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March 13, 2018

Latest Google SEO Updates 2018 March Review

Google has announced another broad core algorithm SEO updates that struck websites today. This Google's Broad Core Algorithm 2018 is the latest google seo updates so far after the massive small latest google mobile algorithm updates in 2017 October and November. We will talk about what is the latest Google SEO updates in 2018 March, how it affected search engine rankings "quality signals" and review how far this broad core algorithm update will affect your websites.

Latest Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018 March Review

Google has announced the launch of new broad core algorithm that is rolled out in March, 2018. Google SearchLiaison @searchliaison has shared the update info on 10:27 PM - 12 Mar 2018 in Twitter.

The Google team says that previously unrewarded websites with good quality pages will be gain search rank positions. I think these are part of continuous seo updates on January 2018 and in September 2017. You can read them to know more about how Google search is changing slowly.

Latest Google SEO Updates 2018 March Review

Stop Spamming Comment Section

Many bloggers and administrators add comments to posts by authority websites with their links and I would say almost spam them. These websites will be affected as the use of Non-descriptive anchors, Brand name, Naked site URL may not work anymore. Google is going to strictly punish the websites who has negative back links or back links from Spam comment section.

Google would be displaying more than one featured snippet

Have you read the post on how Google Featured Snippets are Bad For Blogs. Google is going to show more than one featured snippet in search results making it worse for blogs and websites. This will obviously reduces space for the websites and blogs listing, in turn reduce the number of visitors to the website.

Google does not tell you everything about seo updates

Google has been rolling out many small algorithm seo updates in the past 3 months. The search rankings fluctuates every day and SEO experts are even unable to understand which SEO factor has resulted in the fluctuation. It is not imperative to look and understand the minute details of google algorithm seo updates. Instead webmasters and bloggers should aim on working on quality content and building audience.

Quality signals??Hmm..Aha

The latest Google algorithm update 2018 March were  rolled out and many websites are affected. Google team has mentioned that there is no FIX for such changes as they part of the change in overall system. The Broad Core Algorithm is said to have affected "quality signals" resulting in larger changes in the search rankings.

What is Google algorithm update?

Google has this amazing mathematical formulas and codes that make it easy to rank websites as per more than hundred quality signals. This complex network is called an Algorithm. Google has major algorithms like Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the 'not so announced' Fred seo update.

There are major algorithm updates and minor algorithm updates. Website rankings fluctuate depending on the size of the seo updates. One of my website was ranking high in Google and Penguin update hit it badly and I had to work on it for almost 2 months to get it back on track. I know many website owners and blogger struggling to reach to the first page of Google to get some visitors. It is not easy these days as the competition has risen so much in the past few years.

Having Too many Doorway pages. Google is shutting the door.

Doorway pages are pages with low quality content mainly used to increase keyword content and page presence. Google has been very strict in the use of door way pages in websites. With the new Broad core algorithm, Google is hitting hard on doorway pages.

Update: Fresh Content or Quality Content: New SEO Updates

As per SEO That Works training course by Backlinko (Brian Dean), "Fresh content” makes ZERO difference in your rankings. I am pretty sure building fresh content may not work in the long term instead bloggers should go for the best quality content. This may lead to more organic reach and lead to higher rankings.

I was thinking about what Brian mentioned. Let us consider one keyword "Google SEO Update March 2018 Update". Under that I can write about Broad Core Algorithm, when it was launched and how it will affect the user. Well, Google do not want that. That article will never rank in Google. Why?

Because it does not contain the necessary related keywords to be ranked. If the article has more than 3k or 4k words with all related keywords, then there might be a chance. If you have seen the Brian's posts, you will understand that all of his posts are longer than 4k words. For a quick search, quick find world of Internet, Google is promoting such long articles because it offers quality to the readers instead of saving time of users.

Who is going to read 4k words. Only a few. The time they spend on the site is calculated using Analytics and the search rank get promoted. That is how Brian's posts became top ranked in Google. Google only provide best results for users. What is a best result? It is where users spend most of their time online. In order to address the gap of short answer to save time, Google introduced featured snippets and short answers.

