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December 12, 2017

Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Are you searching for Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome, google chrome saved passwords file location and view saved passwords chrome android. There are best methods to show saved passwords google chrome settings passwords, saved passwords chrome and chrome password recovery. Manage saved password is a difficult task for many Google Chrome users. You can manage saved password by using a simple technique in Google Chrome. This method will help you to show saved passwords in Chrome and manage the saved passwords in PC and Android browser.

Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Open Chrome Browser

Go to Settings, Scroll to last.

Select Advanced and scroll to the middle. Look for Manage passwords: Offer to save your web passwords under Passwords and forms.

Manage Saved Passwords in Google Chrome
Select Manage passwords, Offer to save your web passwords.

Search for the website where you want to get the password.

View saved passwords chrome android

You can use to access your passwords for each site you want. I was unable to find a search option there. I suggest you use the first method to find needed passwords in Chrome. Whenever you access the to manage saved password, you will get an email from Google team telling you that you accessed the saved passwords. This was you can track and see who are all managing the passwords.

Watch Video in accessing Password Manage in Google Chrome

November 30, 2017

How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial

Facebook Debugger is an amazing tool for bloggers and social media managers. Facebook open graph debugger tool fetches Open Graph (OG) meta tags from websites, Wordpress blogs, social networks, blogger blogs and display them in Facebook. This post will show the best methods on How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix Sharing on Facebook, How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial, Fix WordPress Links on Facebook, how to use Facebook open graph debugger tool and Facebook Sharing Debugger tool and Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers. Many people call it wordpress facebook debugger and developers facebook tools debug sharing. I am calling it as Facebook Debugger and it is essential to make the facebook debugger work properly.

There are basically two debuggers: Open Graph Object Debugger and Facebook Sharing Debugger.

What is Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger

Developers in has decided to make a tool that crawl the post, find out properties inside content by accessing the og meta tags and give a preview of the post. If you find any errors, clear them and fetch new scrap information to re-fetch the post. The tool is officially called Open Graph Object Debugger

What is Facebook Sharing Debugger

Facebook Sharing Debugger fetch posts from their website and blogs and show how they will be displayed in Facebook when other share it.. This debugger tool gave control to webmasters to redefine how their posts, images, quotes, links are shared and displayed in Facebook.

What is the Use of Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger

You can access Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger by visiting To make it easy I will explain the working of the tool. It is essential that everyone knows about it. If you do not know how to use the facebook debugger tool, your post will not displayed properly in Facebook.

Who wants to have no images, blurred images in their posts? 
Who want no links in posts? 
Who wants no author name in posts?

No one right?

Especially when the Facebook space is extremely competitive in terms of posts and articles. Your post should always stand apart to get the users to see and click on your posts. For that you should know how to effectively use debugger tool and give appropriate open graph meta tags in the website theme and templates.

What Are Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph is a protocol used in Facebook and meta tags are just like keywords for bots to identify appropriate content from a post. Using a meta tag of og:image, webmasters can tell bots to identify a property of the content of article as image.

What Are Essential Meta Tags for posts for Facebook

Moz has given a list of essential meta tags to be added to WordPress themes, blogpost templates and other types of themes. Read them here Must-Have Social Meta Tags for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and More. They are;

<!-- Open Graph data -->
<meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />
<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
<meta property="og:url" content="" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" />

By adding meta tags properly to themes and templates, you can control how your posts looks like.

How to Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers

The home page will look like this.

How to Use Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool Facebook for Developers

Under Input URL, type or paste your post URL. A post URL will look like Then click "Show existing scrape information". 

There is a chance that the debugger tool does not provide appropriate result and show you an error. Many times it gives no result or shows random parsing errors. I wished many times that it would be great if someone can sit with me and clear these errors. This majorly happens if the post newly published or has been deindexed in Facebook.

Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped.

You may get the common "Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped." error like the one in the image. In the case of Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped, the issue is that Facebook has not yet fetched the post data. Just click on the 'Fetch New Scrape Information' and it will be fetched and processed.

If Facebook debugger tool still fetches previous data, use the below URL and paste in the browser. Change the URL of your article and press enter.

This will consider your post as new and fetch new data. Kindly check if your post is having the original URL and not a 301 redirect.

Preview of Posts In Facebook

When clicked the "Fetch New Scrape Information", 'Facebook debugger' tool will fetch new tags and information and display a preview of the post of how it is going to appear in facebook. The debugger tool will shows you details of the post such as Time Scraped, Response Code, Fetched URL, Server IP, Graph API, redirects and raw meta tags.

Open Graph properties will appear like this.


A Preview is what users will see when they share the URL.

If you are finding warning and errors, try to read about them in Google and fix it. Check the 11 Facebook Share Buttons And Plugins for Blogger Post to find out about how to Add Facebook og Metadata, how to verify the Meta Tags and how to Add Facebook JavaScript SDK.

How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix Sharing on Facebook

Many time I shared an WordPress post in facebook and found it having no image or URL. This is majorly happens when the WordPress theme have not correctly added og meta tags. Sometimes the images are shown but they are just thumbnails of the image. Go to the debugger tool and enter URL of the post.

