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August 28, 2018

Amazon fake products policy to avoid counterfeit products

I have been an Amazon customers for long. I have bought many products and returned few fake products. Here are some insights, tips on how to spot the fake products in Amazon. Using these amazing tips you can avoid buying fake products in Amazon.

Amazon fake products policy to avoid counterfeit products: Generic v/s Unbranded

There are some Third-Party Sellers which are external sellers in Amazon who sells fake products or products purchased from unbranded warehouses in wholesale. Chinese products that do not have quality to be sold internationally or damaged goods are shipped to India or any other developing countries and sold in Amazon under different brands.

Most of the Generic brands are fine as they give good products in lesser price compared to branded ones. It all comes to finding out which brand is fine and which are not.

Product Rating and Customer names

If you want to buy a product in Amazon, do check the product rating. Many products has fake reviews these days. So do not get blown away with golden stars. One way to find whether the review is original and not fake is to check for names of customer.

Amazon customer reviews
This looks lovely. Right? Let me tell you the most important thing: These are fake reviews.

Now how do I know that. By just checking their Amazon profile. I click on the Amazon customer and see their Amazon profile. And what do i see?

Have you checked out your Profile yet? Make sure it's up to date!

This customer only bought stuff from single company. That ideally means that this profile is fake. 

Product Description 

People who sell fake products do not have much time to invest in making catchy phrases or sentences that make sense. I am sure you have seen spam emails floating around spam box that makes no sense.

I want to you to check the description of this product: Kuber Industries Tea0101 Stainless Steel Tea Pots, Silver.

The product is stainless steel tea pot. 

product description spot fake products

The product description is about BPA free air tight containers. 

Amazon allows such stuff. I called out customer care and made them see this. Instead of taking out this page, they still allow this page to be there as a memory of fake product sponsorship. Does these Amazon fake products policy to avoid counterfeit products is good and working.

Spend some time reading the descriptions and checking out the profile of past customers. This will make it easy to spot fake products. Do avoid buying fake products in amazon.

August 18, 2018

Find a Facebook profile from a picture

Need some extra information about somebody on the picture? Nowadays, it is easy as one two three. In order to find somebody's social media profile, you need to check whether they have one. This article will reveal some secrets how to find a Facebook profile from a picture.

Easy Way to Find a Facebook profile from a picture

Google images search will help you with it. At this point, you have to options: to upload the picture from your computer or to insert the URL of the existent online image. To get the URL, you should simply right-click the image and choose "copy image address" and then, paste it into the Google images search.

Find a Facebook profile from a picture

After you hit the "search" button, you will be given a list of results. Scroll down until you find the link o Facebook to make sure that is the necessary profile. Check out the tutorial on reverse image search here.

Tricky way

If that method does not help, try out a more complex one. This works only if you have an online picture with an existent URL. So, get the image address with a right click. In this long line consisting of different numbers, you should extract the second to the last one. For example if you saved it as 61580_10173981_7375_n.jpg, so here the middle number i.e. 10173981 is the profile ID from a Facebook user's profile.

Feeling like a hacker, eh? Well, the last step you should take is to add this middle number to the Facebook address. For example: After hitting "enter" button, the needed profile will be instantly found. Although this method is not automated and takes more time, it guarantees you finding the right person.

If nothing really helps, try to look for other reverse email look up services that offer reverse image search. There are many ways you could find a Facebook profile from a picture, but always be careful with copyright law.

Good luck!

August 17, 2018

3 Amazing reverse image search engine

There is a wonderful way to find a person online without even typing a single word. Wondering how? Reverse image search engine will come in hand.

As for an ordinary user, it may sound complicated for you. Reverse image search means that you need to upload a picture from Facebook and the engine will find a similar to that one. Also, you can find some extra information and some contact details of the netizen you are looking for. Well, take a look at some of the best reverse image search engines for Facebook.