Google is making the decision clear. You write engaging posts by spending hours and hours, get the user to stay in the website and we will rank you up. This is the reality.

Update: Ad sense and Ad mob revenue gone down

Ad sense and ad mob revenue gone down drastically and has not even reached the average yet for the last 2 days. Many websites are referring to this another Ad sense Earth Quake. There is a need to do clear strategy change in order to gain better search ranks and that is to write more content and more keywords.

I selected a post with a keyword "Investment through myCAMS Online" that was ranking on Page 3 of Google with about 79,800 results (0.34 seconds). I used a keyword research tool, added 79 words with keywords related and added in the first paragraph and updated search descriptions.

February 14, 2018

Enable Flash for Google Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)

Flash is pre installed in Chrome Browser and there is no need to install flash player in your windows or Mac computer. Many of my friends from Australia, Switzerland, Norway, USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada has been asking me solutions to fix the flash player not working issue. Follow the steps described in this post to enable flash on all websites and domains in Chrome.

Enable Flash on selected websites

To enable Flash on all websites and domains, copy the command chrome://settings/content/flash.

Open Chrome browser and press CTRL + T to open a new tab, then press CTRL + V to paste the command in the address line and then press enter.

chrome plugins flash enable in websites

Select Add Button near to the Allow text.

Type [*.] and select add.

add a site in chrome to enable flash to play

Note: means the website that you want the flash player to run. If you want to add, type [*.]

Open the website and Press CTRL + R to reload.

This will successfully enable flash in the website.

Nothing worked for me except the above method. It enabled me to enable Flash in Chrome Browser and Allowed all sites show Flash and use flash player - Jean Paul

Other methods to enable flash in Chrome

There is no need to download or update flash player in your Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 10 /Macintosh. Adobe Flash Player is in-built in Google Chrome. There are chances that sometimes when you play games in Facebook or online, Google Chrome will show a warning that Flash need to be installed or updated. So you may have go one to download it. You downloaded the Flash player and update it as suggested. The game or application will not run even after updating Flash. Why?

For Latest Version of Chrome

Go to Chrome settings>Advanced Settings>Content Settings>Flash>Check if the blue button near Ask first (recommended)  is on.

If you are seeing "Block sites from running Flash", then click on that and it will change to Ask first (recommended)


Go to Chrome. Copy chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash and paste in a tab. Press enter. Search for Flash and see if the options are selected to Default. If not, make them default. You can also do a reset to Default option.


Go to Chrome. Copy chrome://flash/ and paste it a tab and press enter. It will show Loading for sometime and show some of the following details.

About Flash
Google Chrome 63.0.3239.84 ()
OS Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 SP1 64 bit
Flash plugin C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll
--- Crash data ---
Crash Reporting Enable crash reporting to see crash IDs
For more details
--- GPU information ---
--- GPU driver, more information ---
Vendor Id 0x8086
Device Id 0x0116
Driver vendor Google Inc.
Driver version
Driver date 2017/04/07
Pixel shader version 3.0
Vertex shader version 3.0
GL_VENDOR Google Inc.
GL_RENDERER Google SwiftShader
GL_VERSION OpenGL ES 2.0 SwiftShader

Uninstall Chrome and install Chrome New version

How to Enable Flash in Chrome if you have done all the steps mentioned in other websites but still not able to run Flash. One way is to uninstall Chrome and install Chrome new version from Official Website.

Chrome (Windows/Macintosh)

Use Chrome Canary Version for Flash

Chrome Canary is designed for developers and early adopters. It is like the Beta version. It works same as Google Chrome but really unstable and not recommended for average users. Download Google Canary and Install in your Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 10 /Macintosh. Run the FB game, Vudu TV, Direct TV, Application etc and see if Flash is working.

Link to download Google Canary:
Share for others.

February 5, 2018

How To Add and Verify Your Website To Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster tools is a very good resource for bloggers to understand the performance of blogs and websites. You can add website to Yandex Webmaster tools by adding a meta verification tag. Verify the meta tag and start analyzing keyword trends and website performance. This post will share you ways to add and verify your website to Yandex Webmaster tools step by step.