How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix WordPress Links on Facebook

Facebook sharing debugger can help you to find how exactly your posts will appear in desktop and mobile display. It is suggested to use both Facebook debugger tools after you publish a post or launching a new web project.

How to Use Facebook Debugger to Fix WordPress Links on Facebook

You can use Simple Facebook open Graph plugin or Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress for resizing images while sharing a post.

You can add width and height og meta tags to resize images.

<meta property="og:image:width" content="1200" />
<meta property="og:image:height" content="630" />

This will server images in approximate scale.

Kindly share the post for others who are searching on How to Use Facebook Debugger.

How to Use Facebook Debugger Tool Tutorial
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Show Today's Date and Current Time In A Blogger Blog

Many users want to show Today's Date And Current Time in Your Blogger blog. Showing date and time widget for blogger blogs are easy by adding html code for digital clock and date for blogger by editing HTML/Javscript widget or in blogger template. This post has the best information on how to add date and time in blogger, how to show post date in blogger, set date and time widget for website and html code for clock and date. Get current time widget and digital clock html code for blogger Blog of yours.

Show Today's Date and Current Time In A Blogger Blog
how to add date and time in blogger

How to add date and time in blogger blog

There are two ways to add date and time in blogger blog.

You can use a custom template that shows date and time on a blog post in blogger. 

You can use a javascript to display Todays Date And Current Time in Your Blogger blog.

You can add a javascript in blogger blog to display Todays Date And Current Time in browser title bar.

Using a Custom template for blogger blog to show time and date

Get a blogger template from Themeforest that shows current time and date. Use that blogger template for your blogger blog. 

You can buy the template from Themeforest.
Download the file.
Go to blogger, Theme, Backup current template, then delete the XML data, copy the XML data from file downloaded from themeforest, paste inside the theme and save. You may have to do additional work to add social links, share buttons and readd everything. This method is preferable when you are new in blogging and has not worked that much in designing blogger template.

Javascript to display Today's Date And Current Time in Your Blogger blog

If you have an existing blogger template that you spend hours designing, then you can use a simple javascript to show 'today's date and current time' in blogger blog. This javascript will fetch the time and data from blogspot servers and provided updated post date and time on blog posts.

Copy the below 1 javascript code.
<script language=”Javascript”>
var dayName = new Array (“Sunday”, “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”)
var monName = new Array (“January”, “February”, “March”, “April”, “May”, “June”, “July”, “August”, “September”, “October”, “November”, “December”)
var now = new Date
document.write(“Today is ” + dayName[now.getDay()] + “, ” + monName[now.getMonth()] + ” “+now.getDate() +”.”)

The result is Today is Thursday, November 30.

Copy the below 2 javascript code.

<script language=”Javascript”>
var now = new Date
document.write(now.getDate() + “/” + now.getMonth() + “/” + now.getYear())
The result is 30/10/117 

How to add Javascript to show post date in blogger blog

You can add any of the above javascripts in an HTML gadget, or anywhere inside the blogger template depending on what you desire.

To add in HTML gadget, go to layout, add a gadget and select HTML/JavaScriptAdd [Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog. By Blogger]. Paste the javascript code inside and save. Refresh your blog to see how it work.

To add inside blogger template, go to Theme, Edit Template, find <data:post.body/>.

If you add the javascript above the <data:post.body/> code, the date and time widget will appear after post title.

If you add javascript code below the <data:post.body/> code, the current time widget and digital clock html gadget will appear after the post content.

How to display Todays Date And Current Time in browser title bar

You can show current date and time in browser title bar when a user visit your blogger blog instead of showing it inside your blog.

Check out how date and time are shown in Mozilla and Chrome browsers.

Date and Time in mozilla browser Title Bar blogger blog

Date and Time in mozilla browser Title Bar blogger blog

Date and Time in Google Chrome browser Title Bar blogger blog

Date and Time in Google Chrome browser Title Bar blogger blog

To add this, copy the below javascript.

<Script Language="JavaScript" Type="Text/JavaScript">
var mytime1=24;
function mytime2() {
timexxx=timexx/mytime4*mytime1; twelfth=mytime4*mytime1/12*mytime3;
mytime7 = window.setTimeout("mytime2()", mytime8);
var mytime9 = new Date();
var mytime10= mytime9.toLocaleString();
document.title = mytime10;}
function op(){mytime2()}
Paste inside a HTML/Javscript widget or anywhere in blogger template.

If you liked this amazing trick and implemented in your blog, hope you will not forget to share it.

November 26, 2017

How To Add Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog

Are you searching for How To Add Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog, install Alexa Rank Widget HTML Code in blog and how to add alexa widget https blogger blog url. Do you want to get alexa tracking JavaScript code for blogspot blog for both http and https sites. Here are the alexa javascript code for adding alexa widget in blogspot and wordpress sites. You can add alexa widget in blogger blog on sidebar or footer with a javascript code. To install alexa widget in your blog and get updated real time alexa rank on your blog, follow the steps.

