffic using Adwords keyword planner tool that I shared above. Remember as this is not just about writing a random post. People do have domain names and websites especially dedicated such long tail High Paying Google AdSense Keywords and they may end up ranking more than your posts.

Grouping poss with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The best way you can rank in Google using LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords is by grouping posts with such keywords. You can write ten little posts with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords and then write a corner post [a big post] adding these posts as internal links. This will increase page authority and boost your ranking.

Why You Should Not Focus Too much on Keywords but on Content

The content is king. Changing Google algorithm updates can do harm if your content is good. Another important part is that bloggers should focus on building an audience in these days rather than merely focusing SEO and website optimization.

Instead of selecting high paying keyword, bloggers should take high paying niches. High paying niche means make a small website about reviews of shared wordpress hosting only. This includes the high paying keyword "hosting" and it will have good long term returns.

Discovering High Paying Google AdSense Keywords is only the first task when it comes to higher earnings. Creating a good website and writing good quality content is always long lasting.

9. Identifying Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

You will get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords using the above keyword searching tools. After obtaining them, you need to see the target group for which you want to write. You can check Google Analytics to find the type of audience that are visiting your website.

Google Analytics - Audience - Overview.

Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

Here you can see the age bar graph and gender pie chart of the visitors of my client's website. 74.6% of the visitors are male and more visitors are of aged between 18-34. The keywords should match the target group of the website. Otherwise it will not bring organic traffic from search engines and higher earnings from Ad sense. You can read an interesting case study here.

Case Study

The client selected a high paying dream keyword "insurance" and started a website on "insurance policies". Later we decided to go with long tail keyword " retirement insurance policy". Long tail keywords can bring more targeted traffic and create a specific audience.

The above website had a post titled "how to get a retirement insurance policy" and the traffic was really lower than expected. This was basically because the audience he was catering to [unknowingly] was aged more than 65 years.

After researching we decided to cater to a different target group of aged 25-34 and changed the post title and content to "Why Millennials need retirement insurance policy". This boosted the traffic to the post and he got 67% more visitors than before.

High paying targeted niche Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords and valuable content can generate value for your website and bring your higher earnings. This the best way to create an audience for your blog.

Instead of creating an MFA [made for ad sense] you can reach out more specific target group and generate incredible higher earnings with ad sense ads. Adsense keyword research is an investment to create an impressive high quality website and authority content.

You can use keywords in YouTube as well. This list is useful if you are searching for high cpc keywords 2017 or high cpc keywords for youtube 2016. You can use this list as per your choice to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2017.

Read my latest post: 15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

October 20, 2018

Chrome Components to Enable Flash for Google Chrome

Many ask me how to do chrome components update and how to use chrome //components to update adobe flash player. Follow the steps described in this post to enable flash on all websites and domains in Chrome using chrome://components page.

Chrome Components to Enable Flash for Google Chrome

Go to Google Chrome, Open a new tab, copy and paste chrome://components and press enter.
Scroll down below and you can see Adobe Flash Player - Version:, Status - Component not updated, Check for update. This is the Chrome //components page that shows flash update.

chrome components page flash adobe update

Flash is pre installed in Chrome Browser and there is no need to install flash player in your windows or Mac computer. You can select the "Check for update" and the status will change from 'Status - Component not updated' to 'Status - Up-to-date'.

If the status is not changing in the Chrome Components page, then go to Adobe Flash Player website using below link. Below link will automatically redirect you to flash plugin version suited to the operating system and chrome version.

Adobe Player Flash for Chrome.

When I went to the Adobe website using the above link, it detected by Windows version, Chrome version, language and suggested the latest Flash player. Here it is; Adobe Flash Player Version, Windows 64-bit , English , Chrome.

Adobe Flash Player enbale chrome update

Manually download the Flash plugin and install it by double clicking. 

Disable SMC to Update Chrome Components

Disable any anti virus that you are using while download the flash update. Symantec Endpoint Protection blocks such updates. To block SEP, Click on START on Windows and type "Run" without quotes. Select RUN and a small window will open. 

Type "smc.exe -stop" without quotes and press enter. Then update the Chrome Components. Once Chrome Components are all updated and Flash player is also updated, then again access RUN and type "smc.exe -start" without quotes and press enter to start up SEP again.

If "smc.exe - stop" and "smc.exe -start" is not working for you Window PC, then try 'smc -stop' and 'smc -start'. These commands should be types without quotes. You can check the forum for chrome components to enable flash for google chrome for more updates.

Chrome Components and Details

Chrome Components will be show in the page. The components of Chrome are listed below.

