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September 8, 2018

8 Passive Income Ideas in India Online

I have been searching in Google on topics passive income ideas 2018 and Passive income ideas for 2018 in India. It was very hard to find Passive income ideas for 2018 in India examples and ways to do passive income investments.

I decided to compile all the information and make a post on how to make passive income online and how to create passive income with no money. This step by step guide will help you to generate passive income and your friends and relatives for making passive income.

What is Passive Income

As the name suggest it is income in passive way without the active involvement of the person. To explain more, most of us work from 9-5 to earn money and that is active involvement. Suppose you have a property and you are getting a nice rent from it. That is called passive income.

Passive Income Ideas in India Online

Online businesses are popular way to earn income and it can provide you with customers from all around the World.

Passive income ideas for 2018 in India

Here are 8 Profitable Online Small Start up Business/Freelance Ideas for students without investment or with low investment to make small profitable business and high profit to start with.

"Amritha was in confusion before. She know how to make and design ornaments and she wanted to sell it through online to reach to more customers. She started her own online store and after six months of marketing, she is earning 5000 rs only through online by selling her handmade crafts!!." Why cant you become like her and earn some income?

 For offline business, you have to spend lots of days to find a suitable business location, affordable building, staffs, and other infrastructures. Online business is much  easier to start, with cheaper investment.

1. Specialized Retail Service Provider

There are thousands of commercial wholesale retailers who have large number of inventories like Amazon, Flip Cart etc. You don't need products of your own where you have to worry about storing, making and selling your products.

You need to start an online store as a start up for providing specialized retail services for customers. Read my latest post: Create Best Online Stores with Practical E Commerce Platforms for details about online stores. You may also need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart. This is one of the best passive income idea and can generate good amount of money in India.

2. Social Media Consultant

Social media marketing is a popular way to gain customers. Large number of firms and private companies /firms need social media marketing to spread information about their products and services and gain customers.

Some of these companies may not be able to post staffs for this and they will hire somebody who is an expert in social media marketing in a contract basis. You need to search for these companies and post your expertise and experience. You can work in a home basis and part time to earn a good income. This is one of the best passive income ideas for 2018 in India.

3. Web Creation / Design and Layout Optimization

Do you know some bits of coding in xHTML, and some designing sense and experience, then you can do web designing and layout optimization. You have to find jobs that related to website creation / Design in freelancer websites.

Many of my friends has taken up this passive income idea and started selling their skills in Upwork and Fiverr. You need to ensure good customer support for building your reputation. You also need a port folio like this for getting clients. Go to 50 freelance job sites for designers and programmers to know more.

4. Online Internet Researcher

As I said before, there will be lot of companies which need skilled online researcher to contribute to the SEO growth as well as keyword research. Being an online researcher is a profitable passive income source. Once you establish yourself, you can earn up to 45 dollars per hour. Not bad, Hah!!.

You may have to find some established companies that will give you a push in this field unless you will have to suffer hidden conditions of fraud companies. There are Freelance Internet Research Jobs Online and Internet research jobs as more resources.

5. Mobile app Developer / Assistance developer

Developing an app is a cumbersome task. Skilled developers will always get good pay and there is a need for them. You can start by assisting main developers by finding bugs and try to correct it. This way you will get much exposure to the codes and programming and later on you can establish yourself in the field. You can find good freelancer jobs using

A mobile app can give you high stream of passive income for a long time. Make sure you have more than 20,000 users and money will be accumulating easily.

6. Teacher / Tutor for Online Courses to get Income

There are thousands of students looking for teachers/tutors for language, technical, IT courses. You may not need proper qualifications for starting an online course.You do not need experience in teaching / tutoring /  lecturing people. Udemy is a great place to start tutoring and is selected as one of the top Passive income ideas for 2018 in India.

If you have good knowledge regarding cooking, playing musical instruments, language skills etc, you can start your own courses and earn money. There are online tutor courses where you can learn and acquire skills to become a good tutor.

7. E book marketing

E books are a good way to get income. There are thousands of free e book self publishing services which you can access. You may need a catchy title, original content, and a good marketing skill. You can use Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing tool. You can hire someone to write an E book if you are not able to do so. This person is known as Ghost writer and you have to pay him for the service.

Once e book is published, you can hire a social media or social marketing person. Get much voice around it and start selling it. You will have a successful passive income source in no time.

8. Affiliate, Referral and Niche marketing 

As everybody know affiliate, referral and Niche marketing is a popular way to earn money. You may need to invest lot of time for research and visitors. But once you get a flow, things will get smooth. Some affiliate marketing companies that provide good revenue are FlipKart, Commission Junction, Amazon affiliates, Shopify.

I know a friend who is earning 3,00,000 lakh per month passively through affiliate sales. It may look up tough in the beginning. Over a course of time, you will get more readers and eventually your passive income stream will widen and boom.

9. New Market Place on Facebook An Additional Source for Passive Income

Ever thought about buy stuff online from Facebook. Facebook Market Place is where you can buy, sell and browse items and buy it from nearby people. Facebook has launched the new Market place where you can upload details and images of the product and get customers around you and from the local community.

New market place on facebook is where To buy and sell Online products that can be new, old, or used. You can buy anything from anywhere whether it is from Canada, Kansas or New York, Brooklyn, NY, Mountain View, California or even Abu Dhabi, UAE from market place facebook.

How to Sell in Facebook Market Place

Go to Facebook, Select Facebook Market Place, Select +Sell Something and write the descriptions of the product.

sell things online via Facebook market place

Type Name of the product
Enter Price of the product
Add Location
Select Category
Describe the item
Add images of the product and post.

Once you add the product in market place, it will appear like below. You can select sold when the buyer buy the product.

FB market place seller page

You can mark the product as Available, if you have more quantity to sell. 

I was trying to make it available but it is not working currently. You need to reload the page to make it work.