Rank Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog

Alexa is one of the top ranking companies that rank websites and blogs. Alexa rank is very important for the websites which gives them more push towards the Google page rank. If you add the Alexa rank widget or the Alexa gadget to your blog, then you will have more increase in the ranking for sure. As you know Alexa is having new design and they have changed some pages and users are unable to find the gadget page from the website.

Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog
Alexa rank

How to add alexa rank code widget to blogger blog

I have been searching for the Alexa site gadget code to install to my site. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. I have visited the in the link and there was another link that said that I will get the gadget using this link - Unfortunately, Alexa had changed the link and now bloggers could not get Alexa gadget or Alexa widget from that page.

The Alexa widgets are free and easy to install. These gadgets can be embedded in the website by adding a code to the HTML space. The one I am sharing will automatically update your website's rank and the date of when it was ranked last. The model is displayed above.

So I am providing a simple code for your website. Edit the red code and replace to your website address. You can copy the below HTML codes and paste to a widget.

How To Add Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog

Login to Blogspot
Go to Layout. You need to add a HTML/Gadget from Layout Option.
Layout > Add A Gadget > HTML/JavaScriptAdd

In Blogspot blog, you can add third-party functionality or other codes using this way. Copy the below code depending on what kind of rank codes you want to show in the blog. The first code shows global rank of your blogger blog and the second alexa widget displays total number of links.

Replace the with your blog domain address.
Click Save Button.
Reload or refresh your blog twice.

1. Alexa Rank Widget http For Blogspot Showing Global Rank

<div class="textwidget"><div style="text-align:center;margin-top:10px;">
<a href=""><script type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript' src=''></script></a></div></div>

2. Alexa Widget Code Global Rank For Blogspot with Total number Site Links

<div class="textwidget"><div style="text-align:center;margin-top:10px;"><a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a></div></div>
If you want to add the javascript codes to the template in BlogSpot Blog, then go to Theme > Edit HTML and add the code.

If Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog is not working

Some users suggested that the above codes are not working. This happens when you have a custom made template. In that case, try adding the above script to the template. If that is not working, use the below script code;
<script type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript' src=''></script></a></div></div>

Use Alexa Widget With SSL Support If your Blogger Blog is starts with https

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
Here the steps to add alexa widget is same as above.

Login To Blogger Account.
Click Blog Title | Layout | Add a Gadget | HTML/Javascript.
Copy/Paste above javascript Code In Content Box.

Once you have added Alexa Widget code, wait for a 2-3 days as Alexa bots fetch the data from your website. You can see higher search ranking and improved website ranking in few days.

How to add alexa widget to wordpress Websites

You need to add a Text Widget wherever you want the widget to appear.
Appearance > Widgets and drag the Text Widget
Copy the javascript codes above and add inside the widget.

Alexa has deprecated this ranking method. But now Amazon has acquired Alexa and it has been ranking blogger blogs in a much better way than before. By adding the alexa widget in blogger blog, there is a chance that your blogs ranking get higher boost than before. Alexa ranking just shows the number of links and global ranking as per the search visits globally and country specific.

If you want to check the how your webpage looks like in different browsers after adding the code, read my new post; "Best Free Tools and Tutorials for making websites / blogs responsive".

November 24, 2017

Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging

Are you searching for the best mantra for making money by blogging, effective mantra for getting job, mantra to get job instantly and sloka for getting good job that makes money. Do you want to know about blog niches that make money, blog topics that make the most money and how to start a blog for free and make money. Just by searching how to make money with a blog for beginners, what type of blogs make the most money and make money blogging niche blog topics 2018, high demand blog topics and make money wordpress wont make money anymore. Then what it takes to make some money via blogging niche.

Some of you may feel that this post is very demotivating and disappointing. Well, that is my intention. To bust the myth and mystery around the topic make money blogging niche and tell you 5 Common Problems of Every Blogger that You Should Know.

I will tell you stuff that you may not have heard from anywhere else. Because making money online or Make Money Blogging Niche is a Big Secret and here I am trying to burst the bubble.

Lets start then, shall we,

1. Finding blog niches that 'make money by Blogging' is Tough

This would be an introduction to the whole money making niche. I will explain the difference between a normal 9-5 hours job and blogging.

9-5 hours job

This is around 8 hours of work. You go in the morning, do the required work, finish some assignments, talk to clients, get shouted or appreciated by Boss and travel back to your home.

At the end of each month, you will get a consistent pay check. Simple way of making money.

In a month, you can take sick leaves, holidays, travel for assignments etc. and get the same amount of salary at the end of the month. You may have assistants whom you can assign some of your work and help you cover up the target.

Make Money Blogging Niche 2018

Common Problems of Every Day Blogging

I am talking about full time blogging and not the part time hobby type writing. This is just as 9-5 hours job however with some more extra hours. A blogger gets 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours for daily chores and 14 hours of work daily. Bloggers get up in the morning thinking how much revenue I got for the past day, does Google announced a new algorithm change, did my post from yesterday got indexed and does Google ban or penalize the website.