Google Images reverse image search engine

This is the most widely used search engine having the biggest database. The system works easy here: you either upload a picture from your PC or paste a link of the image. Google starts looking for similar images basing on the same shape, color, resolution etc.

It is free of charge service. If you are a Chrome user, you even don't need to go to Google images site but do a right click on the image and choose ‘search Google for this image’.

reverse image search engine


This service is very popular among users as it was the first reverse image search engine. The principle is the same as with Google Images - you upload the image or paste a link. TinEye can track illegal use of copyright even though it does not recognize the object on the picture. There is a limit to 150 searches per week.

Image Raider

Another powerful reverse image search engine uses Bing, Google, and Yandex results to provide better results. Image Raider gives you an opportunity to upload more than one picture. Thus, you can conduct a multi-level search using this service. It is beneficial for photographers who want to track publishing of their photos on different websites.

Enjoy using powerful tools and saving your time!

August 16, 2018

How to use Linkedin sales navigator

Everybody knows that Linkedin is a rather social platform for employment-oriented communication. It gives an opportunity for professionals to contact with their clients and customers. Having such a tool as Linkedin sales navigator, sales specialists establish valuable connections with their customers and look for bigger profits.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator with filters

Linkedin Sales navigator Website gives a nice opportunity to search for people who are engaged in the sphere of sales and filter them accordingly. All you need to do is to set your "buyer profile" an use search filters to concentrate on those customers or businesses you want to work with. Due to a vast set of filters, you may even look for the business that is using a certain technology such as Salesforce or Taleo.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator

Boolean search

Start from Boolean search (key words with modifiers) using different filters to shorten the list of results of key customers. After finding a target person, you may also check the other important people in that business with the help of contact tools.

The tool suggests best algorithm according to the search request. Remember to track and tag your search activity so that you could analyze your results. Use template if it is necessary to interact with a large list of contacts.

Finding the ideal buyer

Finding the ideal buyer does not mean that you will necessarily succeed in selling. Never push your service or product upon the person. First of all, try to establish a trustful relationship showing your personal not commercial interest.

Spamming your potential customers is the worst idea ever. You need to use Linkedin Sales Navigator tools to analyze your customers' preferences and interests to create a individual buyer-orientated message.

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid service that allows you to get an access to sales relative data promising a huge marketing potential.

August 15, 2018

How to do international reverse email lookup

Reverse email lookup is an amazing method to lookup anyone email addresses. Whether you need to find a new friend contact details or unknown caller id, the reverse email lookup is a useful way to achieve your goal. Being an ordinary web user, you have hardly heard about such a thing as a reverse email lookup.

Need to contact somebody from abroad, but lost their contact info? Not a big deal. These days it has become available to trace the identity of online user having their email address. It works to identify the owner of a certain email address. You may conduct it without the help of special tools but using free services including Google and Facebook.

international reverse email lookup

Start international reverse email lookup with Facebook

It is highly probable that an email owner has a Facebook profile. Thus, you cannot ignore a possibility to find him there first. In Facebook, you can look through the public profiles and user database based on the email address. Just enter the address in a search box and it will immediately show whether a necessary profile is in the database or not.

Google images tricks

After conducting a Facebook search, you can download a user's profile picture in order to use it in Google images search. When uploading the picture there, you make Google look for other social profiles that host the same picture. This reverse email lookup helps to verify somebody's identity.

Trace Mail

The tool is designed to help you find the owner of the email address using their IP. It tracks the source of the email and gathers all available contact information.

When tracking suspicious email address and trying ti find the owner, remember that the disclosure of personal data is not frowned upon in our country. Thus, do not get into trap paying for user's database and violating the law.

August 6, 2018

Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

What if I introduce to a Chrome extension that let you find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address. In the new internet age, people are searching more often to get the social media profiles of others than postal addresses. Here is an awesome way to find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address using many contacts Chrome Extension.