  • MEI Preload - Media Engagement: MEI Preload is used to preload the content from websites for user.
  • Intervention Policy Database -This is used to push  policies and settings to user devices for advanced user intervention.
  • SSL Error Assistant - To verify SSL certificate of all websites
  • Software Reporter Tool - software_reporter_tool.exe is the tool used by Google Chrome to remove other softwares and unexpected advertising that creates conflict with Chrome user experience. 
  • CRLSet
  • pnacl - Portable Native Client (PNaCl) is secure sandbox for running untrusted native machine code in the Chrome browser. Source
  • File Type Policies - To prevent specific file types to synchronous, update and control chrome browser components.
  • Origin Trials - This is another safe sandbox to allow experimentations with web platform features without causing malfunctioning of Chrome browser.
  • Adobe Flash Player - Flash is a plug-in that allow user to access multimedia contents and stream audio and video smoothly.
  • recovery - Recover Chrome browser in case of emergencies.
  • Widevine Content Decryption Module - This WidevineCdm decryption module allow to play DRM-protected [Digital Rights Management] HTML5 video and audio from websites like NetFlix.
  • Signed Tree Heads - Used to verfiy Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCTs).

Enable Flash for Google Chrome on selected websites

Many of my friends has been asking me solutions to fix the flash player not working issue.

To enable Flash on all websites and domains, copy the command chrome://settings/content/flash.

Open Chrome browser and press CTRL + T to open a new tab, then press CTRL + V to paste the command in the address line and then press enter.

Chrome Components to Enable Flash for Google Chrome

Select Add Button near to the Allow text.

Type [*.] and select add.

add a site in chrome to enable flash to play

Note: means the website that you want the flash player to run. If you want to add, type [*.]

Open the website and Press CTRL + R to reload.

This will successfully enable flash in the website.

Nothing worked for me except the above method. It enabled me to enable Flash in Chrome Browser and Allowed all sites show Flash and use flash player - Jean Paul

Other methods to enable flash in Chrome

There is no need to download or update flash player in your Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 10 /Macintosh. Adobe Flash Player is in-built in Google Chrome. There are chances that sometimes when you play games in Facebook or online, Google Chrome will show a warning that Flash need to be installed or updated.

So you may have go one to download it. You downloaded the Flash player and update it as suggested. The game or application will not run even after updating Flash. Why?

For Latest Version of Chrome

Go to Chrome settings>Advanced Settings>Content Settings>Flash>Check if the blue button near Ask first (recommended)  is on.

If you are seeing "Block sites from running Flash", then click on that and it will change to Ask first (recommended)


Go to Chrome. Copy chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash and paste in a tab. Press enter. Search for Flash and see if the options are selected to Default. If not, make them default. You can also do a reset to Default option.


Go to Chrome. Copy chrome://flash/ and paste it a tab and press enter. It will show Loading for sometime and show some of the following details.

About Flash
Google Chrome 63.0.3239.84 ()
OS Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 SP1 64 bit
Flash plugin C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll

Users can use Chrome Components to Enable Flash for Google Chrome. Check out other All Connection Errors on Google Chrome and how to fix them.

October 18, 2018

Fix SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog

Are you searching for How to fix a website with blocked mixed content in HTTPS. websites. Here is a quick find mixed content issue http:// to https:// and fix SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog.

Do you want to know reasons for mixed content the page and to avoid Mixed Content Warning in  HTTPS Domain.

Many webmasters are trying to get rid of the mixed content the page at was loaded over https but requested an insecure resource error in Chrome and other browsers. Me too. Let me break to you in parts so that you will know that it is not possible.

1. Tech Gurus are Hiding Something : What Is Mixed Content

I have spent more than 2 hours trying various Javascripts shared by Tech Gurus or tech bloggers to change the http to https. I read every article in Stack overflow as well as other niche tech bloggers. They are all hiding something. What are they hiding?

The Truth.

It is not possible to avoid mixed warning error fully in Google Chrome or any other browsers.

Here are some answers that I tried and failed miserably.

1.1 Mixed content the page at was loaded over https but requested an insecure resource: Force HTTPS over HTTP

They will give you some random javascript and tells you to add after head tag in blogspot. One example of such script is this; Force SSL. This will not work. I know. I tried it too.

Fix SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog

1.2 HTTP-HTTPS “mixed content” warning: Replace HTTP to HTTPS

They will tell you to go to template and remove all the http links to https. This will work partially only. Because most of the blogger codes are conditional tags and xml tags and not http links.

  1. data:blog.url
  2. data:post.url
  3. data:blog.homepageUrl
  4. data:blog.postImageUrl
  5. data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl
  6. data:blog.postThumbnailUrl
  7. data:post.sharePostUrl

These tags fetch data from the server as per browser request and show as http links. These tags are dynamic in nature means it can fetch multiple links from server using the same function.

Eg: If I publish a post with a link "" and later another post with link "", the "data:post.url" show both of it depending on the request from user.

You cannot replace them with any other tags unless the link is static and need not be changed.

The only tag you can replace is the "data:blog.homepageUrl" to your website URL with https. Still you need to have expertise to identify the proper place to replace them. Otherwise your blog won't load.

1.3 Replace all HTTP links to HTTPS for External websites and images

Many websites have not been converted from http to https and still serve under http request. If you replace every website, image, post link without checking the source page, users may get 404 error or not loading "This site can’t be reached" error page.

Eg: Check

And try to load it with

2. Why You Can't Fix SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog

It is only because you do not have access to server side of blogpsot. Blogspot is a free hosting service for custom domains with its own limitations. The major limitation is that users like me or you do not have access to servers so you cannot change http to https for custom domains and remove mixed warnings.