14 hours of work consists of researching keywords, reading other blogs, checking Analytics, checking out previous posts and comments and writing posts. At the end of the month, you get small chunk of money depending on your work, Google's mercy and probably God's bless.

This money can fluctuate like a kite in the sky. Going as low as 50% less than the previous month revenue.

blog niches that make money

In a month, bloggers don't take any leaves, holidays and you travel for work to work. If you get sick, be happy that someone will have to do the daily chores while you can write more content.

Isn't it obvious, you are all alone. No Assistants and no bosses. You shout at yourself for all the mistakes and bad decisions.

Sometimes I used to think is there a way to not to sleep and keep working. This way I can at least reach and get some results in blogging field. Sometimes I get so demotivated that I do not want to do this anymore and just throw all it away. It is always about keeping it real and working from the bottom up.

2. Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging

This is very important.

You may be thinking that I will start a tech blog, write some content on Android mobiles, or Amazon products. Or maybe the so called ever green niches of health and fitness, travel and make money online etc. and voila! there is money flowing like anything. It does not work like that at all.

Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging

You can make money from blogging but it is not a money making business. Just as for every business, blogging has high risks, high competition and needs high level of commitment and dedication.

Out of hundred people who start a blog, only 12-15 people continue blogging for three months full time and out of that 2-3 actually make some money. So considering the evergreen niche ideas, well, others are also thinking the same.

When I started blogging, It took me the whole first month and 12-14 hours of work daily to earn 4$. Yes you heard it right. Just 4 dollars.

Second month it increased to 25$ and then in third month, it was 50$. I was so happy to see that my efforts were bringing results. Suddenly Google announced an Algorithm change and adsense earnings dropped suddenly. I got 12$ in the fourth month and it continued for some months. It took me 14 hours of work everyday for 90 days to get back in track.

3. How to make money with a blog for beginners | Challenges

I am guessing that you already have some ideas about that.

Google Ad sense and blogging problems

Google has a program called ad sense where they give a small commission for showing advertisements in the website. This is only few cents for a thousand page views.

You can just search around CPM, RPM and CTC as keywords and find out more about it. This all depends on your site theme, content and number of users in your blog.

Problems of Every Blogger

I should just tell you a brutal truth. Google accept very very few blogs or websites that have original [not copied from anywhere] content and that follows the webmaster guidelines. So you should be really lucky to have ad sense approval. So best luck with that.

What type of blogs make the most money: Affiliate Marketing and problems with blogs.

Bloggers write product reviews and add a buy link or check out link for that product. The user clicks the link, goes to merchant site and buy the product and the bloggers gets some commission. That is called affiliation marketing.

Ready to face the truth.

Here goes.

It is very hard to get conversion [The whole process of a user reading product review in your website, clicking the link and buying the product]. Mostly users do not click the link. If they do, they just close it. Some users wait to see the product page and close it after checking out reviews, warranty and price. Out of that, few goes to check out page and drop out after seeing shipping charges.

make money blogging niche blog topics 2018

Some retailers do not store cookies of users. This means, if users save the product and later buy it, then you won't get any money. If a user do buy a product, then you may get a commission of 4-12% depending on the commission rate offered by retailers.

Check one my post on How to Promote Affiliate links Without Website | 18 Ways

Busting the Myth of Sponsored Reviews

This is the funny part.

Majority of the "new aspiring to become bloggers" think they can get free products to try from companies and brands and get money to write reviews.

This is just a Blogger's Fallacy [You heard it from me first]

Companies send products only to well known bloggers who has a large audience. Mostly Indian companies do not have such a culture of sending products to try for marketing reach.

Direct Advertisements

You can show ads in your website and get money from that. But someone has to give them though. If you have few visitors, no one is going to give ads or even send you an email. You can use commission junction or another pay per click platforms but they all pay cents per click.

4. Busting the Myth of Make Money Blogging Niche Guru's and SEO

There are a number of Guru's who are ready to teach you how to make money blogging. You just have to pay them a couple of thousand or ten thousand dollars for training courses or workshops for SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

This is how they earn. Backlinko, IncomeDiary, earn money by giving SEO workshops and not by blogging. Blogging is a means to them to get more audience and set an image of popularity and authenticity. They use blogging as a lead generation source than earning from it.

Sample blogs for beginners

Amit from is the first and best professional Indian blogger who still makes money from blogging using advertisements and through selling plugins and addons. Then there is bloggingbasics101 by Jessica Knap who is an excellent source in knowing basics of blogging and she earn from affiliate marketing.

Let us look at the claims made by some Guru's.
make money wordpress

high demand blog topics

You may think these are actually possible. It is, if you are them. I can also write a post on how I made a fortune from blogging, how about 1 million dollars or 2 million.

Everyone more or less gives you same old tactics of keyword research, long tail keywords, on page seo, off page seo, back linking etc. The difference is that some create a recipe with some ingredients and others with something ekse like this below. A cheat sheet for writing blog posts that go viral. I mean, just lol.

blog topics that make the most money

Doing SEO is good for the blogs and may increase your ranking factors in Google. But will that help you in long run. NO. Because others also reading the same, doing the same and when Google changes the ranking factor, your post will go down unless you keep up with the changes.