How does ManyContacts Chrome Extension let you Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

ManyContacts Chrome Extension comes with Email Qualifier algorithm and it will search social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo with the given email address. The email address is automatically fetched from your gmail.

Manycontacts is an awesome extension like reverse email lookup websites. It will also find hidden profiles in social media if the person has used the same email address to create an account. It is important that the email address that we give to manycontacts are relevant. The extension will only search the exact email address and may not check the validity of the email address.

You may need to check the validity of the email address first and then use Manycontacts chrome extension to Find Someone's Social Media Profiles. This chrome extension has a good user interface that shows icons of social networks near to the email Id of the person. This extension just not find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address. It does more than that.Do check it out.

Find Someone's Social Media Profiles With Their Email Address in Excel sheet

Make an excel sheet with all the email addresses online. You can use Google online excel application for that. To access this, just visit from here.

Add all email addresses in columns one by one. Then install ManyContacts Chrome Extension. Then give necessary permission to run the code. Once that is done, Check the ManyContacts icon on the top right of your Chrome browser. The icon will display the number of email addresses found on the page and it shows all their Social Media Profile. Now how easy is that!!!

Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

You can Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address of anyone using this method. Social media profiles created using Fake email addresses can only be found using this method.

July 18, 2018

3 Awesome Resignation Email Message Examples

We all come to that point of that stage where we must send that resignation email. A professional Resignation Email Message is very necessary to give professional impression to the employer even while you are leaving the job. A good formal resignation email can fetch you a good reference from your employer for the next job. Focus to draft a best resignation email with a subject, notice period, reason of leaving the job and title. Here are some Resignation Email Message Examples, Tips, formats, samples for employees.

Can you resign by sending an email. Well, it depends on the policies of the company. If the policy allow you to do that, you should resign via email.

Resignation Email Message Examples and Tips to draft template

Example of Formal Resignation Email Message 

I remember a resignation email that I sent once to my bad boss. I had to leave that job because she was so bad and mean and considered me as a slave.

I wanted to resign immediately and I was very discouraged in the job. Obviously I should have written all my frustration in my resignation email and you are expecting something like that only. But it was not like that. Here is the resignation email that I sent to her.

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear ....,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as ..... 

I am currently going through a tough time due to some personal reasons and it would be really hard for me to join work at this stage.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the last few days.  The organisation is poised for continued growth and I wish you much success with your upcoming projects.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work for this organisation and the support that you have extended to me. I wish you and your staff all the best and I look forward to staying in touch with you.


This an example of resignation email. The above example of resignation letter is missing many needed points. Check the missing points below.

How to Write a Professional Resignation Email Message

1. A professional Resignation Email Message will have subject, notice period, reason of leaving the job and title.
2. If you have an HR department, do CC them in the resignation email.
3. Mention the notice period in the email and mention to consider to notice period from the date of this email.
4. A date is essential in the resignation letter. Mention the date that you are leaving the company. This will help your employer to do hire someone else before you leave and do the handover.
5. Dont write so much details. Be as generic and brief as possible. Too much details spoils the resignation letter.
6. Show gratitude towards the employer. Thank him/her for the consideration and support [even if the boss was crap]
7. Offer Assistance to the company that in future you may be able to contribute your skills.
8. If you are going out to some other company soon, then you can mention a line saying that, please contact me in this email ID in future.

Some mention to ask for details of paycheck or compensation in this email. I wont suggest it. You can do follow up emails to do this. Make sure the resignation letter serves its purpose.

Professional Resignation Email Example

Subject: Notice for Resignation

Dear ....

Please accept this email as notification that I am leaving my position of ....... effective from September 15 due to personal reasons. Kindly initiate the notice period of 2 weeks from this date onwards.

I sincerely appreciate the wonderful opportunities I got at ...... company. I am thankful the professional guidance and support that you provided me these years. 

Though I am leaving the company, I would be happy to do any assistance in future for you and the company. I will be availabel through my email ID, [email protected] I wish all the success for you and the company.