What Can You Buy and Sell from Market Place on Facebook

You can sell all the stuff in the world and income. Look at the below categories.
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Appliances
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Auto Parts
  • Baby & Kids
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Bicycles
  • Books, Movies & Music
  • Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
  • Clothing & Shoes - Men
This is an additional income sources to get passive income in india online.

10. Earn Money with Location Neutral Income Automation Dropshipping Business

Location Neutral Income Automation Dropshipping provides you real money by selling products to customers without manufacturing them. A dropshipper is a reseller who import Products to an online Store and sell hundreds of Products directly to customers.

You can start a Location Neutral Income Automation dropshipping website with very less investment and become a successful dropshipper. In this post, I will share you how I started my drop shipping website and step by step guide to begin dropshipping.

I will explain concepts on Location Neutral Income Automation dropshipping websites, dropshipping wholesalers, dropshipping suppliers, dropshipping shopify, dropshipping amazon and aliexpress dropshipping.

Things You Need to Have to Start a Location Neutral Income Automation Dropshipping Business

There are a couple of things you need to have to start with dropshipping business. I will explain them clearly.

Step By Step Guide on How To Start a Dropshipping Business

Domain - How to Purchase a domain: Went to, bought a domain called for 99 Rs. Login to GoDaddy, DNS settings, changed default nameserves to siteground namesevers.

Hosting - Went to, bought a wordpress hosting start up plan for $3.95/mo. It costs me $47.40 USD for an year. Login to C Panel, installed SSL certificate for free using Lets Encrypt. Installed wordpress from cpanel with https.

Woocommerce theme - Went to themeforest and searched for e commerse templates, dropshipping templates, ecommerce woocommerse wordpress template theme. Selected Woodmart theme. Went to and got the free version of the template. Downloaded the theme. Went to wordpress admin panel, appearance, themes, add new and added the theme. Edited the theme, changed the sliders, pictures, logo. I used Canva to change the logo.

Alidropship Plugin - You need to buy the Alidropship plugin from Aliexpress. The actual cost is 89$ but you can purchase the plugin for US $66.75 by using this link with adding coupon code woo25. Download the plugin to your computer and install in wordpress.

Alidropship Chrome Extension - Go to Chrome store and Download Alidropship Chrome Extension. This will make it easy for you to import products from Ali express.

Amazon Seller Store - You have to have Amazon Seller Store Account in order to start selling products in Amazon. Make one using this link and get free rewards.

You need to know some trending products to start with. You can use Trend hunter for this.

How to Get Best Selling Products List for Location Neutral Income Automation

There are mainly 3-4 websites I choose to get best selling products.

1.  Amazon
4. Google Trends

How to Install AliDropship Woo Plugin in Wordpress

How to Activate AliDropship Woo Plugin in Wordpress

Books to read
1. Sam Walton: Made In America

4 Passive Income Ideas From Investments

  1. Interest on bonds/fixed income investments,dividends
  2. Booked profit on equity investments using,  Zerodha Varsity
  3. Trade/ invest in cryptocurrencies like  Bitcoins, ripple, ethereum using bitstamp and shapeshift
  4. Invest in small businesses by people whom no bank or financial institution lend money like  small tea and snack serving shop

16 Passive Freelancing Income Ideas 2018 in India

  1. Freelancing work for webdesign
  2. Amazon mTurk
  3. Fiverr
  4. Google pokerhigh
  5. Data Entry in Fiverr, WorknHire and Upwork.
  6. Photography with Baby shoots, pre/post weddings.
  7. Photography by selling photos in shutterstock and istockphoto.
  8. Write blog, writes articles in Hubpages, app reviews and get money from Ads from Google Ad sense.
  9. Creating and buying Apps from CodeCanyon and earn from Google Admob.
  10. Running a coupons website
  11. Advertising Local Businesses/Restaurants/ Local Products/ promoting Events through regional facebook pages and instagram using IFTTT.
  12. Medical transcription. Per line qa fetches 3 to 7 Rs per line and typing fetches 1 to 5 one per line depending on your experience and accuracy percentage.
  13. Acuhealer after doing one year accupuncture course
  14. Teaching Yoga
  15. Write an ebook and sell it in Amazon.
  16. Create an online course or online guide

4 Passive Selling Online Income Ideas in India 2018

  1. Selling books on Amazon
  2. Affiliate Marketing - Recommending books and courses in Amazon and Udemy
  3. Hand paintings on Kurtis, Sarees, Bedspreads etc
  4. Reseller of ladies wear, handbags, jewellery,  sell clothes, quilled jewellery, keep sake items, creative art, wooden toys etc.

17 Passive Business Income Ideas 2018 in India

  1. Tiffin service
  2. Tuition for students - high-paying tuition (2-3k/hour) for GMAT students.
  3. Driving auto/ Cab for families on calls
  4. Having a Uber / Ola car with dedicated driver. The legal liability on accidents is with the car owner.
  5. An ice cream Parlor
  6. A small coffee farm(with pepper and cardamom)
  7. Rented flats
  8. Buy smaller properties in Tier 2 cities with the help of distant relatives and rent it
  9. Matrimony business
  10. Employee referral 
  11. Take classes in a private coaching institute
  12. Event management
  13. Gives money on interest at the rate of 4 percent per month. The lending system works 15% annually normally.
  14. Conduct chocolate making and Ice cream making workshops
  15. Providing digital signature by becoming sub LRA
  16. Real estate broker (for selling/renting land, house etc]. Broker gets anywhere around 2-3% as commission
  17. Rent out unused rooms for Airbnb and get rent.
You can use different methods like search engine optimization, website design optimization, social-media networking, email marketing and content marketing for building up fans and generate much more income.

Updates: More Passive Income Ideas for Making Money While Sleeping

Peer to Peer: Have you heard about Peer to Peer lending platforms. You can give money to a person via online and that person will give back money to you with interest. There is always the risk of default.

Get cash-back rewards: Have you used PayTM and other similar online apps to book flight tickets, train tickets, mobile recharges ec. You may have entered promo codes and got cash back from it. If you can scale it to your friends, relatives and family members for doing recharges and get similar cash backs, you can earn a good amount of pocket money.

