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March 6, 2018

Passive Income Ideas for Making Money While Sleeping

I have been searching in Google on topics passive income ideas 2018, passive income ideas uk, passive income ideas reddit and passive income ideas in United States. It was very hard to find passive income examples and ways to do  passive income investments. I decided to compile all the information and make a post on how to make passive income online and how to create passive income with no money. This step by step guide will help you to generate passive income and your friends and relatives for making passive income.

What is Passive Income

As the name suggest it is income in passive way without the active involvement of the person. To explain more, most of us work from 9-5 to earn money and that is active involvement. Suppose you have a property and you are getting a nice rent from it. That is called passive income.

Online businesses are popular way to earn income and it can provide you with customers from all around the World.

8 Profitable Online Passive Income Ideas for students

Here are 8 Profitable Online Small Start up Business/Freelance Ideas for students without investment or with low investment to make small profitable business and high profit to start with.

"Amritha was in confusion before. She know how to make and design ornaments and she wanted to sell it through online to reach to more customers. She started her own online store and after six months of marketing, she is earning 5000 rs only through online by selling her handmade crafts!!." Why cant you become like her and earn some income?

 For offline business, you have to spend lots of days to find a suitable business location, affordable building, staffs, and other infrastructures. Online business is much  easier to start, with cheaper investment.

Passive Income Ideas for Making Money While Sleeping
8 Profitable Online Business Start up Business Ideas - Cite for using this image.

1. Specialized Retail Service Provider

There are thousands of commercial wholesale retailers who have large number of inventories like Amazon, Flip Cart etc. You don't need products of your own where you have to worry about storing, making and selling your products. You need to start an online store as a start up for providing specialized retail services for customers. Read my latest post: Create Best Online Stores with Practical E Commerce Platforms for details about online stores. You may also need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart. 

2. Social Media Consultant

Social media marketing is a popular way to gain customers. Large number of firms and private companies /firms need social media marketing to spread information about their products and services and gain customers. Some of these companies may not be able to post staffs for this and they will hire somebody who is an expert in social media marketing in a contract basis. You need to search for these companies and post your expertise and experience. You can work in a home basis and part time to earn a good income. Find more on

3. Web Creation / Design and Layout Optimization

Do you know some bits of coding in xHTML, and some designing sense and experience, then you can do web designing and layout optimization. You have to find jobs that related to website creation / Design in freelancer websites. You need to ensure good customer support for building your reputation. You also need a port folio like this for getting clients. Go to 50 freelance job sites for designers and programmers to know more.

4. Online Internet Researcher

As I said before, there will be lot of companies which need skilled online researcher to contribute to the SEO growth as well as keyword research. Being an online researcher is a profitable business. Once you establish yourself, you can earn up to 45 dollars per hour. Not bad, Hah!!. You may have to find some established companies that will give you a push in this field unless you will have to suffer hidden conditions of fraud companies. There are Freelance Internet Research Jobs Online and Internet research jobs as more resources.

5. Mobile app Developer / Assistance developer

Developing an app is a cumbersome task. Skilled developers will always get good pay and there is a need for them. You can start by assisting main developers by finding bugs and try to correct it. This way you will get much exposure to the codes and programming and later on you can establish yourself in the field. You can find good freelancer jobs using

6. Teacher / Tutor for Online Courses

There are thousands of students looking for teachers/tutors for language, technical, IT courses. You may not need proper qualifications for starting an online course.You do not need experience in teaching / tutoring /  lecturing people. If you have good knowledge regarding cooking, playing musical instruments, language skills etc, you can start your own courses and earn money. There are online tutor courses where you can learn and acquire skills to become a good tutor.

7. E book marketing

E books are a good way to get income. There are thousands of free e book self publishing services which you can access. You may need a catchy title, original content, and a good marketing skill. You can use Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing tool

8. Affiliate, Referral and Niche marketing 

As everybody know affiliate, referral and Niche marketing is a popular way to earn money. You may need to invest lot of time for research and visitors. But once you get a flow, things will get smooth. Some affiliate marketing companies that provide good revenue are FlipKart, Commission Junction, Amazon affiliates, Shopify.