How To Add Your Website To Yandex Webmaster Tools

Go to Yandex Webmaster Tools here.
Add your website.
Copy the HTML code of your site's home page (in the "head" section):
<meta name="yandex-verification" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />
Save template.

How To Verify Your Website

Select Check in Yandex Webmaster website.
You will get a confirmation number.

How to Get Details of Your Website

Go to summary.
There you can see Site problems such as fatal errors, critical errors and other problems. The data of Search updates, Crawl statistics, Search traffic and Recent links will take some days to updated as your website is newly added to Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Add and Verify Your Website To Yandex Webmaster Tools

Go to Troubleshooting.
Under Site Diagnostics, you can find recommendations to your website. Example below.

No sitelinks found
In some cases, sitelinks may appear under the site snippet in search results, which makes the site stand out and may lead to increased clicks. Sitelinks are generated automatically. Our robots regularly check whether sitelinks can be displayed.

Under Violations and security threats, you can find if any site violations are found.

Go to Search queries, you can find Query history, Recent queries and Recommended queries. This can be used find popular queries of visitors to your website. Select "Get Recommended queries" to let Yandex collects search queries that match your site's content. You can make posts based on Recommended queries and have more traffic.

January 31, 2018

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018 Review

Google Algorithms were not steady for the last few months and I wanted to share a few important updates on SEO and SERP changes in the period of January 2018 and what you can expect in February 2018 and coming months. This post will share latest Google algorithm updates on January 2018 and review other Google Updates and SERP changes for the month of January 2018. Latest Google algorithm updates were subtle but Ship Me This team found out each of these updates and reviewed it.

Semrush sensor image showing google algorithm volatility

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018 Review in semrush sensor

More Google Featured Snippets on the way

Google has been adding more rich snippets in search pages resulting in pushing the websites and blogs down. Users tend to stick around in the search page and read answers there itself resulting in no visit to blogs and websites. I predicted this change 4 months ago and wrote a post on why Google Featured Snippets are bad for blogs and websites. The features snippets are covering the first 5 results and visitors never go beyond 5 first results. Normal users never go beyond first 3 links and the snippets resulting in less or no traffic for websites on 6th or 7th ranks.

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018

Meta Description is now 320 words

Google has decided to increase meta description length from 160 words to 320 words. Now web masters need to update all search descriptions up to the maximum length. This will increase rankings and gives you a SERP boost.

Put No Follow on Download Links

You may have noticed that many websites provides links to download from Microsoft, OneDrive, GDrive, mp3 songs, videos, movies, software and apps download, ios 11 download, album downloads etc. Ensure that all these links must be no follow links.

Google new search console for webmasters

Google introduced new search console that shows index coverage of valid pages and pages with errors. 

Google new search console for webmasters January 2018

SERP Volatility and latest google algorithm changes in January 2018

From January 23, Google algorithm has been dramatically changing till January 29th. It is hard to predict what kind of changes can come in February due these high volatility. US, UK, Australia country rankings has been affected for many and many websites has been ranking for new keywords from older posts.

SERP Volatility and latest google algoritm changes in January

Backlinko has shows the rank brain of Google on how google picks up insights from searches and how it updates the algorithms. SEO Round table is showing all kinds of latest Google Algorithm updates and changes in moz cast, and other ranking sensors.

These updates started from September 2017 and still continuing. I am waiting eagerly to find out what more changes are coming from Google and what will be the latest Google algorithm updates for February 2018.

Share this post for other fellow bloggers and webmasters and help them to understand how these update changes will result in ranking fluctuations.

Update: Latest Google SEO Updates 2018 March Review

January 23, 2018

Get Top Back links with Request Email Templates

Are you looking for backlink request email templates to ask for backlinks to bloggers for SEO. Here are some good backlink request email templates, sample email to bloggers and backlink request email templates. This post has the best information on how to ask for a product review request letter and how to ask a blogger to review your product. You can use the below samples to ask for backlinks request email templates.