Only Google engineers can access the server and change it. I heard that are working on providing solutions for custom domains but still not announced anything. No need to waste your time reading all those junk posts.

3. What You Can Do To Avoid Mixed Content Warning in Blogger Error HTTPS Custom Domain

3.1. You can try to reduce the number of http links by checking the source. If the source website is loading over https, then change it to https. This generally fixed SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog on many users.

3.2. If you want to embed some YouTube video or HTML widget or iframe codes, replace "http://: to "//:", this way the browser will choose to load over secure content over http, if source is secure. If source website is not served under https://, then browser will load the link under http.

Eg: You can change this script;

<iframe allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="80%"></iframe>


<iframe allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="//" frameborder="0" height="266" src="//" width="80%"></iframe>

3.3. Replace link tags with https

You can replace all link tags such as RSS, Feed, Meta Tags in Blogspot.
For that go to Blogspot, select Theme, edit HTML, press CTRL+F and search for "name='all-head-content'" without quotes.

You will get a code like this: <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>.

Remove it.

Add the following codes in the place of it. Replace with your website.

<meta charset='utf-8' content='text/html'/>
<meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<link href='' rel='canonical'/></b:if>
<link expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;feeds/posts/default&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - Atom&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/atom+xml'/>
<link expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl + &quot;feeds/posts/default?alt=rss&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - RSS&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml'/>
<link expr:href='&quot;; + data:blog.blogId + &quot;/posts/default&quot;' expr:title='data:blog.title + &quot; - Atom&quot;' rel='alternate' type='application/atom+xml'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl'>
<link expr:href='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl' rel='image_src'/>

3.4. Automatic HTTPS Rewrite: On

If you are using Cloud Fare, then switch on the automatic rewrite. This will enable 301 redirects from http:// to htts://. This fix SSL Mixed Content HTTPS Error on Blogspot Blog.

If you want to use CloudFare, read about that here.

If you are experiencing sudden drop in traffic after migrating to https://, read my post on fixing low traffic.

If this helped you to fix some of those http links, share it for fellow bloggers. There are many who wants to solve this Chrome Disable Mixed Content Issue on HTTPS Websites.

Use VPN to Protect Your Privacy on Mobile Phones

Are you searching for how to Use VPN to Protect Your Privacy on Mobile Phones: Surf Anonymously in Android devices. You can bypass country restrictions chrome using Virtual Private Network [VPN] and surf anonymously in US websites.

Secure VPN will protect your privacy while surfing internet in mobile phones and Computer. A VPN use encrupytion technologies to the override the Wireless connection and cellular connection.

In 2 minutes, you can be a professional in Accessing Region-Restricted Websites Outside US via Android, Windows phone apps web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

Use VPN to Protect Your Privacy on Mobile Phones

Surfing US websites from outside the US is easy and fast if you know how to use VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. These servers are private servers inside public servers that lets you suf internet and access region-restricted websites anonymously, privately, freely and bypass region restrictions.

Surf Anonymously in US Websites from outside the US via Android, Windows Phones

Step 1: Open your App Store in phone. App stores can be play store, Windows Store etc.

Use VPN to Protect Your Privacy on Mobile Phones

Step 2: Search for VPN in the store.

free vpn for surfing website outside US

Step 3: Install any free or Paid VPNs from the list of VPN apps.

ultrasurf vpn beta app

I chose ultrasurf beta free vpn which has no logins, No trials, No registrations, No bandwidth limitations, No Ads.

Step 4: Open the app, give necessary permissions and select the country

Step 5: Get the VPN started and access Region-Restricted Websites Outside US.

Use VPN to Protect Your Privacy on PC and access region-restricted websites

You can download BlueStacks an Android Emulator software to download apps directly from google playstore and use the vpn service for free.

You can download any free vpn softwares  and install in Microsoft Windows 32 bit and 64 bit computers, Apple MAC or Linux computers. Install the software and connect it to hide your ip.

VPN can bypass region restrictions, override school, college, organisation pc blocks and give you a free and faster internet connectivity. You should be careful while using VPN not to enter any bank account or personal details.

Use VPN connections only to surf website outside US and do not buy anything or use your credit card for shopping. There is a high chance that your account details may be taken by fishing by spammers.

VPN is a good way to surf internet without getting caught on regional barriers and access region-restricted websites outside US. After all Internet is all about connecting globally. Read on How to Protect Your Privacy Using VPN Globally,

September 11, 2018

Add Google Analytics Code to BlogSpot Blog AMP

Do you want to learn how to use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic. Here is an awesome tutorial which will show you how to add analytics code to wordpress ans blogger and control the bounce rate of Google Analytics.

1. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress With a Plugin

Are you searching for best google analytics wordpress plugin, add google analytics to wordpress without plugin and google analytics yoast wordpress analytics dashboard. You can access google analytics dashboard for wp and add google analytics access code using external plugins for wp. Here is a post on how to access google analytics dashboard for wp (gadwp) and install google analytics in wordpress theme.