4 Passive Income Ideas From Investments

  1. Interest on bonds/fixed income investments,dividends
  2. Booked profit on equity investments using,  Zerodha Varsity
  3. Trade/ invest in cryptocurrencies like  Bitcoins, ripple, ethereum using bitstamp and shapeshift
  4. Invest in small businesses by people whom no bank or financial institution lend money like  small tea and snack serving shop

16 Passive Freelancing Income Ideas

  1. Freelancing work for webdesign
  2. Amazon mTurk
  3. Fiverr
  4. Google pokerhigh
  5. Data Entry in Fiverr, WorknHire and Upwork.
  6. Photography with Baby shoots, pre/post weddings.
  7. Photography by selling photos in shutterstock and istockphoto.
  8. Write blog, writes articles in Hubpages, app reviews and get money from Ads from Google Ad sense.
  9. Creating and buying Apps from CodeCanyon and earn from Google Admob.
  10. Running a coupons website
  11. Advertising Local Businesses/Restaurants/ Local Products/ promoting Events through regional facebook pages and instagram using IFTTT.
  12. Medical transcription. Per line qa fetches 3 to 7 Rs per line and typing fetches 1 to 5 one per line depending on your experience and accuracy percentage.
  13. Acuhealer after doing one year accupuncture course
  14. Teaching Yoga
  15. Write an ebook and sell it in Amazon.
  16. Create an online course or online guide

4 Passive Selling Online Income Ideas

  1. Selling books on Amazon
  2. Affiliate Marketing - Recommending books and courses in Amazon and Udemy
  3. Hand paintings on Kurtis, Sarees, Bedspreads etc
  4. Reseller of ladies wear, handbags, jewellery,  sell clothes, quilled jewellery, keep sake items, creative art, wooden toys etc.

17 Passive Business Income Ideas

  1. Tiffin service
  2. Tuition for students - high-paying tuition (2-3k/hour) for GMAT students.
  3. Driving auto/ Cab for families on calls
  4. Having a Uber / Ola car with dedicated driver. The legal liability on accidents is with the car owner.
  5. An ice cream Parlor
  6. A small coffee farm(with pepper and cardamom)
  7. Rented flats
  8. Buy smaller properties in Tier 2 cities with the help of distant relatives and rent it
  9. Matrimony business
  10. Employee referral 
  11. Take classes in a private coaching institute
  12. Event management
  13. Gives money on interest at the rate of 4 percent per month. The lending system works 15% annually normally.
  14. Conduct chocolate making and Ice cream making workshops
  15. Providing digital signature by becoming sub LRA
  16. Real estate broker (for selling/renting land, house etc]. Broker gets anywhere around 2-3% as commission
  17. Rent out unused rooms for Airbnb and get rent.
You can use different methods like search engine optimization, website design optimization, social-media networking, email marketing and content marketing for building up fans and generate much more income.

Updates: More Passive Income Ideas for Making Money While Sleeping

Peer to Peer: Have you heard about Peer to Peer lending platforms. You can give money to a person via online and that person will give back money to you with interest. There is always the risk of default.

Get cash-back rewards: Have you used PayTM and other similar online apps to book flight tickets, train tickets, mobile recharges ec. You may have entered promo codes and got cash back from it. If you can scale it to your friends, relatives and family members for doing recharges and get similar cash backs, you can earn a good amount of pocket money.

March 5, 2018

How to Invest in Mutual Funds for Beginners

Mutual fund investing are one of the popular ways for beginners to invest money and get high returns. I am a beginner in investing in Mutual funds is learning about the right funds, systematic investment plans (SIPs), STP, SWP and types of funds. This is a step by step guide on how to invest in a mutual fund for beginners and act as a mutual funds investment guide for beginners. I have shares top tips for investing in mutual funds, how to start a mutual fund account and how do i invest in mutual funds online.

Read the Advisory Warning on Investing in Mutual Funds for Beginners

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert and not even close to it. All of these information is consolidated and balanced to give an overview of finance and savings to make people like you and me, financially literate. Whatever issues and mistakes are there, kindly point them out and let me know by email, twitter or FB. I will try to add as much sources as possible. If anything is missed, kindly let me know.

 Advice: I have read many questions and answers in Quora, telegram channels, and what not. Most of these advises from share market gurus are to make money for them and not for you. Never trust anyone with your money and whatever decisions you take should be backed up with research and not rumors. Otherwise you will lose all the money for sure. DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. Avoid Greed, when it kicks out say this statement to yourselves; "Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks."