August 1, 2018

How to Use Social Media For B2C Marketing

Social Media is growing everyday. It is time for businesses to Use Social Media For B2C Marketing. I will show you how to use twitter and linkedin for business. You can reach to unlimited international customers using this direct contact method. The amount of potential customers that you reach out with this method is unlimited. Here is how to use twitter for business.

How to use twitter for business to get customer list

You should have a product "neck pillow" and a website.
Login to Twitter Account.
Go to search option.
Type "buy neck pillow" without quotes.
You will get a list of twitter accounts - potential customers who wrote "i want to buy a neck pillow" or "buy a neck pillow" etc.

How to Use Social Media For B2C Marketing

How to Use Social Media For B2C Marketing twitter

Select their profile picture or name to get the twitter ID. Twitter id starts with @ like @shipmethis.
Copy that and select Message option.
Paste the twitter ID and select Next.
Type "We have just added an amazing anti stress neck pillow to our store. You will love it. Check it out!". Then add the URL to the shop page and some smileys after that.
Select Send.

Repeat this exercise to maximum people and see the response. You will get free traffic + some sales like this without spending any money.

Check out the video that i made on how to use twitter for business.

Best way to use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Everybody knows that Linkedin is a rather social platform for employment-oriented communication. It gives an opportunity for professionals to contact with their clients and customers. Having such a tool as Linkedin sales navigator, sales specialists establish valuable connections with their customers and look for bigger profits.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator with filters

Linkedin Sales navigator Website gives a nice opportunity to search for people who are engaged in the sphere of sales and filter them accordingly. All you need to do is to set your "buyer profile" an use search filters to concentrate on those customers or businesses you want to work with. Due to a vast set of filters, you may even look for the business that is using a certain technology such as Salesforce or Taleo.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator

Boolean search

Start from Boolean search (key words with modifiers) using different filters to shorten the list of results of key customers. After finding a target person, you may also check the other important people in that business with the help of contact tools.

The tool suggests best algorithm according to the search request. Remember to track and tag your search activity so that you could analyze your results. Use template if it is necessary to interact with a large list of contacts.

Finding the ideal buyer

Finding the ideal buyer does not mean that you will necessarily succeed in selling. Never push your service or product upon the person. First of all, try to establish a trustful relationship showing your personal not commercial interest.

Spamming your potential customers is the worst idea ever. You need to use Linkedin Sales Navigator tools to analyze your customers' preferences and interests to create a individual buyer-orientated message.

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid service that allows you to get an access to sales relative data promising a huge marketing potential.

May 26, 2018

Job Loss and Unemployment Stress: How to Cope

Unemployment and Depression are two side of the same coin. Are you being unemployed and depressed without job for 6 Months, having Job Loss and Unemployment Stress: How to Cope with this phase and want to Get Recruited but not getting any interview calls.

Do you have a 6-month unemployment period after graduation or Unemployed For over 6 Months after resigning from the last job. Getting unemployed and depressed is a normal phenomenon of many and you can use this time fruitful. There are millions of people in the US who are unemployed and depressed and you are not alone.

Here are 14 Tips if You've Been unemployed and depressed for Over 6 Months on how to improve your chances of to get a job, earn some passive income while having no job, escape from usual rejection e-mails, and increase confidence. Take your time and go through each point and choose that fits your interest and skill.

Job Loss and Unemployment Stress: How to Cope

These lessons are an amalgamation of all lessons that I learned after resigning from my last job and also some interesting comments shared by readers. This may help if you are going to resign a job or unemployed for quite sometime.

Job Loss and Unemployment Stress: How to Cope

When I quit my job, I had a job offer in my pocket. Though I did not take it. I went to home, took days to see what exactly I wanted to do and started blogging. Let me tell you, it is hard path. The more hours i put, the less money I was getting. My family started pointing out that I am unemployed and should start looking for a job. I was now unemployed and depressed.

I could not convince them about my path nor I could not show them any result. I was devastated. I did not know what to do. I stopped blogging and send resume to many employers. If I clearly remember I send resume to at least 22 employers. 2 rejected it and I did not any communication from others. Now I am depressed and unemployed.

Finally some friend of mine called about a job in an NGO far away from my place. I had to take it up due to strong family pressure and shift to a place that I have no idea about. Place was bad, job was bad, salary was ok. I continued there for 6 months and then I again decided to quit my job. In these months I worked hard in my blog and I was getting enough money from it.

Lessons from being unemployed and depressed without job

1. Create a source of income when you are unemployed: I am not saying that you may find success in blogging or any other stuff. But do try to create a source of income that you can depend on when you leave job. That way you do not need worry about anything.

2. Never need to convince anyone including your family: Your family or friends or relatives do not know why you quit the job or you are not getting job. It does not matter whether you convince them or not. They are mostly not going understand. For them a steady independent earner is the best choice.

3. Read about Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Kiyosaki: There are many wonderful personalities who struggled all their life and then with passion and hardwork, raised millions of dollars. Do think optimistically and dont follow the crowd.

4. 9-5 Job kills: Yes, you heard it right. You are working 8-9 hours a day for fulfilling the dream of someone just because you will get some money. You are working for money. If you keep for working for money, then it will only end in your death. Money should work for you. Do read Rich Dad Poor Dad on how you can make money work for you.

5. List of stuff that you want to do alone: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do list out many stuff that you are passionate or have an idea. Try the best one and learn from the mistakes. Do not put all your money in that idea.

6. Do Lean Start up: A start up can be a small shop, a blog or website, an information center for your local community. This will generate income while you are a searching for a job. I have shared a few start up ideas in case you are interested. You may have an idea to build a super market. Do start a small grocery shop first and learn the business well. Then add vegetable to it, and expand slowly over 2-3 years of time.

Practical Lessons for people who are unemployed and depressed but no idea

There are some who do not have any idea on doing and they just keep doing job search. For them these lessons will be very useful.