Here is the best way to Add Google Analytics to WordPress With a Plugin for beginners. No need to edit the PHP code. Editing php code may lock you out from admin dashboard. Always use plugins to solve the problems. Here is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress where you can add Google Analytics tracking code to WordPress easily.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress With a Plugin

  1. Go to Wordpress 
  2. Select Add A Plugin
  3. Search for GA Google Analytics
  4. Select Install & Activate
  5. Go to Plugins
  6. Open the GA Google Analytics Plugin
  7. Add the Google Analytics Tracking ID inside it
  8. Save the changes

Watch Tutorial Video

2. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin

  1. Go to WordPress
  2. Go to Editor
  3. Find Theme header .php file
  4. Open header.php file
  5. Add Google Analytics Tracking code
  6. Save changes
Many users try to edit the php files using Editor and get locked outside. Many get these errors.

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /……../………/…………/ ga_analyticstracking.php on line 23.

Here is what I have:

Plugin Name: Google Analytics Plugin
Description: Adds a Google analytics tracking code to the of your theme, by hooking to wp_head.
Author: Dolvin
Version: 1.0

function ga_analyticstracking() { ?>

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

ga(‘create’, ‘XX-XXXXXXXX-X’, ‘auto’);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

<?php }
add_action( 'wp_head', ‘ga_analyticstracking’, 10 );"

"The plugin generated 2 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.


(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),



ga(‘create’, ‘XXXX’, ‘auto’);

ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);

<?php }
add_action( 'wp_head', 'wpmudev_google_analytics', 10 );"

I suggest to add Analytics using the plugin above.

3. How to Add Google Analytics to Blogspot Blog for Beginners

Do you want to add Analytics code to blogger. Adding the Google Analytics to Blogger Blog is easy using the below method. In this post I will show you the best way on How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger Add Analytics and control the bounce rate of Google Analytics.

Get Google Analytics Tracking ID from Analytics: UA-XXXX-1

Copy the below code

<script type='text/javascript'>
  var _gaq = _gaq || [];
  _gaq.push([&#39;_setAccount&#39;, &#39;UA-XXXXXXX-1&#39;]);
  setTimeout(&quot;_gaq.push([&#39;_trackEvent&#39;, &#39;5_seconds&#39;, &#39;read&#39;])&quot;,15000);
  (function() {
    var ga = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); ga.type = &#39;text/javascript&#39;; ga.async = true;
    ga.src = (&#39;https:&#39; == document.location.protocol ? &#39;https://ssl&#39; : &#39;http://www&#39;) + &#39;;;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName(&#39;script&#39;)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

Edit the UA-XXXX-1 with your analytics Tracking ID
Edit "5_seconds" with any numbers you want. - This will trigger an analytics event only after 5 seconds when a user stays in your web page. This will result is lowering bounce rate significantly.

Add Google Analytics to Blogspot Blog for Beginners

Adding the Google Analytics to Blogger Blog is easy using the below method. In this post I will show you the best way on How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger Add Analytics.

Go to Blogger
Go to Theme
Select Edit HTML
Find </head> tag
Paste the Edited code before the tag.
Save theme

To check Google Analytics is working in your Blogspot Blog

Go to Google Analytics
Go to all website data
Go to Real time monitoring
Open a your blogger blog in a new tab and check if analytics is counting the visit after 5 seconds.

4. Install Google Analytics on Blogger blog With No Coding

I know there are many tutorials out there that explains on Install Google Analytics on Blogger blog, google analytics for bloggers, how to add google analytics to blogger 2016 and blogger stats vs google analytics.

I am not going to repeat any of those how to setup google analytics for a blog, how to get blogger analytics, how to track blogger with google analytics and sign up google analytics topics. I value your time.

So in this tutorial, as my title suggest "How to Add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog With No Coding", I will show you multiple ways of adding Google Analytics on your blog with no coding and fix all possible errors of installation.

Not just that I am going to share solutions to major errors and issues occurs when installing Analytics in your blogger blog. And finally teach you how to Install Analytics correctly and verify the installation of Google Analytics as per standard set by Google.

Google analytics for bloggers: Install Google Analytics on Blogger blog

Google Analytics will show you real time monitoring and information about visitors of your blogger blog including their gender, geographical information, interests and average time spend.

How to Add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog With No Coding

Let's start then,

5. Best Practices to Install Google Analytics Scripts

1. Install in Head Section of Blog: The Analytics Script should be added before the head </head> tag. This will ensure that the script fires when the page is loaded in a browser.

I expect you to have 2 things, a blog and a Google Analytics Account.

If you do not have an Analytics account, do the following steps. If you have, well, skip the below paragraph.

How to add google analytics to blogger

  1. Go to Google Analytics here
  2. Sign in to your Google account, typing email Id and password.
  3. Access Google Analytics
  4. Click Sign up.
  5. Fill your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, and select an Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone.
  6. Select all check boxes
  7. Click Tracking ID
  8. Accept User License Agreement by clicking I Accept.

Update 1: how to setup google analytics for a blog

If the google tag manager is not working, then go to an US proxy websites and enter your website to see the changes in Analytics. You can use for that. Use this link and enter your website and look at change in Analytics Real time monitoring.