Note: This is a long consolidated post with information from many sources. Read or not read fully is your choice. This will help you for sure. I will adding more information as my journey with Mutual funds evolves.

mutual fund how to invest and what to check before investing

What are Recommended Actions to be Taken Before Investing in Mutual Funds

Before starting out SIPs, STPs and other investments in Mutual Funds, do the following first.

1. Create an emergency corpus - Emergency fund should be your 6 months salary.

2. Purchase adequate term plan if you have dependents - Term plan is only one claim during the term of policy or no claim at all. Term Plan must be at least 15-17 times of your yearly income or 500 times of your mothly expanse. Review the cover amount at own marriage, and at every child's birth, as well as for home loan. Generally Bank fd rate is 6.5%, so your family can deposit that money in the account.

3. Purchase adequate health cover - Health Policy can be like no claim for few years, then claims, no claims, claims, no claims and so on, till your death - Best Family Health Insurance Plans in 2018

4. Identify your future goals - Checked.

Now start thinking about mutual fund.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation is very important for Growth and Capital Protection. Before investing in mutual funds, try to look at other options to diversity your personal financial portfolio.

Asset allocation = Equity : Debt ratio

1. Cash - Hard cash in your purse and amount in your SB/Current account
3. Equity - Direct and through MFs
4. Real Estate - Direct and through REITs and Investment trusts, Land, House, Domestic, Commerical
5. Precious metals and Gems and stones - Gold, Silver, diamonds
6. Art work
7. Any other thing can't categorized above.

Jumping to Mutual Funds now.

Systematic Investment Plan [SIP]

Systematic Investment Plan is where an investor put money per month over a period of time. At the end of few years, the person would have accrued a good amount of stocks and will have a good returns. In SIP, you can select units of shares of any mutual fund and buy them.

You can use a SIP calculator to find out the return you will get at the end of the period. Use SIP calculator of valueresearchonline. Go to teh website, select fund and scroll down below to see the SIP calc. Select MF house and the fund and start calculating.

SIP calculator of valueresearchonline

Systematic Transfer Plan [STP]

Systematic Transfer Plan is where investor add a lump sum amount and ask the AMC to invest in specific schemes by taking smaller amount from the large amount.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan [SWP]

A lump sum amount is added in mutual fund and the investor or the nominee withdraw money as needed.

In order to start any of the above, you need to do KYC.

Know Your Customer [KYC] and Electronic Know Your Customer [eKYC]

The first step in order to invest in Mutual fund is to create an account. In order to create an account, you need to do a KYC or verify your identity as a customer. There are two ways of doing it.

 1. Go to any Mutual Fund houses or AMCs and fill the KYC form and submit all related documents.



 2. Go to CAMS / KARVY website and do eKYC using AADHAR.

new investment through mycamsonline

Quick links of RTAs to link AADHAAR to your Mutual funds


KARVY - Common Aadhaar linking across Karvy Serviced Mutual Funds / AIF - Submit Before 31st March 2018 to avoid freeze of MF folios



CAMS manages 13 AMcs.
  1. Birla SunLife.
  2. DSP Black Rock.
  3. HDFC Mutual Fund.
  4. ICICI-Prudential Mutual Fund.
  5. IDFC Mutual Fund.
  6. IIFL Mutual Fund.
  7. Kotak Mahindra
  8. L&T.
  9. Mahindra Mutual Fund
  10. PPFAS Mutual fund.
  11. SBI
  12. Tata Mutual Funds.
  13. Union Mutual Funds
If you register in CAMS, you can only do mutual fund transactions with these AMCs. MyCAMs is the web application under CAMS where you can manage your portfolio of funds. This service is completely free.

Karvy is same as CAMS but one my friend was asked to go to the office and fill KYC form when he was opening the account. He suggested me to go to CAMS and register.

Clearfund - Clearfund is another option where they charge 199 Rs for opening an SIP and adding a fund every time. You can easily go to CAMS / KARVY to start it for free than paying for clearfund.

Zerodha - You have to pay monthly subscription fee to manage the funds in Zerodha. If you are looking for trading and other financial services, you can opt for it.

Other Direct mutual fund portals are Kuvera, Investza, Mymoneysage, Jama, Wealth Trust.