Resignation Letter Email Microsoft Word Document Template: Conflict with Boss

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST  ZIP Code]


[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST  ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

Please accept this as official notice of my resignation. As you know, over the last six months, we have had many differences of opinion regarding the processes, work assignments, and goals for the Main Street project. 

Our conflict has affected my ability to manage my team and has left me and many of my direct reports feeling uncertain about the future of the project. It is clear to me that you and I will not be able to resolve our differences. Therefore, I feel that resigning is the best option for me and for the team.

My last day at ABCD company will be [date]. I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the transition of my duties to my successor.

[Your Name]

You can use any of these resignation email message example to send the email to your employer. Now that you have decided to send resignation email, do read my new post on How to Get A Job Easily with thank you letter after interview

June 28, 2018

How to Write Thank You Letter After Interview

Everyone wants a well-paid job. A sample thank you letter after interview via email may get you the job that you always wanted. I knew many friends who give short and sweet thank you letter after interview and follow it with best thank you email after interview. In this post I will share a thank you letter after interview template, thank you email after interview samples and job tips on how to write a thank you follow up interview letter and other job tips.

Job Tips | Role of education

We spend almost 15 years of our life including childhood, teen hood and some parts of adulthood studying Mathematics, History, Geography, Languages and some other topics for specialization to get that job.

The role of education is to prepare the new generation to the future. This future is so unpredictable that even the current generation has no idea what is going to come in the next 5 years of time. And we are “preparing” children for that future.

How to Write Thank You Letter After Interview

Can we imagine how life will be in the next ten years of time? What will happen to the technology and digitalisation advancements? It is unknown and unpredictable. But we are “preparing” and “educating” children for that.

I am not sure if anyone has talked to you about something called “Academic Inflation”. It basically means more people worldwide are getting more degrees than in the past century and this is increasing every year. A thank you letter can help you to differentiate yourself from other candidates and give you a upper hand.

Knowing the Work Culture

You surely won’t like to work in an unhealthy environment. Make sure that you do ample of research about the company and their work culture. Do as much research as you can, beginning from the company’s history to its recent projects.


It starts with preparation of resume/cv, sending job applications, getting selected from the list of competitors followed with higher marks in the written tests and aptitude tests, performing well at job interviews and finally getting that offer letter. This whole process takes days or even weeks and takes a toll on you.

Your resume, basically is the first thing that you are judged upon. So make sure that you don’t make any type of grammatical and spelling mistakes. If HR managers finds any sort of mistake in your resume, this will make them think that you are a careless kind of person. And no one would like to hire someone who is careless with his job. So it’s better to ask someone from your friends or family to read the resume and also proofread it twice or thrice.

Also all the points mentioned in the resume should be to the point. Nobody is interested to know how many awards you won in school contests. For example, you are being interviewed for a consultancy firm, and you have mentioned that you won so and so awards in sports. Nobody is interested in knowing that. And also edit your resume before your every interview. Mention those qualities of yours, which will make interviewer think that you are suitable for the job.


While interviewer asks you questions, make sure that you answer them to the point. Just the explanation with an example would be enough. Speaking for 10 minutes on a single answer would annoy the HR managers. Certainly, no one would like to hire someone who speaks a lot. Because they don’t want you to talk while you are working. That is not what you are getting paid for.

The recruiter will look at the resume and specific questions. You can add the points that you have mentioned in the resume to the than you letter and personalize it. A handwritten thank you note can help you to do that.


The way you dress yourselves play a vital role sometimes. Always wear casual dress. Wearing track suits during interviews won’t work. And also don’t be too much casual to wear blazers. Be simple. Wear a full sleeves shirt, make sure sleeves are not rolled up. And a formal pant with a simple tie. You can easily strike a conversation with the receptionist if you are well dressed and give the thank you letter to hand over to the recruiter.

dress and give a handwritten Thank you letter after job interview


If your mobile phone rings in the middle of your interview, HR managers might get irritated. Which may even be the cause of your rejection. If you can’t turn it off, at least put it on airplane mode or silent mode.