1. Never Leave A Job Without A Job In Your Hand.

Always try to find another job before resigning from the current one. This will give you a piece of mind even if you are not planning to take it. If you do not have any alternate job, you may end up having no job offer and high stress, or may have to take up other jobs that are uninteresting, unfamiliar or less paid.

2. Get great reference to back you up.

Build connections in the departments and in the organisations. This way there will be always good reference to back you up while you search for jobs because there are thousands of qualified people searching for jobs.

3. Use the time to learn a skill or do a certificate course while Being Unemployed

If you decided to resign without any job in hand, use the time wisely. Prepare for Government exams, higher education, join a new course related to your job, write IELTS exam, get passport, join an online certificate course from an international university, learn a new computer software, train in social, writing, communication skills and learn a new language like French or German. These will back you up while attending interviews unless you will marked as Professionals with a Gap.

4. Hold on to your reasons of quitting the job.

No need to get stressed and feeling worthless. You had your reasons for quitting the job. Your reasons may not be understood by others. So there is no point in clarifying your intention or reasons to others instead convince yourself. Build confidence. You can do SWOT analysis to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Hold on to your reasons of quitting the job

5. Get family involved

Family can help and support you in financial trouble. It is solely your call on whether you want to involve family. Staying with family will reduce your expenses thereby reducing financial stress.

Life Lessons for People unemployed and depressed and Never had a job

Here are some things or pointers that will help you restart your search for jobs or help you to figure out solutions.

1. Sell Your CV / Resume

Find good model of portfolio, CVs and Resume and start adding your information. Chance of getting a job is high with an excellent resume and good academic record. Prospective employers look at the CV before they look at you. It is your CV that makes the difference in the group of other potential applicants. You also need to start improving cover letter, statement of purpose and ask your friends to rate them at a scale of 1-10.

2 Being Selective is Tricky | Use Filters

I know many unemployed people who are looking for the right job or a job that match the skills or interest. If you are really want a job urgently, do not be selective much but use filters.
Filters can be;
a. low/ medium / high pay
b. small / medium / large company
c. regional / national / international company
d. permanent / temporary positition
e. matches your skills / does not match skills
f. matches your interests / does not match
g. higher positions or roles / lower positions

Being Unemployed

3. Get Unemployment Benefits for Being Unemployed

Apply for unemployment benefits from Government even if it is really less.

4. Step into a different field

Sometimes you need to get out of your degree cocoon and look for other jobs in different field. I know of a friend who have done Engineering Degree and have worked for a Space Research Organisations as an Intern and as a teacher for some years. So be open to all jobs in the market. Taking different jobs will help you to meet new people from different background eventually helping you to find the one you are looking for.

The job market is diluted with degrees. Mostly everyone is running behind general degrees like MBAs. Only a person with specific skill set have a chance to aim for a higher position. Many degrees pay very less such as Social work with a BA, or B.Ed

5. Look for Local Opportunities

Use google maps and search for all the companies nearby your area.
Check the website > career section, Visit their office, check with HR managers, contact them via email to know about existing vacancies.

6. Do Freelancing / Part Time Jobs and Earn Passive Income

While you are searching for jobs, sign with Elancer, Freelancers, upwork and other major freelancer sites and sell your skills. You can start applying on creating a resume for another person thereby earning income as well as learning the skill.

6. Post Resume in Job Boards and Websites

You can post your resume in Monster, Glassdoor, Careerbuilder, Dice Indeed and SimplyHired for identifying potential opportunities. You can also post resume to regional recruitment websites to get exposure.

7. Meet Other Job Seekers who also Being Unemployed currently

Go to coffee shops, clubs, online forums and talk to other fellow job seekers. They will say their story which will make you feel that your life is way better. This will also help you to generate leads and tips to other job opportunities.

January 31, 2018

How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

Are you searching for How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month. It can be five dollars, five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars depending on the niche and season. It is just 90% of pure hard work and 10% smart work. Let me show you how some bloggers really make money as n Amazon Affiliate and share you some screenshots on income per month for Amazon Associates Program.

How They get Money from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote products and services of a merchant website using links or banners. You get income or affiliate revenue when new user signs up and buy the product. Having a website with some traffic is an additional leverage only. The fundamental aspect of promoting affiliate links is to get it delivered to the right audience.

Affiliate marketing

How Much Money Do Amazon Affiliates Make Per Month

I know that A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some screenshots of Amazon affiliate income.

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

Starting months of Affiliate Marketing Income Level

After 6-7 months: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers india

After 1 year: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate high income for bloggers india

After 2 years: Affiliate Marketing Income Level

amazon affiliate income for bloggers united states

How do they earn so much

1. Promote affiliate links: Run a directory/comparison App

Create an app that list of your merchant's products and service or compares various products of your affiliate products to others. You can publish the app in various app market places such as Google Playstore, Apple iTunes store, Amazon App Market place etc.

2. Run a coupon discount App

CouponDunia is a great example of this app. They created an app that list all kinds of discounts thereby promoting affiliate links.

Promote affiliate links for free: Run a coupon discount App

3. Have A YouTube Channel / Series

Start a YouTube channel and start making videos of reviews about the products and services offered by the merchant service. Add affiliate links at the description of every video.

4. Provide courses/training modules

If you have expertise in the products and services of the products that you get affiliated to it, start running courses/trainings. You can any teaching platforms and start generating money from teaching as well affiliate links.

How to Promote Affiliate links Without Website: Provide courses/training modules

Twitch Gaming Affiliate

5. Build websites / templates / designs for clients

You can suggest your client to buy a specific product that you are affiliated to and get money from that. The client will get a good deal as well as you. A win-win situation.

6. Develop themes, plug ins, or software for commercial use

Add your affiliate links in those themes, templates and do some marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

7. Run a podcast on making money without website

A podcast will help you to generate good revenue but you may need the traffic just as website. A beginner in podcast do not need to expect much of significant revenue in the first few months.