Source: Registrars: CAMS and Karvy: Overview  and  What is cams mutual funds ?

I went and did eKYC in SBIMF and later HDFC MF and dsp blackrock automatically fetched the information. For investingin HDFC or CAMS you need to have a cancelled cheque.

What Type of Fund I should Invest in Mutual Funds for Beginners?

There are mainly 2 type of funds - Direct and Regular.

Regular Plan and Direct Plan

Currently there are 2 versions each for the Mutual funds.
Scheme A – Regular Plan – Growth
Scheme A –  Regular Plan – Dividend
Scheme A – Direct Plan – Growth
Scheme A –  Direct Plan – Dividend

Dividends - They are parts of profit generated by the company. The profit is divided as per the number of shares the company has and distributed to share holders. This means the company will pay you a sum of amount every year. This your returns. Eg: With Five lakhs investment over a period of 5 years, with 12% minimum interest, you will get 6661 Rs per month as dividend.

Growth - They are dividends generated from the shares which are automatically reinserted as investment. The money that the company pay you as dividends are used to buy more shares. This will increase your NAV.

In Regular plans, the Mutual Fund house, or the agent takes commission or fee from your investment. This will decrease your Net asset value (NAV). Think in terms of some guy making money out of your investment without you knowing about it. If your maturity amount is 1 crores, you may be getting 75 lakhs of NAV and 25 would have gone to the agent.

In direct plans, you are saving the money increasing your NAV. Always opt for direct plans.

Open ended fund - In open ended fund you can close, switch funds anytime.

Close Ended Fund - In closed ended fund, there will be lock out period and the mutual fund house may charge exit and entry charges.

Consistent Past Returns - Check the consistent returns given by the funds to the investors. That way you can see the performance of the fund. Following is an example of the returns given by some funds in the previous years.

Invest in Mutual Funds for Beginners

You should go for Open Ended Direct Growth Fund that provided good consistent returns in the past.

How often you track your mutual fund portfolio? (Tracking does not means reviewing)

You should be checking daily gains/NAV, XIRR, Absolute returns, etc. at least per month.

How to Get a List of Mutual Funds and their Returns in a five year period

Freefincal has created an amazing excel template consist of all the mutual funds and their returns of a five year period. This template can be used as Mutual Fund screener for beginners

How to Create an Experimental Portfolio in ValueResearchOnline

An experimental portfolio will help you to understand the performance of your funds without actually doing the investment. It is more like a demo.

Create an account, select my portfolio, select add investments and select mutual fund.
Go to Money control top rate funds list, quora Q&A or ET article on best mf funds to invest and find out top rated mutual funds that you are planning to invest.
Copy the name of the mutual fund and paste it in portfolio.
Add amount, date and price and select save.
Add as many funds possible and find out NET value

Watch Video


AMC - Asset Management Company
SBI Mutual Funds, Aditya birla are some Asset management Companies. You can also call them Mutual Fund Houses [MF houses].

RTA - Registrar and Transfer Agents

CAMS, KARVY, Franklin Templeton and Sundaram BNP Paribas are RTAs. RTAs manages many mutual fund houses or AMCs and helps the investor to invest money in multiple AMCs.
CAMS and Karvy are registrars who manages many AMCs.

Net asset value (NAV)
NAV means the current value of the share that you have. NAV is calculated per day as per the trade price of the shares you have in account.

NAV = (assets - liabilities) / number of outstanding shares

Maturity Amount = The amount that you are going to get once the SIP ends.


1. Money control - Provide Live Stock Price, Stock Trading news, Live CNBC TV18, Share Market, Views and Analysis on Equity and Stock Markets Tips etc.

2. Value Research Online - Share analysis on each mutual fund and gives a rating.

January 31, 2018

How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

Are you searching for How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month. It can be five dollars, five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars depending on the niche and season. It is just 90% of pure hard work and 10% smart work. Let me show you how some bloggers really make money as n Amazon Affiliate and share you some screenshots on income per month for Amazon Associates Program.

How They get Money from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote products and services of a merchant website using links or banners. You get income or affiliate revenue when new user signs up and buy the product. Having a website with some traffic is an additional leverage only. The fundamental aspect of promoting affiliate links is to get it delivered to the right audience.