Update 2: how to get blogger analytics

Google removed the Google Analytics Universal code from Analytics. So add the old UA-XXXXXXXX-1 code to blogspot using this method.

Copy the below code

<script type='text/javascript'>
var _gaq = _gaq || [];
_gaq.push([&#39;_setAccount&#39;, &#39;UA-47923736-1&#39;]);
setTimeout(&quot;_gaq.push([&#39;_trackEvent&#39;, &#39;30_seconds&#39;, &#39;read&#39;])&quot;,15000);
(function() {
var ga = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); ga.type = &#39;text/javascript&#39;; ga.async = true;
ga.src = (&#39;https:&#39; == document.location.protocol ? &#39;https://ssl&#39; : &#39;http://www&#39;) + &#39;;;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(&#39;script&#39;)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

Change your UA ID
Change number of seconds after the event is triggered

Go to blogspot.
Go to Theme - Edit HTML - Find &lt;/head&gt; tag - add the code above head tag.

Save the template.

6. How to track blogger with google analytics

  1. Go to Google Analytics Account
  2. Select Admin button
  3. Select Property
  4. Select Tracking info
  5. Select Tracking Code
Watch Video on How to Find Google Analytics Tracking Code

You can see multiple codes and scripts there. Don't panic. I will guide you through it.

The first script is titled "Website Tracking BETA" and it consists of Google Tag manager code with Analytics added. I would suggest to not to go with that code because it is in beta version and more focuses on advanced market optimization.

The second script is titled "analytics.js" with the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) tracking code. This is the code we wanted. Click on view tracking code for analytics.js.

So now you have the code.

Ready for the next part.

Here goes.

How To Install the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) tracking code on Blogger Blog

  1. Copy the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) tracking code
  2. Go to Blogger
  3. Select Theme
  4. Select HTML
  5. Click anywhere inside the codes
  6. Press CTRL and F together [CTRL+F] in your keyboard. This will open a search box.
  7. Type
You can see a tag highlighted in yellow color.

Check the tutorial of how to find the head tag

Paste the tracking code before that tag.

The code will appear like;

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
ga('create', 'UA-xxxxxxxx-1', 'auto');
ga('send', 'pageview');

Select Save theme.
You are all done. Happy.

How to Verify the Installation of Google Analytics on Blogger blog: sign up google analytics

Now that you have successfully installed the tracking code, you can see real time data of visitors on Analytics.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Select All Websites
  3. Select Your website
  4. Select All Website data
  5. Select Real time

It will show you how many users are currently on your website. It will show location, keyword, referral, social traffic and active pages data. If it is showing zero, open a your website in another tab or a different browser and check if the number is changing to 1.

Some tutorials say that you should add the analytics ID in settings of blog spot. That is not needed. If you add that Analytics ID in settings with script tags, it will fire two times simultaneously. You need only 1 code per blog and adding the standard code is always preferable than adding an ID only.

If you want to add ID number only on blogger blog, read below.

7. Installing Google Analytics Adding ID Number Only on Blogger blog

In this case, do not add the above script in template.

  1. Copy the ID number which is UA-XXXXXXXX-1
  2. Go to settings of Blogger
  3. Select Other
  4. Scroll down to the last.
  5. Google Analytics : Analytics Web Property ID.
  6. Add the ID number in the box.
  7. Select Save Settings
  8. Go to Theme, Edit HTML
  9. Press CTRL + F
  10. Type &amp;lt;/body&amp;gt; and press enter
  11. The tag will be highlighted in yellow color
  12. Paste the &amp;lt;b:include name='google-analytics' data='blog'/&amp;gt; before the &amp;lt;/body tag&amp;gt;
  13. Select Save theme
  14. Refresh Blogspot blog and check Analytics

You have installed analytic code successfully.

Remember you should only add standard script or the ID number. Do not add both together. This will create issues in data.

Now that you have installed, let us look at some of the problems users having with Analytics.

8. Sudden Drop in Bounce Rate: google analytics for bloggers errors in code

Some users report that the google analytics bounce rate too low. They report the bounce rate at 3% and 4%.

Install Google Analytics on Blogger blog Bounce Rate Dropped Suddenly

To check that we need to start by knowing how many Analytics codes are installed in your blog and whether these are standard installation.

To check that, we need to install an extension called Google Tag Assistant, a google analytics chrome extension in the Google Chrome Browser.

9. Analytics Tag Assistant: Google Analytics Debugger

Click Here to Install Google tag Assistant which is a good analytics debugger.
Select Add to Chrome
Select the Add Extension. A blue icon will appear on top of the browser.
Click on the blue icon

You can see a message with check boxes.

To get started tell us which of these tags you want Tag Assistant to check for:
Google Analytics
Google Trusted Stores
AdWords Conversion Tracking/Remarketing
Google Publisher Tag

Tick mark all of it.
Select Validate all pages.
Select Done

google tag assistant tutorial how to setup google analytics for a blog

Google Tag Manager Checker

Now That you have installed Google Tag Assistant, let us begin testing the code.
Open your website in a new tab.
Click The blue icon
You can see a message.