1. Ask for Backlinks Without Begging: Backlinks Request Email Template 1


I just finished reading some post from your website and really enjoyed it - thanks for putting it together.

I wanted to step out on a limb and float something by you. I'm pursuing innovative ways to promote our website on chrome error and I think your website/post is a potential fit.

Do accept advertisements on your site?

I'm looking to do something native, in the form of a sponsored post (or a link from an existing post), to help promote our brand without disrupting your audience’s experience.

If interested, let me know.

Thanks & Regards

2. Ask Bloggers for Backlinks Using a Simple Email: Request Email Template 2


 My name is .... and I am in charge of managing all of the content for my team. I just stumbled across your info online and thought that the project we are launching right now may be relevant for you and maybe your audience as well! 

 The project we are currently launching is........ It’s called, “......” Just as the title suggests, it contains facts about the rise of blogging. The facts range in topic from demographics to the history of how blogging got its start. Does this sound like something you may find useful? 

 Would you mind if I sent it over for you to review?

 Best wishes,

want to ask for a backlink

3. Link Request For Backlinks Template 3


Hope this finds you in good spirits!
I’m ......., SEO Associate at shipmethis ( We are one of the largest players in the Technology and SEO business over the past 5 years.
Your website features among our list of the top portals that add a lot of value to our industry, and we have been tracking it keenly for a few months now. With this in mind, we are quite keen to establish content partnership with you. I would be glad to assist you with any formalities and abide by your guidelines.

Or you can mention our wordpress hosting in the blog below and provide a link to our website,
Please let me know how we can take this further. Thank you for your time and I look forward to a fruitful relationship.

Thanks & Regards

4. Link Request For Backlinks Template 4


I noticed that you recently posted an article “Being Unemployed For 6 Months: Get Recruited", and saw that it mentioned Glassdoor as a resource job seekers can use to post their resume.

We love being mentioned on a great site like yours, and were wondering if you would mind adding a link where the piece refers to Glassdoor? Your readers would then be able to find information more easily as they go through the article.

Thanks for any help around this, and if there's a better contact for me to reach out to for future requests, I'd appreciate the guidance! 


5. How to Ask for Advertising an article for a Backlink Template 5


My name is ....   and I work for – an online advertising company.

I am looking for websites to publish advertorials for our clients – I would like to ask you if it is possible to advertise on your site.

After going over your website I think we could be a perfect fit, and would like to see if it is possible to advertise an article on your website.

Please let me know your thoughts on advertising on your site.


6. How to Ask for Promotional Partnership Template 6


My name is .... and I work for Shipmethis Blog. We are currently doing some promotion for our website, and I am reaching out because we are looking for promotional partners.
We are looking to partner either by posting guest articles or doing some co-promotion (articles).

If you are interested in publishing some article related to Wordpress themes/plugins and other topics related to Wordpress niche, please contact me to tell us what's the best way to work with you?

Thanks for taking your time and reading my letter.

Best regards,

7. how to ask for a product review request letter Template 7


I am ..from team, Spend Less Time Searching, More time Shipping with Best Reviews of Latest, Original and Authentic Products and Services.. 

I saw reviews of online marketing tools on your blog and I was wondering if you were interested in checking new Lead Generation Tool for WordPress.

We're looking for bloggers to review our tool, and I think your blog would be perfect! 

Apart from the feature rich plugin that we offer, there is an affiliate program you can sign up for. You can earn 50% commission on every sale that comes from your website. You can register as an affiliate here. 

New tool has all the features to take over all its competitors, so spreading the word & making the sales is easy. We released this tool just a few days ago & we are seeing a huge response for unlimited sites & lifetime pricing option. This tool is a high quality product with highest earning opportunity so lets team up for mutual benefits. 

Furthermore, feel free to let me know in case you need any further information or details from us.

Thanks & regards,

You can edit these formats of backlink request email templates to ask for backlinks to bloggers for SEO and sample email to bloggers and backlink request email templates for promotions, product reviews and link requests and add your company details and send.