Affiliate marketing

How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

I know that A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some screenshots of Amazon affiliate income.

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

After 6-7 months: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers india

After 1 year: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate high income for bloggers india

After 2 years: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers united states

How do they earn so much

1. Promote affiliate links: Run a directory/comparison App

Create an app that list of your merchant's products and service or compares various products of your affiliate products to others. You can publish the app in various app market places such as Google Playstore, Apple iTunes store, Amazon App Market place etc.

2. Run a coupon discount App

CouponDunia is a great example of this app. They created an app that list all kinds of discounts thereby promoting affiliate links.

Promote affiliate links for free: Run a coupon discount App

3. Have A YouTube Channel / Series

Start a YouTube channel and start making videos of reviews about the products and services offered by the merchant service. Add affiliate links at the description of every video.

4. Provide courses/training modules

If you have expertise in the products and services of the products that you get affiliated to it, start running courses/trainings. You can any teaching platforms and start generating money from teaching as well affiliate links.

How to Promote Affiliate links Without Website: Provide courses/training modules

Twitch Gaming Affiliate

5. Build websites / templates / designs for clients

You can suggest your client to buy a specific product that you are affiliated to and get money from that. The client will get a good deal as well as you. A win-win situation.

6. Develop themes, plug ins, or software for commercial use

Add your affiliate links in those themes, templates and do some marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

7. Run a podcast on making money without website

A podcast will help you to generate good revenue but you may need the traffic just as website. A beginner in podcast do not need to expect much of significant revenue in the first few months.

8. Write content/articles in other websites

There are many successful websites that have thousands of loyal readers and huge traffic. You can submit a guest blog post to these websites and add an affiliate link. You may need to write the article as per the instructions in the website. Usually guest posting is accepted by major websites. If you get your posts published in The Huffington Post or Mashables, you did not need to look back.

9. Social Media Marketing to promote amazon associates without website

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to create a loyal fan base and successfully generate revenue. Facebook pages with affiliate links can be used to promote affiliate links. Start with social media marketing if you have$0.00 funds to begin with and later on move to e book marketing.

FlipKart E Commerce Affiliate or Amazon Affiliate

10. Free affiliate marketing without website

Create an email list and send word to everyone about a new discount or a promo code offered by the merchant website. It is that simple.

11. Incentives (example: offer a product/service for free in return for a purchase)

Offer incentives to buyers for purchasing your products. You can use 1-2% of the revenue to provide incentives.

12. Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

You can set up Cashbacks out of your affiliate revenue. Thereby promoting affiliate links and get more traffic.

coupondunia Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

13. Pay per click affiliate programs without website (example: Google AdWords)

Set up Google Adwords account and create a campaign based on your affiliate links. You may need to spend some money on advertising.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

14. On Forums (example: You are active on forums and plan to write there)

Find forums related to the niche of your promoting products and service and add comments. This way more users will end up buying products and you get money. This way you can generate money utilizing user base of the merchant website. Forums helps in building your credibility and trust among online communities.

HostGator Hosting Affiliate or BlueHost Hosting Affiliate

15. Write an E Book on how to make money with affiliate marketing on facebook

You can write an ebook on why people should buy this product or a review of the product. It is not that easy to write an ebook. But once you are ready with an ebook, you can get revenue by selling the ebook as well generating income from affiliate marketing.

16. Use Squido or Hubpages to promote affiliate links for free

Squido and Hubpages already have strong readership. You can write articles in them and add affiliate links.

17. Outsource Writing, Designing and Marketing

If you are ready to spend some money, find a freelancer in Elancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and ask them to write a good article on the products that you want to promote or create an e book. Find a designer to design the template, ebook, article in a presentable form. Find a good marketing manager and pay to market the product.

18. Personal recommendation to make money with affiliate marketing

It is always a good strategy - Word of Mouth. Do you know any friend who want to buy a product, suggest him your products and ask him to buy using your affiliate link. Give him some incentive for that. Next time he will ask you if he need to buy a product.

January 25, 2018

New Market Place on Facebook is Here To Buy and Sell Online

Ever thought about buy stuff online from Facebook. Facebook Market Place is where you can buy, sell and browse items and buy it from nearby people. Facebook has launched the new Market place where you can upload details and images of the product and get customers around you and from the local community. New market place on facebook is where To buy and sell Online products that can be new, old, or used. You can buy anything from anywhere whether it is from Canada, Kansas or New York, Brooklyn, NY, Mountain View, California or even Abu Dhabi, UAE from market place facebook.