Tag Assistant is currently
inactive in this tab! Click "Enable" to turn it on!

Select Enable
Then reload your website. [Press CTRL+R]

Google Tag Assistant Recordings : how to get blogger analytics

Now you can see number of instances of all installed codes such as Google Analytic Code, Google Tag Manager code etc. in your website.

If the codes are not standard, you will get a red colored error.

Error in Analytics Code installation how to setup google analytics for a blog

If it is successful, then the color will be green.

Correct installation of Analytics Code in website

What To Do If You Get Red Color Error in Analytics installation in blogger blog

There are a couple of things you can do to avoid this. You need to remove the extra Analytics codes from your site, remove extra Analytics ID from the new script and couple more. I will show you it is done.

1. Find Number of Codes Installed in the site

You need to check your website for more instances of codes installed.

What To Do If You Get Red Color Error in Analytics installation in blogger blog

  1. Open your website in a new tab
  2. Do right click [Or press CTRL+U]
  3. Select View Page Source
  4. Press CTRL+F to have a search box
  5. Type Analytics without quotes.

This will show you number of Analytics codes installed in your site.

  1. Once you have identified the extra codes, Go to Blogger
  2. Select theme and Edit HTML
  3. Press CTRL+F to have a search box
  4. Type Analytics without quotes and remove the extra codes.
  5. Save HTML
  6. Go to Website and hit reload button and select Google Tag Assistant to verify again.

2. Issues with Old Analytics Script

You need to replace the old Analytics script with the new one.

The old Analytics code look like this.
&amp;lt;script async='async' defer='defer' type='text/javascript'&amp;gt; (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[&amp;amp;#39;GoogleAnalyticsObject&amp;amp;#39;]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,&amp;amp;#39;script&amp;amp;#39;,&amp;amp;#39;expr=""&amp;amp;#39;,&amp;amp;#39;ga&amp;amp;#39;); ga(&amp;amp;#39;create&amp;amp;#39;, &amp;amp;#39;UA-XXXXXXXX-1&amp;amp;#39;, &amp;amp;#39;auto&amp;amp;#39;); ga(&amp;amp;#39;send&amp;amp;#39;, &amp;amp;#39;pageview&amp;amp;#39;);&amp;lt;/script&amp;gt;

The new one is this.

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-1', 'auto');
ga('send', 'pageview');

Replace the UA-XXXXXXXX-1 with your Analytics ID and add the code in your website.

3. Issues with Google Tag Manager Code

The Google Analytics code that people normally is the Beta Script that has Tag Manager code and Analytics Code. It looks like this.
&amp;lt;!-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --&amp;gt;
&amp;lt;script async src=""&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/script&amp;gt;
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments)};
gtag('js', new Date());
gtag('config', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-1');
Here you can see two UA-XXXXXXXX-1 codes creating two analytics installation. So you should remove this code and install the universal Analytics code in blogger blog as per the above tutorial on Install Google Analytics on Blogger blog With No Coding.

10. How to Get Google Tag Manager ID

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager
  2. Select your tag manager account
  3. Go to Admin
  4. Select Install Google Tag Manager
  5. You will get a code that looks like this;

&amp;lt;!-- Google Tag Manager --&amp;gt;
new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],
&amp;lt;!-- End Google Tag Manager --&amp;gt;
&amp;lt;!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) --&amp;gt;
&amp;lt;noscript&amp;gt;&amp;lt;iframe src=""
height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/iframe&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/noscript&amp;gt;
&amp;lt;!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --&amp;gt;

I tested the code and it is having parsing error "The reference to entity "l" must end with the ';' delimiter." in blogger blog. So I suggest you not to add Google Tag manager code and install Universal Analytics code only.

4. Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.

The Google Tag manager comes with async code for asynchronous loading. To parse the code in blogger blog, you need to add an equal sign with empty quotes after the async code.

Replace &amp;lt;script async src=""&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/script&amp;gt;


&amp;lt;script async="" src=""&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/script&amp;gt;

I recommend to install Universal Analytics code only.

5. Invalid or missing account ID

Some users is having issues with Invalid or missing account ID in Google Tag manager code.

Google suggest to install code from Google Error Management Support.

The code looks like this.

&amp;lt;!-- Google Tag Manager --&amp;gt;
new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],
&amp;lt;!-- End Google Tag Manager --&amp;gt;

The "GTM-XXXXX" should be replaced by your account ID.

Even this code was not parsing in blogger blog. The script throws a The reference to entity "l" must end with the ';' delimiter parsing error.

I recommend to install Universal Analytics code only.

After successfully validating Google Analytics on Blogger blog, you can check the bounce rate. It will increase in 1 or 2 hours.

Share the post to other fellow upcoming bloggers.

11. How to Add a Mobile App to New Property on Google Analytics

Add a Mobile App to New Property on Google Analytics with easy simple step by step guide in Easy way to add a mobile app as a new property in Google Analytics is explained in this post.

Link Firebase with Google Analytics first.
Login to Google Analytics.
Go to Admin
Go to Account
Select Create a new property.