Why Make Money Blogging Niche 2018 is Not Easy Anymore

There are many good blog posts that never get to see first page of Google. Why?

1. High Competition: Small bloggers are competing against large international companies, content writers and professional established bloggers. An idea example is writing about blogging. If I write anything about blogging, it will never show up in the first few pages of Google because most posts are by professional websites with millions of backlinks and domain authority.

2. Less text: Maybe you have a good enough post that solve the problem of hundreds of users. You have written two hundred words in the post detailing what to do and what to do and step by step guide to solve the issue. It will never even come in the first few pages of Google. The posts do not have enough text.

What professional bloggers do? They just write 3800 words of something related to the problem and finally end the post with that 200 words. The user will have to read all those text, spending more than 15 minutes even to skip through the text to finally reach the actual content of the post. This get ranked in the first page of Google instead of your post that actually solve the problem in 2 minutes.

These long texts are a part of an SEO rank factor called bounce rate. Bounce rate is essentially an average rate of time it took a user to exit or navigate away from the page. If bounce rate is low, it is good thing for SEO. If a user reads that two hundred words post, solves the problem and close your page, your site is going to get a bad ranking. Because visitor spend only 1-2 minutes in your page where as the visitor spend more time in a long post searching for the actual content.

3. The Lone Lonely Loner: I guess you have seen IceAge. Individual bloggers with small blogs are like sid without kids. It is big loneliness. I am not talking about emotional loneliness but of ranking loneliness. Professional bloggers and other companies in this sector hires people such as content writers, designers, illustrators and SEO masters. To rank in the first pages of Google just by writing is not all an easy task if you are an individual blogger. It takes so much effort than you actually think.

5. Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging: Tips for Beginners

Just do the same things as others have been doing but do better. That is the only way. There is no other way. You can check out my bonus points for starting out as a blogger.

You deserve some bonus points for completing this long post. Here are 3 my favorite blogging tips for beginners.

1. Write about yourself before blogging

Write at least a 1000 words article on who you are and why you want to start blogging. The post should have subheadings and minor headings. The post should have images, humor, value etc. It should have a concise summary of who you are, your skills, hobbies and education. Keep that with you. You may need it after one month of blogging.

2. Write another article on anything related to your intended topic to know how to write a blog

Write at least a 1000 words article on any topic related to your niche, take few print outs and ask people to read it. Get their comments. This way you will know how your article generates an opinion.

3. Create a list of money making methods of blogging and try the best one without investment

There are more than hundred ways to make money by blogging. Make a list of them and keep it with you. Select the best one that does not need any investment and work on that.

Do share for other fellow bloggers. 

November 23, 2017

4 Tools That'll Help You Create Better Headlines

Are you searching for Free Headline Analyzer Tools To Create Better Headlines, emotional words for headlines, headline generator tool and email subject line analyzer. This post has the best information on book title analyzer, coschedule power words, power words for headlines and headline analyzer sharethrough. Now find uncommon words for headlines for free.

A good writer always takes care of the headlines. In SEO, a good headline can finish fifty percentage of the job and increase organic traffic. If you want to write better headlines then here are 4 Free headline analyzer Tools. These headline analyse tools are amazing tools to generate SEO friendly headlines for blog posts.

For comparison purpose, I am using the headline "5 Amazing Ways to Improve Link Building Outreach".

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: coschedule power words

Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares, And Search Results with The #1 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

coschedule power words

The Word analyzer check 4 basic components of a headline.
  4. POWER

The headline is given a score out of hundred.


Check Out This Headline Analyzer

2. Advanced Marketing Institute Free Headline Analysis Tool

The Advanced Marketing Institute Free Headline Analysis Tool shows how much emotional Marketing Value (EMV) words have in the headline. Many bloggers try to use 50%-75% of EMV words for better marketing.

free headline analysis advanced marketing institute

Cons: The tool do not provide suggestions for improving headline score.

Link to Use

3. Headline analyzer sharethrough

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer provide new insights for headlines. headline quality score with Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Headline analyzer sharethrough

It shows use of Passive language - "almost, doubt, confused, and guess", Alert Words - "afraid, scare, risk and alarm" and provide Suggestions. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer analyzes and score the headline in 2 contents - ENGAGEMENT and IMPRESSION.

Check your headline

4. Power words for headlines With Hookline Dynamic

The hookline dynamic tool by Michelle Shaeffer analyzes the headline in 3 ways - EXCITEMENT, EMOTION and EMPOWERMENT. These three components can effectively increase organic traffic from search engines.

Get More Out of Your Business, With One Simple Line With Hookline Dynamic

Power words for headlines With Hookline Dynamic

You can select 4 categories in which you are focusing on.