How to Sell in Facebook Market Place

Go to Facebook, Select Facebook Market Place, Select +Sell Something and write the descriptions of the product.

sell things online via Facebook market place

Type Name of the product
Enter Price of the product
Add Location
Select Category
Describe the item
Add images of the product and post.

Once you add the product in market place, it will appear like below. You can select sold when the buyer buy the product.

FB market place seller page

You can mark the product as Available, if you have more quantity to sell. 

I was trying to make it available but it is not working currently. You need to reload the page to make it work.

What Can You Buy and Sell from Market Place on Facebook

You can buy all the stuff in the world. Look at the below categories.

Antiques & Collectibles
Arts & Crafts
Auto Parts
Baby & Kids
Bags & Luggage
Books, Movies & Music
Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
Clothing & Shoes - Men
Clothing & Shoes - Women
Electronics & Computers
Garage Sale
Health & Beauty
Jewelry & Accessories
Mobile Phones
Musical Instruments
Pet Supplies
Property For Sale
Property Rentals
Sports & Outdoors
Toys & Games
Video Games

Select a product
Message the seller
Negotiate and Fix the price
Buy the product

Market Place on Facebook vs OLX Vs Craiglist

I have written post on Top 36 Android Apps For Buying and Selling Used Items that includes Olx in India,  Craiglist and more. All these apps and online market places are going to face tough competition from Market place of facebook.

Amazon team thinking about Facebook market place

Amazon, FlipKart, Snap Deal and all other E Commerce companies are going to face tough challenges ahead in the online competition. 

Share the post for your Facebook friends who wants to buy and sell in market place on Facebook.

January 24, 2018

How to Create a Great Restaurant Website

Do you want to make a website for your restaurant. A great restaurant website  is a good platform to show how good your restaurant is. Creating a great Website for Your Restaurant starts with selecting good templates and goes on adding content, pictures, menu, online order and payment option. I was searching for tips to create a great restaurant website. I was unable to find it online. I decided to write this awesome post on what makes a good restaurant website, what does a restaurant website need and how to create a great website for your restaurant.

What makes a good restaurant website

A good restaurant website consist of the template design, ease of ordering, easy payments and refunds, great online customer care, attention grabbing pictures and what not. Careful content creation and an awesome design can make it a good restaurant website.

A good website for restaurant cannot be made without the personal touch of you. Only you have that secret ingredient to make it great - Passion. The same passion that you had when you started a restaurant. You only how your restaurant should stand out from others and what it stands for. Website designers and content creators can help you to build a good restaurant website when you guide them.

What does a restaurant website need

This section of what does a restaurant website need is going to be little long. I am going to add some headings/ titles that you can use when you are going to build your great website.

An awesome Template does half of the cooking

You can hire a website designer to create a website template for your restaurant. This will be costlier as they may charge you per hour. Other cheaper way is to surf Internet on topics like "templates for restaurant", "template theme for a restaurant website", "free template for restaurant website" etc.

Why You Should Not Use provides an amazing and free way to make website design and launch them in minutes. Why I suggested not to use is that it will provide you a sub domain for your restaurant website. The website will be like www.your It won't look good when you print in a card or say to someone. In case of SEO, sub domains cannot rank that much. Always buy a domain and launch your website.

Here are some Great Restaurant Website Design Templates

You can buy and use the below templates. 

Grand Restaurant | Cafe Restaurant WordPress for Restaurant

This website has 4,566 Sales with many options.

Multiple menu size and price with order option
Pay pal, master card, visa, amerian express, discover network
Coupon code and discounts
Online reservation
Google maps and mutiple locations
translation ready

Check other good website designs in themeforest, w3layouts, templatemonster an

Website Content and Navigation

Here are some heading and titles that you can use for navigation, menu, and content creation for your restaurant website.

Home page
Homepage of your restaurant should grab the visitor attention and make them order food.

Online order/checkout cart
Chef Special
Dish of the day
Coupons and discounts
Upcoming events
Newsletter sign up
What’s New?
Social Media widgets
Picture Gallery
Search button
Bottom page
Google map
Social media Links
Terms and conditions
Privacy policy

About Us
About us is a good platform to share details about your restaurant.