"New Property
Creating a new property will provide you with a Tracking ID.

When your initial property is created, we will also create a default view that will gather all data associated with the tracking code. If you would like to gather only a subset of the data for this code, you will probably want to create a second reporting view, and you will need to create and apply one or more view filters to this data."

Select Mobile App

Add a Mobile App to New Property on Google Analytics

Select the app from the list. If you are unable to find it, check Firebase.

Select Connect App

You have successfully connected the app.

Go to All website data.

Select the mobile app.

Select "Take Me to Analytics".

You can see all the data in Google Analytics Now.

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Add a Mobile App to New Property on Google Analytics

Share the post. Thanks.

12. Easy way to Reduce website / blog to Adjust Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Google says that “Bounce rate” in Google Analytics is one of the key metrics that helps to evaluate the quality of your website's o blog's traffic. Bounce rate is often misunderstood as the factor for determining the page rank. But it is not.

 However a low bounce rate will increase the traffic to the page and make sure the websites's design attracts visitors. I shared a post about "" earlier. That post really helped lot of bloggers to reduce bounce rate of their blogs and websites. You can also read it out and implement the steps.Usually bloggers use Google Analytics for checking the bounce rate. For that you have to add a code to your blog or website. The code is this.

  (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
  ga(&#39;create&#39;, &#39;UA-47923736-1&#39;, &#39;;);
  ga(&#39;send&#39;, &#39;pageview&#39;);
This code check almost all kinds of metric including the bounce rate. The bounce rate can be accessed by the following steps.Go to Google Analytics - . Sign up if you didn't sign up in Analytics. Sign in to Google Analytics. Go to All website data or the name of of your website's or blog's data. In the side bar, you can see Audience and Behavior.  That will show New v/s Returning. In that you can see Bounce rate as the fifth column. 

Now i show you some data of the Bounce rate of

The above Google Analytics code check bounce rate as a metric and a “Bounce rate” is defined as the rate when a visitor of a website exit the website page right from the landing page, without going to any other pages in the website. That means it is three way process. 

First the visitor lands on a page from Google search results or from any other source. This is called the landing page. For a blog, it will be blog post page.
Second process is that the visitor reads the post.
Third, the visitor close the tab or go to other website without going to any other page of the same websites.

Checking Bounce rate in Google Analytics

Google Analytics does not check whether the visitor's spending time on a website. Even if the visitor stayed there for hours and left without opening other page in the same website, it will be counted as bounced. Another instance is like after reading all the post, the visitor may search other posts in the search tab, and because the visitor didn't viewed another page and goes to straight to search will be counted as bounced.

Google realized this and explained detailed about it in the blog,  and said that it is not enough. 

Adjusted bounce rate

So they came up with something called "Adjusted bounce rate". You can read it from this link, . You have to add a simple code in to your blog or website provided by Analytics team. This code what actually does is that it execute and event in the page after specified time. The set time is 15 seconds and you can change according to your goal. So if the visitor stayed for 15 seconds, the script will create an event and executing this. Therefore, it will not be counted as bounced, reducing the bounce rate. If you put the time like 1 or 2 seconds, it may counted as a issue by Google, hence it is better to add time more than 15 seconds.

 If you want to know more about tracking events, you can read
The code is,

<script type="text/javascript">
  var _gaq = _gaq || [];  _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXXXX-1']);  _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']);  setTimeout("_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', '15_seconds', 'read'])",15000);
  (function() {    var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;    ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);  })();
You have to change the UA-XXXXXXX-1 into your track ID.

You can add the code below the </head> tag.

After Installing the code

Bounce rate in Analytics
Less bounce rate

More deeper info

Read a scrolling event creation to reduce bounce rate here -

Read reducing bounce rate using active tab feature -

Bounce rate is actually a predominant factor that determine the visitors behavior. For a professional blogger, it is really a roadblock for reach the goal. Bounce rate of a website should be looked subjectively by taking each part of a site or a blog carefully.

Here i am sharing some creative ways which you can understand bounce rate of your blog or website and make sure the rate is doing down. You can check the website's bounce rate by going to Google Analytics > Reporting > Audience > Behavior > New v/s Returning.

I have written an article about the adjusted bounce rate - a technique that reduces bounce rate in Google Analytics. You can read it and implement the code for reduction in the bounce rate metric.

Bounce rate data

Brand Story Telling

We all love a good story. So try to give visitors stories including the info as a package. It is also better to convey your emotions to them and i think that is why foodie blogs has lower bounce rate. That will make the visitor to read it all.

Search box

One of the article i referred said that the search box should have 27 character length. Well, i do not aree with it. It is totally dependent upon the website design. You can use Google custom search engine (CSE) to monetize your search box.

Live Chat

If you have a local business, then it is better to add chat box where visitor can chat with you in real time. This will increase the credibility of your website and decrease lower bounce rate. You can read this post for more info :

Stop Auto play videos and remove flash animations

Auto display videos will distract the visitor and make them away from the content. Flash animations reduces the page load and make the visitor redirect from the post page.