Kindly share this post for others who are looking to get some good backlinks.

January 22, 2018

How To Order ifixit iphone Battery Replacement from UK, US, Europe Stores

Want to get ifixit iphone 6s battery replacement, iPhone 5 Replacement Battery, Replacing an old iPhone battery, iPhone 4S Replacement Battery,  iPhone 7 Plus Replacement Battery shipped to your doorstep at minimal cost. This post has the best information on how to order ifixit iphone replacement battery from UK, US, Europe stores. Ifixit iphone replacement battery can be purchased at a minimal cost. ifixt has UK, US, Europe Stores where you can order ifixit iphone Battery Replacement online and get it shipped to your address. I will share the exact steps on how to order and ship ifixit iphone Battery Replacement to your home address.

Iphone Battery Drainage

Lets start from the basics. Isn't it?

You can Download Battery life, an app from app store and check the Wear Level of the battery of your iphone 5, Phone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X etc. If it is above 50%, you may need to change the battery.

Then start reading on What Apple Says about Iphone Battery Drainage. So now you know. Good.
If you are sure on replacing the iphone battery, check Iphone official battery from Apple store cost updated or take your iphone for Service.

Are you searching for solutions for iphone battery draining fast all of a sudden, iphone 7 battery draining fast all of a sudden and iphone 6 battery draining fast all of a sudden 2017. This post shares you some basic iphone 5 battery drain solution, ios 10 battery drain fix and iphone 6 battery drain test and fix iphone battery drainage.

Fix iphone battery draining fast all of a sudden

If your iphone is getting switched off fast and the battery gets drained fast, you need to start from the basics to understand the issues.

When did this issue start?

Is the iOS version updated? 
You can check it Under Settings> General> about.

Was the device recently updated, erased or restored?

Which App or feature has contributed most to the battery usage with the last 7 days?
Check it under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

How to Contact Apple Customer Care Support

Go to Get Support page of Apple.
Select your device, select problem category that you are facing and select Chat/by phone option to start chatting with Customer Care Support of Apple.

The window will show

You’re all set.
Your chat session will begin shortly.

We’ll be with you in about 2 minutes.

You can click Start Another Chat Session for chatting again if needed.

Order ifixit iphone Battery Replacement from UK, US, Europe Stores

I was surfing internet and suddenly iphone 5 got shut down. I tried to switch it back on, tried hard reset but it was not working. I went through all the previous steps and realised, i need to change the iphone battery. I decided to buy a new iphone 5 replacement battery from ifixitUS store.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery / Part Only cost $19.99 in ifixit US store.
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery cost $79 in Apple US Store.

Obviously ifixit was a good option. Now, I am from India, so shipping cost was around 51$. I tried another option, ordering from UKifixit store.

I paid via paypal and got it shipped to my friends address. It costed me €23.85 EUR including shipping and tax which is 29.24 US Dollar.

Total products (excl. tax): 12,46 €

plus 20% tax: 2,49 €

Total products (incl. tax): 14,95 €

Shipping costs: 8,90 €

Grand total: 23,85 €

Shipment Details

Fri, 19.01.18 10:28         United Kingdom The shipment has been successfully delivered
Fri, 19.01.18 06:32         United Kingdom The shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle
Thu, 18.01.18 23:19 United Kingdom The shipment is being prepared for delivery in the delivery depot
Thu, 18.01.18 16:39 United Kingdom The shipment has arrived in the destination country
Thu, 18.01.18 08:17 Köln, Germany The shipment will be transported to the destination country and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization. (Homepage / online shipment tracking:
Wed, 17.01.18 13:16 Hagen, Germany The shipment has been processed in the destination parcel center
Tue, 16.01.18 19:47 Köngen, Germany The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin
Tue, 16.01.18 14:52 -- The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically

In 4 days the ifixit iphone Battery Replacement reached UK from Germany. My friend was coming to India the next day. so Voila...