8. Write content/articles in other websites

There are many successful websites that have thousands of loyal readers and huge traffic. You can submit a guest blog post to these websites and add an affiliate link. You may need to write the article as per the instructions in the website. Usually guest posting is accepted by major websites. If you get your posts published in The Huffington Post or Mashables, you did not need to look back.

9. Social Media Marketing to promote amazon associates without website

You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to create a loyal fan base and successfully generate revenue. Facebook pages with affiliate links can be used to promote affiliate links. Start with social media marketing if you have$0.00 funds to begin with and later on move to e book marketing.

FlipKart E Commerce Affiliate or Amazon Affiliate

10. Free affiliate marketing without website

Create an email list and send word to everyone about a new discount or a promo code offered by the merchant website. It is that simple.

11. Incentives (example: offer a product/service for free in return for a purchase)

Offer incentives to buyers for purchasing your products. You can use 1-2% of the revenue to provide incentives.

12. Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

You can set up Cashbacks out of your affiliate revenue. Thereby promoting affiliate links and get more traffic.

coupondunia Cash backs (example: returning part of the money paid back)

13. Pay per click affiliate programs without website (example: Google AdWords)

Set up Google Adwords account and create a campaign based on your affiliate links. You may need to spend some money on advertising.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

14. On Forums (example: You are active on forums and plan to write there)

Find forums related to the niche of your promoting products and service and add comments. This way more users will end up buying products and you get money. This way you can generate money utilizing user base of the merchant website. Forums helps in building your credibility and trust among online communities.

HostGator Hosting Affiliate or BlueHost Hosting Affiliate

15. Write an E Book on how to make money with affiliate marketing on facebook

You can write an ebook on why people should buy this product or a review of the product. It is not that easy to write an ebook. But once you are ready with an ebook, you can get revenue by selling the ebook as well generating income from affiliate marketing.

16. Use Squido or Hubpages to promote affiliate links for free

Squido and Hubpages already have strong readership. You can write articles in them and add affiliate links.

17. Outsource Writing, Designing and Marketing

If you are ready to spend some money, find a freelancer in Elancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and ask them to write a good article on the products that you want to promote or create an e book. Find a designer to design the template, ebook, article in a presentable form. Find a good marketing manager and pay to market the product.

18. Personal recommendation to make money with affiliate marketing

It is always a good strategy - Word of Mouth. Do you know any friend who want to buy a product, suggest him your products and ask him to buy using your affiliate link. Give him some incentive for that. Next time he will ask you if he need to buy a product.

January 24, 2018

How to Create a Great Restaurant Website

Do you want to make a website for your restaurant. A great restaurant website  is a good platform to show how good your restaurant is. Creating a great Website for Your Restaurant starts with selecting good templates and goes on adding content, pictures, menu, online order and payment option. I was searching for tips to create a great restaurant website. I was unable to find it online. I decided to write this awesome post on what makes a good restaurant website, what does a restaurant website need and how to create a great website for your restaurant.

What makes a good restaurant website

A good restaurant website consist of the template design, ease of ordering, easy payments and refunds, great online customer care, attention grabbing pictures and what not. Careful content creation and an awesome design can make it a good restaurant website.

A good website for restaurant cannot be made without the personal touch of you. Only you have that secret ingredient to make it great - Passion. The same passion that you had when you started a restaurant. You only how your restaurant should stand out from others and what it stands for. Website designers and content creators can help you to build a good restaurant website when you guide them.

What does a restaurant website need

This section of what does a restaurant website need is going to be little long. I am going to add some headings/ titles that you can use when you are going to build your great website.

An awesome Template does half of the cooking

You can hire a website designer to create a website template for your restaurant. This will be costlier as they may charge you per hour. Other cheaper way is to surf Internet on topics like "templates for restaurant", "template theme for a restaurant website", "free template for restaurant website" etc.

Why You Should Not Use provides an amazing and free way to make website design and launch them in minutes. Why I suggested not to use is that it will provide you a sub domain for your restaurant website. The website will be like www.your It won't look good when you print in a card or say to someone. In case of SEO, sub domains cannot rank that much. Always buy a domain and launch your website.

Here are some Great Restaurant Website Design Templates

You can buy and use the below templates. 

Grand Restaurant | Cafe Restaurant WordPress for Restaurant

This website has 4,566 Sales with many options.

Multiple menu size and price with order option
Pay pal, master card, visa, amerian express, discover network
Coupon code and discounts
Online reservation
Google maps and mutiple locations
translation ready

Check other good website designs in themeforest, w3layouts, templatemonster an

Website Content and Navigation

Here are some heading and titles that you can use for navigation, menu, and content creation for your restaurant website.

Home page
Homepage of your restaurant should grab the visitor attention and make them order food.

Online order/checkout cart
Chef Special
Dish of the day
Coupons and discounts
Upcoming events
Newsletter sign up
What’s New?
Social Media widgets
Picture Gallery
Search button
Bottom page
Google map
Social media Links
Terms and conditions
Privacy policy

About Us
About us is a good platform to share details about your restaurant.

About restaurant
Our strategy
Our values
Who We are
Board of Directors
Advisory board
Our team

Resource Kit
It would be a great idea to share your restaurant brochures to customers so that they will share to others and create good local presence.
Media Coverage
Certificates and awards

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January 17, 2018

YouTube Partner Program New Rules | 4000 hours views, 1000 subs, 30 days

Are you searching for youtube partnership requirements, youtube partnership new changes, youtube partner program terms, monetize youtube and youtube monetization rules. Then you must know YouTube proposed new YouTube Partner Program New Rules and requirements on creator monetization. That is 4000 hours views in one year, 1000 subscribers and 30 days grace period.

I woke up today and checked my email on 17 January 2018. There was this very shocking mail from YouTube Team on titled Important updates to the YouTube Partner Program. The email content is added below and I know all of you got the same emails. Now what are they thinking?