Check Your title

Watch Video on Increase Organic Traffic With 4 Free Headline Analyzer Tools

November 16, 2017

How to Find High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017

Are you searching for highest costs per click (CPC) in Google, High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC), top paying Adsense keywords,  profitable keywords for Adsense and most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. This post has information on how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords, adsense high paying keywords 2017, highest cost per click (CPC) keywords and best paying Google Adsense keywords.

Here is a step by step guide on How to Find Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. We are going to cover the following topics which I am pretty sure no other tutorials talked about. I will demonstrate you how to use, Google Trends, Google related searches and Google Trends.

Some users even asked how high cpc keywords 2016 has effect in 2017 and how to find high cpc keywords. I have been searching lately to find out ways on how to get high cpc adsense, high paying Google AdSense Keywords in india and other ties 1 countries. There are many websites that published thousand keywords with high cpc ads list. The only issue here is how to rank using these as they are highly competitive. Below methods will solve the problem easily.

High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017
A good keyword can increase the CPC, RPM, CTR of a post and generate more revenue for the blog. I wrote a trending post on How To Increases Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense for beginners if their ad sense earnings dropped suddenly.

1. Most Searching Keyword with Free Tool

All great websites and blogs start from the seed - A keyword. An keyword can change your life. You need to figure out a keyword that is going to be in the market for long. The only fuel for blogging is good keywords.

1.1 Fixing Your Keyword

Think about why you want to start a website or blog. Is it boost sales, generate readers, to run an online magazine, to get revenue from ads or is it just a hobby. Running a website or a blog is a cumbersome task for the early days and fixing the keyword will help to keep the emotions at bay.

Eg: If you want to write about gift ideas, go to Search gifts and you can see rich keywords in the sidebar. Free ToolSearching Keyword with Free ToolHigh Paying Amazon Keywords Free Tool

You can make good keywords using these search options. Eg: Christmas Gifts for 12 years & more.

Do a filtered search with by ticking these boxes and you will find another set of complex keywords. Stick with more broader keywords as we need them to go for the next step.

You look at many companies that advertise using adwords other than and find keywords related to the product manufactured or marketed by them.

Choose at least 5-12 keywords and note it down in a notepad.

2. Research a High Paying Keyword 2017 That Pays Well Using Related Searches Google

Now that you have fixed your keywords and what you want to do, it is time to find a high paying keyword with high number of searches related to the interest area. A high paying keyword means a word that has high bid by by advertisers. There some proved methods to find keywords.

Go to Google and search for your keyword using quotes.

Eg: If you want to write about website builder then search in Google with "website builder". Then scroll down to the last and you can see some long tail keywords [3 or more keywords together] that are searched by people.

Searches related to highest costs per click (CPC) in Google

Searches related to "website builder"
website builder software
how to create a website free of cost
create website google
create free website and earn money
best free website builder
free website domain
create website free of cost in India
best website builder

3. Find High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017 in Google with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Login with Google Account. Take each keywords one by one and search them to find most searched keywords. Select 2-3 keywords which are more searched than others.

best website builder
best free website builder
create website google

How to Find top paying Adsense keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Sign in to the Ad Words website with your Google Account.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data, you will be able to see Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter any keyword in the search box.

There are numerous options to select to get effective keyword search results.


Countries - Eg: United Arab Emirates, United States

Language - Eg: English

Select Google and search partners

Negative keywords
- Add keywords that you want omit
Date range - Select Show avg. monthly searches for: last 12 months

You can also add Keyword filters
  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Suggested bid
  3. Ad impression share
Keyword options

  1. Show broadly related ideas
  2. Hide keywords in my account
  3. Hide keywords in my plan
You can add specific Keywords to include in the search.
Hit Get Ideas.

The Adword Keyword Planner tool fetches data of the keywords searched for from Google Database and show following results.

  1. Avg. monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid
  4. Ad impr. share
You can select on any of these options to reorder the data from high to low.

Bloggers mostly opt for keywords with low competitive, high avg. monthly searches and high suggested bid. That way posts can rank high in Google and get high cpc per click.

4. Find profitable keywords for Adsense with Google Trends

Go to Google Trends. Enter each profitable keywords to understand how many people are searching and what is future forecast of the word. You will know only one keyword is getting more traffic than other. Now you got the best searchable keyword.

Find Most Searching Keywords in Google using Google Trends

5. how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords with

Go to and enter the keyword that you got. Enter them and found out related keywords. You can group keywords and find out which one is paying more.

6. Find highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

KW Finder is an amazing keyword finder tool that can generate high cpc long tail keywords for bloggers and for websites.

highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

Enter your keyword and select appropriate boxes. You have options to select different countries and languages. KWFinder will fetch related keywords from the selected geographies and languages. This is one of the unique keyword finder tools that you can use.

7. best paying Google Adsense keywords by SEMrush Keyword Find Tool

Increasing organic traffic is a tough task especially when your competitors are doing the exact same methods and keywords to increase traffic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to increase organic traffic up to 29% by SEMrush Tool.

What is SEMrush Tool

SEMrush is an amazing paid keyword research platform for bloggers, website owners, SEO beginners and experts and entrepreneurs and those who needs to increase organic traffic to website multi fold. SEMrush will help you to discover incredibly high paying ad sense keywords at a nominal cost.