How to Access Region-Restricted Websites Outside US

Are you searching for how to access region-restricted websites outside US, how to surf region-restricted websites via Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC or Linux computers and access  region-restricted websites from another country. You can bypass country restrictions chrome using Virtual Private Network [VPN]. In 2 minutes, you can be a professional in Accessing Region-Restricted Websites Outside US via Android, Windows phone apps web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

How to Surf on US Websites from outside the US via Android, Windows Phones

Surfing US websites from outside the US is easy and fast when you know how to use VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. These servers are private servers inside public servers that lets you suf internet and access region-restricted websites anonymously, privately, freely and bypass region restrictions.

Step 1: Open your App Store in phone. App stores can be play store, Windows Store etc.

google play store home page

Step 2: Search for VPN in the store.

free vpn for surfing website outside US

Step 3: Install any free or Paid VPNs from the list of VPN apps.

ultrasurf vpn beta app

I chose ultrasurf beta free vpn which has no logins, No trials, No registrations, No bandwidth limitations, No Ads.

Step 4: Open the app, give necessary permissions and select the country

Step 5: Get the VPN started and access Region-Restricted Websites Outside US.

How to access region-restricted websites via Microsoft Windows 32 bit and 64 bit, Apple MAC or Linux computers

You can download any free vpn softwares  and install in Microsoft Windows 32 bit and 64 bit computers, Apple MAC or Linux computers. Install the software and connect it to hide your ip.

You can download BlueStacks an Android Emulator software to download apps directly from google playstore and use the vpn service for free.

VPN can bypass region restrictions, override school, college, organisation pc blocks and give you a free and faster internet connectivity. You should be careful while using VPN not to enter any bank account or personal details. Use VPN connections only to surf website outside US and do not buy anything or use your credit card for shopping. There is a high chance that your account details may be taken by fishhing by spammers.

VPN is a good way to surf internet without getting caught on regional barriers and access region-restricted websites outside US. After all Internet is all about connecting globally. 

Share for others so they also feel the feeling of happy surfing.

January 6, 2018

How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial for Beginners

You can use facebook debugger Tool for improving social media presence of wordpress websites and blogs. Using facebook febugger Tool Tutorial will show you how to use this developers facebook tool for debugging and social sharing. Facebook Debugger tool is used by social media managers for professional work. Wordpress bloggers use facebook debugger tool to get a preview of the content shared in Facebook.

Facebook open graph debugger tool fetches Open Graph (OG) meta tags from websites, Wordpress blogs, social networks, blogger blogs and display them in Facebook. This post will show the best methods on How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix Sharing on Facebook, How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial, Fix WordPress Links on Facebook, how to use Facebook open graph debugger tool and Facebook Sharing Debugger tool and Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers. Many people call it wordpress facebook debugger and developers facebook tools debug sharing. I am calling it as Facebook Debugger and it is essential to make the facebook debugger work properly.

There are basically two debuggers: Open Graph Object Debugger and Facebook Sharing Debugger.

What is Facebook Debugger Tool for Beginners

Developers in has decided to make a tool that crawl the post, find out properties inside content by accessing the og meta tags and give a preview of the post. If you find any errors, clear them and fetch new scrap information to re-fetch the post. The tool is officially called Open Graph Object Debugger

Facebook Debugger Tool for Beginners

What is Facebook Sharing Debugger

Facebook Sharing Debugger fetch posts from their website and blogs and show how they will be displayed in Facebook when other share it.. This debugger tool gave control to webmasters to redefine how their posts, images, quotes, links are shared and displayed in Facebook.

How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial

You can access Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger by visiting To make it easy I will explain the working of the tool. It is essential that everyone knows about it. If you do not know how to use the facebook debugger tool, your post will not displayed properly in Facebook.

Who wants to have no images, blurred images in their posts? 
Who want no links in posts? 
Who wants no author name in posts?

No one right?

Especially when the Facebook space is extremely competitive in terms of posts and articles. Your post should always stand apart to get the users to see and click on your posts. For that you should know how to effectively use debugger tool and give appropriate open graph meta tags in the website theme and templates.