Comment of a small YouTuber: "I got the email from youtube which said i need 4000 hours. I had 4,440 and i literally jumped out of joy it was only later that i realized i had 4,440 minutes, which is just 74 hours. Now, i feel like i have to climb mount Everest"

Mail from YouTube on YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program New Rules | 4000 hours views, 1000 subs, 30 days
Youtube channel requirements

Today we are announcing changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). While our goal remains to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible, we recognize we need more safeguards in place to protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem.

What's Changing 

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, , is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated.

One of YouTube’s core values is to provide anyone the opportunity to earn money from a thriving channel. Creators who haven’t yet reached this new threshold can continue to benefit from our Creator Academy, our Help Center, and all the resources on the Creator Site to grow their channels. Once your channel reaches the new threshold, it will be reviewed to make sure it adheres to our policies and guidelines, and if so, monetization will be re-enabled.

What! Are you Kidding Me?

4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in 30 days is impossible for small channel creators and You know it. I checked Reddit and they are going crazy over this decision. Many small creators feels that they were betrayed from Youtube because it is merely impossible to get such kind of reach in limited number of days.

Why 4000 hours, 1000 subscribers, 30 days. YouTube on YouTube Partner Program

Youtube Team handled the Logan Paul Situation very badly. It is clear that this decision is aftermath of that. Someone was saying that it feels like because someone was late for class, the entire class got punished. This is an accurate description on what happened with small channels who were making less money from YouTube Partner Program.

Imagine your channel is getting 4000 hours in last 12 months but only have less than 1000 subscribers, this means you cannot monetize the videos.

Imagine you channel have more than 1000 subscribers but got less than 4000 hours views which 240000 minutes in last 12 months, you still cannot monetize the videos. 4k Hours per year is almost impossible for small creators who depend on organic traffic.

It would be great idea to check the current marketing strategy and use other means of promotions. I am not sure how fast a small creator channel can achieve such a huge requirement. But if you want to monetise, there is no other way. 

YouTubers are searching for alternative platforms for monetizing the content. Unfortunately Vidme, an alternative to YouTube is closing down due to lack of engagement and community contribution. Vimeo can be one one option for uploading videos.

How To Invite Multiple Users and managers To Manage Your Youtube Channel without disclosing login Id and Password.

Update 21-2-18

All the channels which are not met the YouTube new requirements, have received the following message.

As a result of changes to the YouTube Partner program requirements, your channel is currently no longer eligible for monetization.

As a result of changes to the YouTube Partner program requirements, your channel is currently no longer eligible for monetization.

October 18, 2017

how to earn money from wordpress plugins

Are you searching for how to earn money from free wordpress blog with plugins, how to make money on wordpress blog and how to make money with wordpress in 48 hours. You can make money selling wordpress plugins. This post tells you how to make money with a wordpress website using wordpress monetization plugins. I am sure you will get good wordpress business ideas such as money making wordpress themes and plugins from this post.

This post would be a compilation of the information about earn money from wordpress plugins available online in many blogs and websites. Many of the methods published in websites need to be read thoroughly to understand  the hidden gems. Many of these posts has more than 4k words and happened to take more than 15 minutes to read one single post. Now imagine you reading each and every post online to find the needed information. It will be like finding needle in a haystack.

That is exactly why I am going to list out the major content published in those posts and links to each article. This post reviews 4 articles which saves you more than 1 hour. I read it for you and now you can save 15 minutes per post on how to make money from Wordpress plugins. Here is how you can make money from internet.

earn money from wordpress plugins

October 10, 2017

7 Exciting New Royalty Free Popular Releases in Envato

Here is a list of all new Exciting New Royalty Free Popular Releases in Envato.

1. The popular releases in CodeCanyon include PHP Scripts, WordPress, eCommerce, JavaScript, CSS, Mobile, HTML5, Skins, WP Themes and Plugins.

launch website faster with prebuilt code in codecanyon

2. The popular releases in Graphicriver include Graphics, Print, Web Elements, Add-ons, Vectors, Presentations, Infographics, Icons, Fonts and Logos.

give your work a boost with out huge library of design elements stock graphic files graphicriver Envato

3. The popular releases in Photodune include photos and images related Animals, Architecture, Business, Food, Health, Sports, People, Technology, Travel and Video Footage.

find the perfect royalty free image royalty free stock photography from phtotodune Envato store marketplace

4. The popular releases in 3Docean include 3D Models, Cars, HDRI Images, CG Textures, Materials & Shaders, Base Meshes and Scripts & Plugins.

royalty free 3D objects and files in 3docean envato 3d files market

5. The popular releases in ThemeForest include WordPress, HTML, Marketing, CMS, eCommerce, Muse, UI Design and Plugins.

website templates and theme launch beautiful, responsive websites faster with themeforest templates Envato buy

6. The popular releases in Audiojungle include Music, Music Packs, Music Kits NEW, Logos & Idents, Sound Effects and Source Files.

add emotion, energy and impact to your projects with music and sound effects royalty free audio files in audiojungle in Envato community

7. The popular releases in Videohive include After Effects Project Files, Apple Motion, Motion Graphics, Stock Footage, Cinema 4D Templates and Add Ons.

Produce slick videos and motion graphics royalty free video files with videohive Envato buy from market
Get them now..

October 5, 2017

Tips for Affiliate Marketing For Starters

There are thousands of affiliate marketing ebooks, free courses, paid workshops, courses, guides online. Can a beginner earn money from these methods. Do these Affiliate Marketing Gurus actually earn money from these methods. If they do then how are they doing it. Here are some thought provoking discoveries and affiliate marketing tips For beginners with online checklist that I have discovered from my experiments with affiliate marketing.

Flip Side of Affiliate Marketing

Truth In Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where the affiliate get a small commission for referral for products purchased by others. Anyone can sign up under a merchant site as their affiliates and refer products to others using links, banners or widgets. If a user purchase the product, then you will get a small commission.

My Experiments with Affiliate Marketing

I thought about experimenting with affiliate marketing and wrote some posts related to affiliate marketing. Two major promoted affiliate marketing merchant sites were and Hosting websites.