Don’t focus only on the financial part. Of course, you would like to know about how much you are going to get paid. But being only money oriented is not going to land you in a job. Don’t let the interviewer know that you are interested in the financial part. Ask him some questions regarding about your duties and your responsibilities. And then the interviewer will think that you are career oriented and not money oriented. You can reflect this attitude in the thank you letter after interview.

First Impression Is the Last Impression

Believe me or not, most of the HR managers make the receptionist to keep a watch on you and your behaviour. And after your interview is over, they ask the receptionist about how you behaved in the waiting lobby. So make sure you don’t do anything that will leave a bad impression on the receptionist.

HR wants to see, once you are hired, how you will treat your juniors, co-workers and colleagues. If possible, start a positive conversation with the receptionist. And try to gain some information about the HR, his/her experiences working in that company and all that you could to secure your job.

Ask Questions

If you want a job that suits your personality, your skill set and your qualification, you should have something unique quality that makes you different from other candidates. Never do this mistake of not asking question to the interviewer. Here is a sample question that you can ask the interviewer, which will make him think that you are interested in the job.

Question 1: If You Reject Me, What Was The Reason And What Improvements Do I Need?

Firstly, you will let interviewer know that you will not mind even if you are rejected, you are prepared for that secondly, you will also let interviewer know that you are a person who learns from mistakes and wants to get improved with every passing day. So by asking this question, you will put interviewer in dilemma about your selection, even if your interview did not go well.

You can ask some other questions too but keep one thing in mind, don’t ask any salary related question. This will look like you are money oriented and not the job oriented. And when you ask the questions, be confident. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions. 

Short and sweet thank you letter after interview template

Once you are done with the interview, leave a thank you note with the receptionist and ask him/her to convey the message to the HR and make sure that thank you note is hand written and not a printout of the previously typed note.

A thank you letter after interviewcan be written easily by noting down the best and significant conversation happened the interview. Here is a thank you letter after interview template and thank you email after interview sample.

Thank you letter after interview template 1

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about the position that I have applied for.

I was quite moved by your experience and knowledge in the field, the prospects of the position that we discussed and how I can contribute my skill set to the company.

I feel very confident that I can excel in this position as it suits my experience and skills. I would be happy to provide you with any further information. I look forward to hear from you, and thank you again for the courtesy you extended to me.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Name

Thank you email after interview sample 2

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

It was a great experience for me to have a conversation with you about the Manager, Recruiment position at the Job Care Agency. I sincerely feel that my experience and enthusiasm suits the role. T

Being a creative person with excellent out of the box thinking skills and at the same time competent and disciplined. I can contribute to administrative support as well as to deal with larger issues. 

The work I have done for Apple INC has helped to understand the nature of the current role and the skillset to excel in it. I forgot to mention that in the interview.

I appreciate the time and effor that you have spend to interview me. I am keenly interested in working for the position and looking forward to hear from you.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Name

So these were all those not-so-important points that can affect your interview. So next time you attend an interview, make sure you take care of all the above mentioned points and do give a thank you letter after interview. Hope you all enjoyed reading it.

June 25, 2018

Tips for interviewing someone for a job

Job interviews has evolved so fast since the launch of technology and this notable evolution of job interviews has not been accounted so far. Evolution of Job interviews has started from the written tests, structures and unstructured face to face interviews. Tips for interviewing someone for a job can help you the most. These tips for interviewing someone for a job can be used at any point of time and is done by HR departments.

Evolution of job interview does not stop there and it has led to phone interview to the new video calling interviews. I am going to discuss how advancement in the technology has changed the interviews process and explain the evolution of job interviews in today's World.

When was the first interview: history of job interviews

The evolution of interviews has started when the famous scientist Thomas Edison conducted the first job interview in 1921. The first job interview was a written test, a series of 150 questions, conducted to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate. This first interview born out of the mind of the intellectual evolved to later known as interviews.