How to use Facebook Debugger Tool to fix Open Graph Meta Tags

What Are Open Graph Meta Tags | Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial for Beginners

Open Graph is a protocol used in Facebook and meta tags are just like keywords for bots to identify appropriate content from a post. Using a meta tag of og:image, webmasters can tell bots to identify a property of the content of article as image.

What Are Essential Meta Tags for posts for Facebook

Moz has given a list of essential meta tags to be added to WordPress themes, blogpost templates and other types of themes. Read them here Must-Have Social Meta Tags for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and More. They are;

<!-- Open Graph data -->
<meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />
<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
<meta property="og:url" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />

By adding meta tags properly to themes and templates, you can control how your posts looks like.

How to Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers

The home page will look like this.

How to Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers

Under Input URL, type or paste your post URL. A post URL will look like Then click "Show existing scrape information". 

There is a chance that the debugger tool does not provide appropriate result and show you an error. Many times it gives no result or shows random parsing errors. I wished many times that it would be great if someone can sit with me and clear these errors. This majorly happens if the post newly published or has been deindexed in Facebook.

How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial

You may get the common "Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped." error like the one in the image. In the case of Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped, the issue is that Facebook has not yet fetched the post data. Just click on the 'Fetch New Scrape Information' and it will be fetched and processed.

If Facebook debugger tool still fetches previous data, use the below URL and paste in the browser. Change the URL of your article and press enter.

This will consider your post as new and fetch new data. Kindly check if your post is having the original URL and not a 301 redirect.

Preview of Posts In Facebook

When clicked the "Fetch New Scrape Information", 'Facebook debugger' tool will fetch new tags and information and display a preview of the post of how it is going to appear in facebook. The debugger tool will shows you details of the post such as Time Scraped, Response Code, Fetched URL, Server IP, Graph API, redirects and raw meta tags.

How to Use Facebook Sharing Debugger to Fix WordPress Links on Facebook

Open Graph properties will appear like this.


A Preview is what users will see when they share the URL.

If you are finding warning and errors, try to read about them in Google and fix it. Check the 11 Facebook Share Buttons And Plugins for Blogger Post to find out about how to Add Facebook og Metadata, how to verify the Meta Tags and how to Add Facebook JavaScript SDK.

Facebook Sharing Debugger How To use

Many time I shared an WordPress post in facebook and found it having no image or URL. This is majorly happens when the WordPress theme have not correctly added og meta tags. Sometimes the images are shown but they are just thumbnails of the image. Go to the debugger tool and enter URL of the post.

How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix WordPress Links on Facebook

Facebook sharing debugger can help you to find how exactly your posts will appear in desktop and mobile display. It is suggested to use both Facebook debugger tools after you publish a post or launching a new web project.

How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix WordPress Links on Facebook

You can use Simple Facebook open Graph plugin or Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress for resizing images while sharing a post.

You can add width and height og meta tags to resize images.

<meta property="og:image:width" content="1200" />
<meta property="og:image:height" content="630" />

This will server images in approximate scale.

How to Make Facebook Show CORRECT Post or Page Thumbnail

How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Go to your website in Chrome or any browser
Go to the post that have a picture but Facebook is not showing post of page thumbnail correctly.
Right click and select view page source.
Press CTRL+F to find a piece of code "meta property=“og:image” without quotes.

For Wordpress blogs, add any SEO plugins that adds open graph meta tags to posts.

You can use Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin and select Add open Graph Meta Data.

Go to Wordpress, Add plugin, search for Yoast, Install Plugin and Activate.
Go to Plugin, Select Open Graph Meta data Under Facebook and save changes.

For blogspot, add following codes inside the template.

<b:if cond='data:blog.postImageUrl'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageUrl' property='og:image'/>
<meta content='1200' data-page-subject='true' property='og:image:width'/>
<meta content='630' data-page-subject='true' property='og:image:height'/></b:if>

Go to blogger, open theme, Select Edit HTML, Add the above codes after <head> tag. Save the template.

Go to Facebook Debugger, select Fetch New Information and Check again if the images are appearing correctly in Facebook.

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