Hosting Website Affiliate Marketing Posts

1. 16 Best Shared Wordpress Hosting 2017 Compared
2. 5 Efficient Web Hosting Plans with Prons and Cons

Do you want to know how much I earned from these posts from the date of publishing these posts till today: ZERO.

Here is an image of Amazon affiliate home page clicks that I got and all the other statistics.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Statistics

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Statistics

I have around 110 clicks in the stats which means users has clicked the product link and redirected to for 110 times. Not a single purchase was made by the user. I have added products that are less than 5 dollars to more than 100 dollars. This way I can ensure which product will have high conversion rate. Unfortunately users did not buy anything.

Authentic Websites Gets More Conversion

I think is was majorly because the site was not an authentic niche website for similar products. If the site was discussing only about a particular product then the conversion would have been higher. For new bloggers, this type of affiliate marketing is not be suitable and will not generate any revenue.

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Report

Here is the screenshot of web hosting affiliate marketing report.

siteground affiliate marketing income reportHolding Periods in Affiliate Products

I got one sale for site ground web hosting and they have a review period of thirty days.

"We have a standard hold period of 30 days before paying out an affiliate sale to make sure that the referred client actually stays with us past the 30-day money-back period and actively uses their account. We will review this sale 30 days after the purchase date and if it meets our payout requirements, you will receive a commission for it and its status will become Paid."

If the user decide to change the web host or take the money back because of bad experience from web hosting company, then you will not get any money. This is the reality of affiliate marketing.

Concentrated Power on Merchant Sites

Bloggers spend enormous amount of time to write posts on affiliate marketing products and end up getting 3 or 5 sales maximum. Out of that 1-2 users end up changing web hosting company or decide to take money back. Blogger get NOTHING at the end of the day.

Merchant sites have all the "power" to decide whether they should pay you or not. On the pay day, they may cut down your pay saying that some users took their money back or some sales were not done properly.

Lack of Effective Reporting System

Most of the affiliate sites lack an effective reporting system. Bloggers write reviews, add links, banners and do all kinds of social networking to generate leads. The Googleanalytics reportswill showhigh amount of traffic and high engagement rate for these posts. But the merchant site will show only 3-4 unique clicks and no sales.

Blue host affiliate marketing stats

There are couple of issues in tracking the clicks and sales which reduces the revenue of the blogger.

1. No Link Tracking - Users read the review and directly go to the merchant site and bookmark the product or service and buy later. The merchant site do not consider this as a sale.

2. Merchant site uses cookies to track leads - If a user delete the cookies in the browser, no sales are counted.

3. Merchant site uses caches to track leads - If the user delete the cache, you end up having no revenue.

Methods of tracking leads, clicks, sales are different from one merchant site to another. It is better to check how a specific affiliate merchant site is tracking the leads from your website.

Qualified Purchase In Affiliate Marketing

Each merchant site defines what is qualified purchase. An affiliate like you and me gets money only when the sale meets the definition of qualified purchase.

Things to Remember Before Doing Affiliate Marketing

There are couple of things that you need to research before starting affiliate marketing of any merchant site.

Commission Rate

How much is does the affiliate site pay you for each sale. Some merchant sites pay a specific amount like ten dollars for sale and some pay a percentage of sale. It is always better to do affiliate marketing of merchant sites that pays higher commission rate.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Commission Type

There are two major types of commissions.

Action Commission- Action commission is basically pay per action. Commission per one sale, commission of one unique click, per subscription, per referral and commission per download.

Recurring Commission - Recurring commission allow the affiliate to receive a portion of monthly or yearly commission till the user pays the fee to the merchant site. If a user X buy a product from using your link, you get a commission [action commission]. The user X pays some money monthly or yearly as renewed subscription charge to use the service and you get a small commission of that renewal fee paid by user X. I user X pay it for like ten years, you get money for ten years.

Qualified Purchase

As I mentioned before each company has its own definition for qualified purchase. Check out the definition of qualified purchase by Blue Host in their Terms of Service.

"A "Qualified Purchase" is the purchase of Bluehost's hosting services by a new and unique customer who: (i) clicks on an affiliate tracking link, (ii) completes the signup process within ninety (90) days of clicking on the affiliate tracking link, (iii) maintains an active account with Bluehost for a minimum of ninety (90) days; and (iv) did not transfer from a Bluehost partner or related company."

If a merchant site has strict rules like keeping an active account of ninety days, it would be better not to go for that. If a user get disappointed with the service of the product or service and decide to change, then you will end up having no revenue.

Qualified Purchase

Minimum threshold Amount

Companies fixes a minimum amount that you need to achieve to get a payout. This is called minimum threshold. Many affiliate sites set the minimum threshold to be one hundred dollars. It would be really tough task to achieve 100$ if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and do not have a website or blog with moderate traffic.

Cap in Earnings

Some merchant sites put a cap in earnings per month. This is basically to ensure no spamming is done by the affiliate. It is advisable to check if the merchant site have such terms.

Payment Methods

Many merchant sites prefer to pay using PayPal. Some use wire transfer for the pay out. It is always good to check the payment method and whether that is available in your country. Many payment transfers takes commission or fee for each transfer. It is better to opt for wire transfer to the bank to avoid any delays in transfer via other payment methods or companies.

Restrictions on Activities of an Affiliate

Every merchant site require an affiliate to fulfill certain responsibilities and ensure conditions are met.

Some general restrictions are;
  1. Affiliate should not offer any kind of cash back, rewards or other incentives to drive traffic to the affiliate links.
  2. Affiliate should not put ad links on pop-up/under and SPAM pages.
  3. Affiliate should not engage in banner exchanges, click exchanges, cookie stuffing techniques, Domain forwarding, creating fraudulent accounts, masking, redirecting or tampering of affiliate links and CPV advertising.
  4. Affiliate should not use trademark of the merchant site and misspelled keywords in their domain names.
  5. Affiliate should not claim to be linked with the company.
  6. Affiliate should comply with all laws of their own country and complete necessary legal documentation.