About restaurant
Our strategy
Our values
Who We are
Board of Directors
Advisory board
Our team

Resource Kit
It would be a great idea to share your restaurant brochures to customers so that they will share to others and create good local presence.
Media Coverage
Certificates and awards

Share and tag #shipmethisrestaurantwebsitedesign for others.  

January 17, 2018

YouTube Partner Program New Rules | 4000 hours views, 1000 subs, 30 days

Are you searching for youtube partnership requirements, youtube partnership new changes, youtube partner program terms, monetize youtube and youtube monetization rules. Then you must know YouTube proposed new YouTube Partner Program New Rules and requirements on creator monetization. That is 4000 hours views in one year, 1000 subscribers and 30 days grace period.

I woke up today and checked my email on 17 January 2018. There was this very shocking mail from YouTube Team on titled Important updates to the YouTube Partner Program. The email content is added below and I know all of you got the same emails. Now what are they thinking?

Comment of a small YouTuber: "I got the email from youtube which said i need 4000 hours. I had 4,440 and i literally jumped out of joy it was only later that i realized i had 4,440 minutes, which is just 74 hours. Now, i feel like i have to climb mount Everest"

Mail from YouTube on YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program New Rules | 4000 hours views, 1000 subs, 30 days
Youtube channel requirements

Today we are announcing changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). While our goal remains to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible, we recognize we need more safeguards in place to protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem.

What's Changing 

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, , is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated.

One of YouTube’s core values is to provide anyone the opportunity to earn money from a thriving channel. Creators who haven’t yet reached this new threshold can continue to benefit from our Creator Academy, our Help Center, and all the resources on the Creator Site to grow their channels. Once your channel reaches the new threshold, it will be reviewed to make sure it adheres to our policies and guidelines, and if so, monetization will be re-enabled.

What! Are you Kidding Me?

4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in 30 days is impossible for small channel creators and You know it. I checked Reddit and they are going crazy over this decision. Many small creators feels that they were betrayed from Youtube because it is merely impossible to get such kind of reach in limited number of days.

Why 4000 hours, 1000 subscribers, 30 days. YouTube on YouTube Partner Program

Youtube Team handled the Logan Paul Situation very badly. It is clear that this decision is aftermath of that. Someone was saying that it feels like because someone was late for class, the entire class got punished. This is an accurate description on what happened with small channels who were making less money from YouTube Partner Program.

Imagine your channel is getting 4000 hours in last 12 months but only have less than 1000 subscribers, this means you cannot monetize the videos.

Imagine you channel have more than 1000 subscribers but got less than 4000 hours views which 240000 minutes in last 12 months, you still cannot monetize the videos. 4k Hours per year is almost impossible for small creators who depend on organic traffic.

It would be great idea to check the current marketing strategy and use other means of promotions. I am not sure how fast a small creator channel can achieve such a huge requirement. But if you want to monetise, there is no other way. 

YouTubers are searching for alternative platforms for monetizing the content. Unfortunately Vidme, an alternative to YouTube is closing down due to lack of engagement and community contribution. Vimeo can be one one option for uploading videos.

How To Invite Multiple Users and managers To Manage Your Youtube Channel without disclosing login Id and Password.

Update 21-2-18

All the channels which are not met the YouTube new requirements, have received the following message.

As a result of changes to the YouTube Partner program requirements, your channel is currently no longer eligible for monetization.

As a result of changes to the YouTube Partner program requirements, your channel is currently no longer eligible for monetization.

October 18, 2017

how to earn money from wordpress plugins

Are you searching for how to earn money from free wordpress blog with plugins, how to make money on wordpress blog and how to make money with wordpress in 48 hours. You can make money selling wordpress plugins. This post tells you how to make money with a wordpress website using wordpress monetization plugins. I am sure you will get good wordpress business ideas such as money making wordpress themes and plugins from this post.

This post would be a compilation of the information about earn money from wordpress plugins available online in many blogs and websites. Many of the methods published in websites need to be read thoroughly to understand  the hidden gems. Many of these posts has more than 4k words and happened to take more than 15 minutes to read one single post. Now imagine you reading each and every post online to find the needed information. It will be like finding needle in a haystack.