Why SEMrush keyword Tool For Finding cost per click (CPC) keywords AdWords

SEMrush can do more than just to find competitors' keywords and it is time to change that perspective. This keyword tool provides keywords from US, UK, DE, FR and 131 more countries.
It provide details of your website on Desktop vs Mobile and shows Categories and visibility percentage.

Other tools are;
  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks
  5. Advertising Research
  6. PLA Research
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Traffic Analysis
  9. Ranks
  10. Domain vs. Domain
  11. Charts
  12. Keyword Analytics
  13. Overview
  14. Phrase Match
  15. Related Keywords
  16. Ads History
  17. Keyword Difficulty
  18. Keyword Magic Tool
  19. Projects
  20. SEO Ideas
  21. Position Tracking
  22. Site Audit
  23. Social Media Tracker
  24. Social Media Poster
  25. Brand Monitoring
  26. Backlink Audit
  27. Link Building
  28. PPC Keyword tool
  29. Ads Builder
  30. Organic Traffic Insights
  31. Content Analyzer
  32. Gap Analysis
  33. Keyword Gap
  34. Backlink Gap
If you want to be a professional blogger, then check the SEMrush tool.

Get Free Trail for SEMrush here

8. Find best paying Google Adsense keywords with Keyword Generator Tool by SEOCentro

SEOcentro has a free keyword generator tool. Type the keyword, enter the captcha code and select Submit. You will get only 3 results which is really helpful in creating long tail keywords. You can start with a topic which you are interested and keep adding keywords as you search. Finally you will get a high paying long tail keyword.

Use the keyword generator tool

Finding Most Expensive Keywords in Ad sense is Easy

Most people want to know which are the most high paying and expensive keywords in ad sense. The answer is too simple. Here are the ten High Paying Google AdSense Keywords. The article on WordStream explains them.
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Most of these keywords pays from $27.80 to a whooping $54.91 per click. Two clicks from these keywords and you are looking at a pay check from Ad sense. It is that easy. I call these keywords are DREAM KEYWORDS.

Dream Keywords: highest cost per click (CPC) keywords

find high cpc keywords for youtube videos

As dreamy as it sound, you can just keep on dreaming on ranking on these dreamy keywords. All those SEO masters and SEO companies are working for them and their clients to get ranked on these keywords.

If you have seen the movie war dogs and dialogues of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, This is the biggest pie. Everyone is competing against for these big pies. And small and medium bloggers should go for the pie chunks which are called the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords. It may take sometime to digest. it took me a while also.

LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords - the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords

I know it does not look fancy but what to do. This is the best I can do. Try saying it fast for 5 times. You can use it as a tongue twister. Does't it feel classy.

What are these LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The long tail low competitive high traffic keywords can bring you enough visitors and revenue.

Let's explore them. Shall We?

Let us take a keyword called "hosting".

A long tail Keyword will be like "Hosting Small Website" with three words together.

You can find enough long Tail keywords that has less competition and high traffic using Adwords keyword planner tool that I shared above. Remember as this is not just about writing a random post. People do have domain names and websites especially dedicated such long tail High Paying Google AdSense Keywords and they may end up ranking more than your posts.

Grouping poss with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The best way you can rank in Google using LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords is by grouping posts with such keywords. You can write ten little posts with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords and then write a corner post [a big post] adding these posts as internal links. This will increase page authority and boost your ranking.

Why You Should Not Focus Too much on Keywords but on Content

The content is king. Changing Google algorithm updates can do harm if your content is good. Another important part is that bloggers should focus on building an audience in these days rather than merely focusing SEO and website optimization.

Instead of selecting high paying keyword, bloggers should take high paying niches. High paying niche means make a small website about reviews of shared wordpress hosting only. This includes the high paying keyword "hosting" and it will have good long term returns.

Discovering High Paying Google AdSense Keywords is only the first task when it comes to higher earnings. Creating a good website and writing good quality content is always long lasting.

9. Identifying Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

You will get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords using the above keyword searching tools. After obtaining them, you need to see the target group for which you want to write. You can check Google Analytics to find the type of audience that are visiting your website.

Google Analytics - Audience - Overview.

Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

Here you can see the age bar graph and gender pie chart of the visitors of my client's website. 74.6% of the visitors are male and more visitors are of aged between 18-34. The keywords should match the target group of the website. Otherwise it will not bring organic traffic from search engines and higher earnings from Ad sense. You can read an interesting case study here.

Case Study

The client selected a high paying dream keyword "insurance" and started a website on "insurance policies". Later we decided to go with long tail keyword " retirement insurance policy". Long tail keywords can bring more targeted traffic and create a specific audience.

The above website had a post titled "how to get a retirement insurance policy" and the traffic was really lower than expected. This was basically because the audience he was catering to [unknowingly] was aged more than 65 years. After researching we decided to cater to a different target group of aged 25-34 and changed the post title and content to "Why Millennials need retirement insurance policy". This boosted the traffic to the post and he got 67% more visitors than before.