Holding Periods

As I mentioned before, merchant sites have a holding period of specific number of days and they can not pay you in this period.

Holding Periods

Minimum Monthly Sales

Some companies set a number of sales that has to be achieved by the affiliate to reach payout. This is another corporate way to pushing affiliate to generate sales for the company


Few merchants require certain amount of traffic to your site from certain countries in order to approve for affiliate marketing. Some requires traffic from US, UK and Canada especially and they reject sites that have less traffic from these countries.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

I read most of these affiliate marketing tips for beginners and most of these GURU advises could be contained in a paragraph. Here they are,

1. Read on terms and reference - How can a beginner understand these terms like recurring commission or a minimum threshold.

2. Make a website or a blog in Wordpress - Why don't beginners think about affiliate marketing without a site. Eg: YouTube marketing.

3. Put link in FaceBook, Twitter - Social media sites are good for starting out and need no investment. It is hard to sustain number of sales.

4. Build an Email List - These days everyone gets some kind of promotional emails. Beginners should think creatively.

5. Do SEO - Doing SEO will only improve traffic if you have enough content. It will not improve conversion rate.

6. Outsource - If you have enough money to spend, you can outsource all the content creation to someone else. Whether you will achive good profit or not is another matter.

Some of the popular affiliate companies online are Amazon, commission junction, SEMrush, Blue Host, SiteGround etc. You can do a Google Search to find out more websites that offer affiliate commission.

Affiliate Example Post: 5 Adorable Toy Ship For Children Shipped in USA

Are you looking for unique, affordable and adorable toy ships waiting to get shipped in USA for children. Here is a list of 5 Adorable Toy Ship which can be shipped within USA only that you can gift to children and they will absolutely love it.
5 Adorable Toy Ships Shipped in USA For Children
I am not going to keep you waiting. Below are the list of best 5 Adorable Toy Ships Children and can be shipped within USA and Internationally. I added description, features, price comparison and some nice images.

Disclaimer: The links below to the products and services are affiliate links. This means if you purchase a product or a service using the link, I will receive a small commission. Please understand that this small commission comes at no extra cost to you.

Deluxe Detailed Toy Ship Made in USA only

Toy Ship Made in USA only
toy ships

Description and Features

The toy ship is manufactured by Rhode Island Novelty. Size is approximately 10 x 7 1/2 and the ship is made of plastic. The toy ship is super cute and it has small wheels so children can push it around the floor. You can use this if you are planning for a camp for preschoolers, or even just to surprise children. The ship is not designed to float though.

Company: Rhode Island Novelty
US Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes

Price Comparison

The price of this product was 9.59$ on July and now it is reduced to 7.51$.

Buy now and Get It Fast

Nautical Decor Mini Mayflower Toy Ship Shipped in USA

Adorable Toy Ships Shipped in USA For Children
mini toy ship

Name of the product: Gifts & Decor Historical Nautical Decor Mini Mayflower Ship Model Collectible

Description and Features

This model collectible ship is made of 50% wood and 50% cotton. As the name suggest it is a Stunning replica of the legendary ship- The Mayflower. The product is made for display but as you know children loves it. You can also put it as a mantelpiece and it will look more classy. It is available in Amazon.

Company: Furniture Creations
US Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes

Price Comparison

The price was 12.08$ on 16 September and now available at 11.08$.

Get Yours From

Building Blocks Model Sailing Toy Ship Children USA

building toy ship
building ship toy

Name of the Product: Blomiky 780 pcs Building Blocks Model Sailing Ship Model School Educational supplies Toys Boat Block 93-11

Description and Features

The Product Size is approximately 19.5 x 5 x 17.5 cm and it weight 0.3 kg. The product is advised for children with more than 8 years of age. The product comes with a detailed pictorial introduction on how to build the toy ship which will make it easier for kids. There are no customer reviews yet in Amazon but I guess people are busy figuring out how to make it.
Company: Blomiky
US Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes

Price Comparison

The price is consistent on September and was little less in August. The current price in 14.89$.

Buy Here

Passat Tall Ship Detailed Wooden Model Nautical Decor Toy Ship for children

Adorable Toy Ships Shipped in USA For Children
Adorable Toy Ships Shipped in USA For Children

Description and Features

This ship is elegant, sturdy and attractive. This ship is Approximately 12 inches tall and 12 inches long- about 4 inches wide and completely made of wood and cotton. It is the exact replica of the legendary Passat sailing ships. The net in the front and the sails will make you go WOW.

Note: Try opening the delivered package both from the top and bottom of the box. Then cut the bottom string that is holding the ship to a piece of packing wood and then the bottom cardboard.

Company: Furniture Creations
US Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes, Selected Countries.

Price Comparison

The price was 24.47$ on September, 22 and was hiked on 23, September. You can wait for few days before buying this to get it for lesser cost. But Only 20 left in stock. The current price in 23.88$.

Buy from here

7 Foot Self Inflatable Adorable Toy Ship with Skeleton Crew

toy ship with Skeleton Crew

Description and Features

I will not disappoint you, if your budget is high and looking for some big surprises. How about this 7 foot self inflatable toy ship with skeleton crew. It inflates to a size of 80" L x 35" W x 83" H. This ship lights up for night time viewing [Well, you did not expect that one] with Inflator Fan, Ground Stakes and Tethers.You can gift it at Birthday parties and use it for theme parties. There are some bad customer reviews as their expectations did not match the product of this price. So what is the price? You asked for it. Check out below.

Company: BZB Goods
US Shipping: Yes
International Shipping: Yes

Price Comparison

The price of this product was 125$ only.

5 Toy Ship You Can Gift to Children in USA

If you like this post, don't forget to share it with your friends, family and colleges. They may be looking for an adorable toy ship from the above list.

Most of the merchants are having customers only because affiliates send them customers. Affiliate Blogs and websites are not just lead generation tools but free customer generation tools for these companies.

They earn so much per customer where the affiliate is just getting a mere commission for the first sale. Most of the merchants do not offer recurring commission and that my friend, is the reality of affiliate marketing.

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