That is exactly why I am going to list out the major content published in those posts and links to each article. This post reviews 4 articles which saves you more than 1 hour. I read it for you and now you can save 15 minutes per post on how to make money from Wordpress plugins. Here is how you can make money from internet.

earn money from wordpress plugins

October 10, 2017

7 Exciting New Royalty Free Popular Releases in Envato

Here is a list of all new Exciting New Royalty Free Popular Releases in Envato.

1. The popular releases in CodeCanyon include PHP Scripts, WordPress, eCommerce, JavaScript, CSS, Mobile, HTML5, Skins, WP Themes and Plugins.

launch website faster with prebuilt code in codecanyon

2. The popular releases in Graphicriver include Graphics, Print, Web Elements, Add-ons, Vectors, Presentations, Infographics, Icons, Fonts and Logos.

give your work a boost with out huge library of design elements stock graphic files graphicriver Envato

3. The popular releases in Photodune include photos and images related Animals, Architecture, Business, Food, Health, Sports, People, Technology, Travel and Video Footage.

find the perfect royalty free image royalty free stock photography from phtotodune Envato store marketplace

4. The popular releases in 3Docean include 3D Models, Cars, HDRI Images, CG Textures, Materials & Shaders, Base Meshes and Scripts & Plugins.

royalty free 3D objects and files in 3docean envato 3d files market

5. The popular releases in ThemeForest include WordPress, HTML, Marketing, CMS, eCommerce, Muse, UI Design and Plugins.

website templates and theme launch beautiful, responsive websites faster with themeforest templates Envato buy

6. The popular releases in Audiojungle include Music, Music Packs, Music Kits NEW, Logos & Idents, Sound Effects and Source Files.

add emotion, energy and impact to your projects with music and sound effects royalty free audio files in audiojungle in Envato community

7. The popular releases in Videohive include After Effects Project Files, Apple Motion, Motion Graphics, Stock Footage, Cinema 4D Templates and Add Ons.

Produce slick videos and motion graphics royalty free video files with videohive Envato buy from market
Get them now..

October 7, 2017

How To Start A Professional Blog From the Scratch: 12 Videos

Here are 12 Videos that can help you to start a professional blog from scratch.

How To Start A Professional Blog From the Scratch: 12 Videos

1. Find High Paying Keywords and Niche

Every blog need a professional and catchy name. Not just catchy, it should have expected worth to get ads and get ranked higher in Google. Webmaster use high paying Keywords to generate attractive and high paying domain names and niches.

How to Find High Paying Keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Adwords Keyword planner tool is a free tool provided by Google to find out expensive keywords bid by advertisers. You can use this amazing tool to find keywords related to your interest and come up with catchy high paying keywords.

Read more on How to Find High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

2. Buy A Domain Name

A domain name is very needed for a professional blog. You can buy new domains or expired domains. A domain only costs 1-5 dollars a year and the renewal rate is limited to couple of dollars. It is very cheap to buy domains.

I use Blue Host to buy and register new domains and you can get it for free if you buy for a hosting plan.

bluehost domain buy
blue host hosting domain

How To Buy Domain Names on Google Domain Name Service

3. Buy A Hosting Plan

How To Buy A Hosting Plan From SiteGround

Check other hosting plans: 16 Best Shared Wordpress Hosting 2017 Compared, 5 Efficient Web Hosting Plans with Prons and Cons and Limited Offer On Web Hosting 51% Off.

4. Host the Domain in Hosting Provider

5. Install HTTPS

6. Install Wordpress

How To Install Wordpress in Siteground CPanel

7. Add A WordPress Theme

How To Change and Install WordPress Theme

8. Add / Edit Widgets in WordPress

9. Add Google Analytics to WordPress

10. Add Link HTTPS Website to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

11. Add XML Sitemap for Blogspot Custom Domains in Webmaster tools

12. How to Activate Free Trial Subscription of SEMrush

SEMrus is an amazing keyword research tool combined with many other interesting features.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Site Audit
  3. Position tracking
  4. Advertising research
  5. Backlinks
  6. PLA
  7. Video analytics
  8. Social Media tool
  9. Organic research
  10. Brand Monitoring
  11. Display Advertising
  12. SEO Ideas

Watch 12 Videos in a single Play list in YouTube.

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