High paying targeted niche keyword and valuable content can generate value for your website and bring your higher earnings. This the best way to create an audience for your blog. Instead of creating an MFA [made for ad sense] you can reach out more specific target group and generate incredible higher earnings with ad sense ads. Adsense keyword research is an investment to create an impressive high quality website and authority content.

You can use keywords in YouTube as well. This list is useful if you are searching for high cpc keywords 2017 or high cpc keywords for youtube 2016. You can use this list as per your choice to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2017.

Read my latest post: 15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

November 10, 2017

Latest Google Algorithm Updates September 2017 Review

Are you searching for google update september 2017, latest google update, google algorithm update 2017 and latest google update 2017. This post provides information on latest seo updates 2017, google algorithm update june 2017 and google algorithm update may 2017. You can find related information in google algorithm update september 2017, google algorithm update august 2017, google algorithm update june 2017, google algorithm update july 2017 and latest seo updates 2017.

Did your website or blog get hit with New Google Algorithm Update September 2017. The New Google Algorithm Update September 2017 removes search results from Google results page. Here is a detailed analysis of the new Google Update.

What is Google Algorithm

Google has certain so called bots that ranks, deranks, index, deindex, do quality checks of websites. These bots works as per various ranking signals that are feeded in to Alogorithm. The Google Algorithm consist of bots, ranking signals and all the search related stuff.

What is Google Panda

Google Panda is an algorithm updates which was released in 2011 where it deranked and deinxed many low quality websites and spam web pages. There were many Google Algorithm updates such Penguin, Hummingbird etc.

Latest google update september 2017

As Google announces latest algorithm updates, webmasters sort of adjust their websites and these adjustments come as latest seo updates. There were many latest seo updates 2016 such as naked URL link building, long tail keywords etc.

latest seo updates 2017 Google Fred Update

Google Fred Update was essentially was not an announced update like Panda or Penguin. It focused more deindexing websites with Black hat SEO techniques and uses heavy advertisements than the content in the site. Some websites experienced 90% of traffic drop and all their web pages were pushed to history. Fred focused on websites where Panda focused on web pages mostly.

Here I am going to talk about the latest google algorithm update in September, 2017.

Google algorithm update September 2017: The New Google Earthquake

SEMrush sensor and MozCast showed significant changes in rankings of websites and blogs in Google. Google has not announced the update but it is clear that this update is massive and webmasters are discussing about it in all forums.

SEMrush sensor Detection on latest seo updates 2017

SEMrush Sensor shows Very High activity for the US desktop database

SEMrush Sensor shows Very High activity for the US desktop database

MozCast Weather Report on Google algorithm update

MozCast showing high turbulence in the Google algorithm.

SERPMetric High volatility of google search rankings on September 27

There are high spikes in 16, 19 and 27 September in SERP flux chart. Many webmasters reported less CPC and Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic these days.
Algaroo SERP Ratings

Algaroo shows high ranking changes in 26,27 and 28 September.

It is pretty clear that Google has rolled out massive updates in searches. The core effects are as follows.

Effects of New Google Algorithm Updates September 2017

I will show you what has happened after the updates. 

I am taking a keyword, "your domains must be in an eligible status" where ranked high. 

Here is the Search Results of the keyword in August 31, 2017

Search Results of the keyword in August 31, 2017

The number of search results were 237,000 and Google fetched them in 0.96 seconds.

Here is the Search Results of the keyword in September 28, 2017

The number of search results were 167,000 and Google fetched them in 0.27 seconds.

70000 search results were removed and this increased the fetching speed by 0.69 seconds.

How google algorithm update september 2017 Changes Are Going To Affect Website and Blogs

I am sure that you already figured out the importance of the change. Google is going to cut down search results to improve search speed. They are removing all webpages that have less content, no content, spams and do not have value as per Google Standards. This is a continuation of the previously announced https as ranking signal. Google is pushing webmasters to create not only rich content searches but also secure webpages.

Deindexing Search results from Sep 19, 2017 at 7:30 am ET is huge when it comes to search business. This means that Google is taking serious measures to reduce search speed and spam or less quality web pages.

This is majorly going to affect the backlinks that your website have and significantly reducing domain rankings. Unless you have high quality internal back links, there is an increased probability in reduction in your search rankings.

What Can You Do To Improve Search Rankings After Google Search Algorithm Update Sep 18, 2017

  1. You can start by editing old posts, adding more content. 
  2. Add 2-4 internal links and authentic outbound links.
  3. Delete low quality posts and pages and use 301 redirects.
  4. Merge less content posts to one single post.
  5. Find out what pages are hit using SEMrush
Update 1 on recent and latest seo updates 2017

Google Analytics removed Universal Analytics code. Now everyone has to use Google Tag manager code.

Update 2 on 2017 update, Google Report on SEO algorithm

Many International web pages were pushed to page number 2 and local webpages came to page 1. It is going to affect Indian blogs and websites who are targeting US, UK traffic and Google is pushing more localisation.

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