Avoid Pop ups

There are some websites that use pop us or shadow boxes to make visitors subscribe to their website. I am not sure whether  this is a right kind of approach. When somebody try to click the link of the website, a pop up comes by blocking all the visible part of a website and hence the visitor may close the tab than the pop up.

Good navigation Paths

A visitor came to your site and got confused where to go and what to see because there are no specific paths to reach the content. This will surely increase the bounce rate. For this you have to use heat maps of your website. You can use Google Analytics which is absolutely free of cost or you can use crazyegg which have a 30 days free trial. Other soft wares are  SessionCam, BIME, RelateIQ, Bounce Exchange, Experiment.LY, ClickTale, Evergage, Mouseflow, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, Olark, Clickdensity, and Decibel Insight.

Free heat maps are Click heat -, Corunet - You can add bread crumb navigation by visiting the below post

Good readability and Design

I do not want to blabber around this topic. As you all know only the best readable website gets less bounce rate. You can read, if you want start a local business website for good info. You can read more about website design optimization by visiting the posts written under website design optimization.

Higher page loading speed

Some websites load like hell and the visitor will wait  for more than 10 seconds to read the content. These websites often says that Rome was never built in one day. Check your website’s speed by going the link, "" and make your website’s loading speed higher.

Responsive websites

I have written so many articles about responsive design and how you can improve your websites design. I will quote some of the articles here so that you can visit them and make your website responsive to tablets and mobiles. Some are listed here,

  • Top 10 Responsive checkers

  • Free Responsive tools

  • Ad Placement

    You may not be aware about how ad placement can alter the bounce rate. We all need revenue and for that installing ads everywhere will increase bounce rate as well as decreases revenue. You can use responsive ads for instance to reduce content covering ads.

    Responsive ads placement

    Colour contrast of ads are important to too. You know what I am talking about.

    Reduce Third party content

    I have seen so many third party contents in websites that load so slowly. Most of these have numerous java scripts, style sheets and HTML errors. They are often not synchronous. So better to avoid them and create more speedy websites.

    Avoid visual roadblocks and Distractions

    Some websites have many visual animations and flash content which often reduce the visitors attention. So it is better to avoid them and create more on post page. More white space may decrease bounce rate.

    Give visitors related content

    Visitors need to get some more info about the topic and they will click the related content and go for your next post.

    Open external links in new tabs or windows

    You can use target='_blank' code in the url like <a href='' target='_blank' title='Responsive'>Top 10 Responsive checkers</a> for making them open the links in new tab. This way the previous link will be opened and you got two impressions.


    Each website / blog is different and you have to understand all the above points and do what is good for your website. If you like this post, you can share this post with your followers and friends and give me a subscriber.

    13. How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights

    Are you searching for questions about google analytics, ask a question get an answer in google analytics and ask analytics intelligence. This post talks about analytics intelligence google, google analytics intelligence beta and google analytics questions and answers. You can find many questions in this post to ask analytics intelligence and get and answers and insights.

    How many of uses Analytics to see the data of your website. Have you ever used the Amazing Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights, Events, Reports To Increase Organic Traffic. Analytic Intelligence is an amazing tool for beginners and medium blogger and webmasters.

    How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence (Beta): ask analytics intelligence

    Login to Google Analytics
    Select Audience
    Select Intelligence
    Type your query
    Press Enter

    Analytics Intelligence analyzes the query, fetches the data and present your results. Analytics Intelligence is a virtual data analyst software which is helping webmasters to save the money of a data analyst.

    How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights

    Analytics Intelligence act as a real time data analyst analyzing and displaying website traffic changes and trends. You can increase organic traffic to the website using Amazing Google Analytics Intelligence (Beta).

    Google Analytics Intelligence analyzes and reports to give you an exact idea on what are the changes occurred in organic traffic and how you can use them to your benefit. Beta Intelligence analyzes past performance of pages and posts and forecast the trend. It reports spike and drop in page views, publisher revenue / sessions, bounce rate changes, website performance per week, improvements needed for bounce rate and page speed, changes in loading pages and changes from forecast reports.

    How to ask a question get an answer in google analytics

    Get familiar with the queries.

    Try Asking "Trend of page views last month" and press enter.

    Then "is my traffic growing". In this you will get Month over month growth of Sessions based on 100.00% of sessions.

    Again ask a query "How many users did we have last week?"

    Likewise you can many queries to Intelligence Beta. Read about what all you can ask to Analytics - Ask Analytics Intelligence.

    If you enter a query and Intelligence comes with an error "We understood your question, but there is no data for your profile in this time range." means that the data is not available. You can try other queries in that case.

    Google analytics questions and answers

    Some more queries to try

    My direct traffic for the past week
    my organic traffic last month
    Number of click from last month
    Is my Organic traffic growing
    How much is bounce rate percentage
    Hows my organic traffic for the last 3 months
    What are our top pages this week?

    You can add the following words to get more understanding of the data of website - last month, this month, last 3 months, percentage, compare etc.

    You cannot ask for Data projections and forecasting as they are not supported yet for direct queries. Hope now you know how to Use Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights, Events, Reports To Increase Organic Traffic.

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