Tips for interviewing someone for a job

For hiring a person, there are few steps that re to be followed. Those are, advertising, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, and many more. Technology has brought about a drastic change in all of this aspect of hiring a person.

A job description lists benchmarks that have to be fulfilled by the candidate including minimum experience years and educational qualifications. Candidates send their CV/Resume with cover letter thinking that they will be selected because they fulfill these criteria. We could say this was the general practice till few years back. 


Earlier all of the companies that required candidates for a specific designation, used to advertise about it in the local newspapers or magazines. Due to which only a limited number of people used to apply, which resulted in the limited choices of candidates for the hiring team. So as a result, hiring team was left with very few choices of candidates and sometimes they had to compromise with skills of the candidate. Most of the times candidate was either lacked in skills or did not have enough qualification or experience. But hiring team had to hire someone, so in most of the cases, person hired was not suitable for the job.

Evolution of Job Interviews

But these days’ since the evolution of job interviews websites like LinkedIn and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and instagram have increased the limits. Now, hiring team can just advertise on these platforms and they can get enough number of applicants to choose from. LinkedIn is the most effective of all. Here, hiring team advertises with the required skill set of the applicant, required experience in the particulate field and the job description. 

The resume is used by HR departments of companies to screen out candidates who meet the benchmarks and not necessarily lead to job interview. Most of the job applications are now via online platforms of the respective companies and are handled by applicant tracking software. Eg: Amazon, the popular E commerce company has an online job application portal called


Earlier hiring teams used to get limited number of applications and they used to get shortlisted manually. This platform is used by millions who are looking for a job. So interested candidates can apply for the job, they think they are suitable for. With the help of these platforms, hiring team gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications. So it becomes easier for them to choose the suitable candidate and they are not supposed to compromise with the quality of the candidates any more.

An online job portal creates smooth job application work flow, saves and categories information leading to more centralized recruitment processes. Auto email, messaging delivery verification software helps to avoid sending emails to dead email addresses and verify the delivered messages. Auto schedule apps and software increase the speed and scale of communication with candidates, allot different date and time to the shortlisted candidates and informs through emails.


Here also technology plays a major role. To schedule the interviews special software’s are designed. This software’s allot different date and time to the entire shortlisted candidates and informs the candidates through emails. This has decreased the work of the hiring team to an extent. Evolution of interviews has called for the automation of interview processes.


Earlier all the interviews that used to happen only through one medium. That is face to face interviews. So the candidate had to travel all the way to the place of interview. Sometimes candidate used to travel a long distance. 

But these days, after the introduction of the applications like Skype, candidates do not need to be actually present at the place of interviews. Even some of the rounds are telephonic. And only a few rounds that are HR rounds take place face to face. Otherwise all other rounds take place through a telephone or a Skype video call. Which is more preferable?


Believe it or not, most of the companies need candidates with good nature and behavior. So candidates have to pass a test called "the character test". So the question arises, who will give you the information about the nature and behaviour of the candidate?

Evolution of job interviews got accelerated with launch of social media platforms like Facebook, snapchat and instagram. Hiring teams check the Facebook and instagram profiles of the candidates to check what they do, where they go, who are their friends and all other stuff required. So it’s always advisable to keep a good profile page.


As you all know, that there are multiple rounds conducted while hiring a person. For e.g. aptitude test, technical round, HR round etc. and in most of the cases, the panelist in all of the rounds is different. 

The recruitment process now focus around assessment testing and skill based interviews. Use of AI, Response rate trackers, Chat bots, Biometric data and Cloud based hiring are the latest developments in the HR sector.

So this was it. As you can see, technology has brought a tremendous change in the interviewing process. If you found this article on tips for interviewing someone for a job helpful, please share this with all of your team mates, colleagues and with whomsoever you can.

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