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February 8, 2018

How To Check the Domain Expiration Date

Getting a good domain is the first task to start online business. An expired domain can give you higher chances of ranking high in Google and may have good back links. You are getting free back links if you purchase a good domain. Domain Expiry date can be checked using WHOIS tool online. Domain expiration date is same as the registration date except the year. Here is an easy way to check the domain expiration date using WHOIS lookup. Domains get expired if the person who purchased the domain decided not to renew it or forgot about the renewal.

Few things before you start bidding on your domain.

Check the EXPIRATION DATE of Domain

First you need to check the EXPIRATION DATE of the said domain. If you want to purchase an expired domain or a domain that is going to get expired, check the WHOIS TOOL.

The WHOIS Tool will tell you very important things.

1. Registered on - The purchased date - Very important. Older the domain, the better.

2. Update Date - Last renewed date.

3. Expired on- The expiry date of domain.

How To Buy Expired Domains with NameJet

This whois tool will not reveal details of a domain that is whois protected.

WHOIS Look up tool

Step 1: Go to WHOIS Look up tool
Step 2: Enter website address like
Step 3: Scroll down below to see Dates.

You will get Expires On date of the domain.

domain expiration date check

Watch video on how to check the expiry date of domains


If you want to purchase a domain, then register at Namejet.
Enter your desired domain.
Enter payment information - You can use credit card.
Then Bid for the domain. - The minimum amount is 39$.

Once you pay the amount, wait for the bidding process to start. You can either up your bid in case if others bid more.

Once bidding is done, Namejet will ask for hosting details and successfully transfer your domain.

February 2, 2018

How To Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Get Free https for blogger custom domain and Fix warning: https is currently not available. Are you searching for Get Free https for blogger custom domain and how to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog with custom domain. When you get free ssl certificate for blogger, you should know how to add ssl certificate in blogger. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to enable https blogger with custom domain like .com, .net, .org etc. You can enable HTTPS on your Blogger Blog using cloudfare for free.

Why You Should Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Google has rolled out algorithm to consider https:// as a positive ranking signal and considering other http sites as not secure. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to get a free SSL Certificate For BlogSpot Blogs using CloudFare and avoid https is currently not available for custom domain blogs warning.
Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Custom domain is a domain that you purchase from a domain registrar like GoDaddy and host in any hosting plan. Blogspot is a free hosting provider for custom domains but do not provide support for Lets Encrypt not offer free SSL certificate. So Blogger do not support external SSL on custom domains and do not have any automated options to add SSL certificate for custom domains.

Blogspot Now Has HTTPS for Custom Domain

Happy HTTPS for all custom domains. Google has launched https for custom domains in blogspot. Now you can add HTTPS for custom domains in blogspot. Here is a tutorial on how to enable it in blogspot.

Login to Blogspot and you will see message in the top "HTTPS for custom domains is now available on your blog. To try it out, visit".

Select it and it will take you to BASIC > HTTPS > HTTPS Availability.
Select Yes and HTTPS processing will start.

Turning on HTTPS Availability will allow visitors to view your blog over an encrypted connection by visiting

https for custom domain for blogspot

Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain with CloudFare

CloudFare uses their nameservers to redirect http sites to https. This service absolutely free of cost and require only a minor DNS modification. This was you can bypass the https is currently not available for custom domain blogs problem.

Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Step By Step Guide To To Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain

Step 1: Adding Site to CloudFare

Sign up and Login to
Click on Add Site
Enter your domain name
Select Begin Scan and wait for the scan to end.
Once scan is finished, click on Continue Setup.
Select Continue
Under Select a Cloudflare Plan, choose Free Website.
Select Continue

Step 2: Adding Nameservers

Go to your hosting site.
Select DNS manager
Click Add nameservers

Add below nameservers to the domain DNS
Current Nameservers         Change Nameservers to:

Step 3: Verify Nameservers

Go to CloudFare
Click on Recheck Nameservers
If you get a success message, wait for 24 hours to get the site to get indexed.
If you get an error message, check the added nameservers.

Watch Video on Setting Up Domain on GoDaddy Using CloudFlare

How to Add CloudFare Nameservers in GoDaddy DNS Manager

November 21, 2017

How to Transfer Hosting from one server to another

Are you searching for how to transfer hosting, migrate wordpress from one server to another and how to move website from one server to another iis. Here is how to migrate a website from one server to another, ways to website transfer service and how to transfer hosting to godaddy. Best information to change web hosting keep domain name and how to transfer domain from one host to another is available in this post. Lets switch web hosting.

Users often ask me is it Easy is Switching From One Web Hosting Provider to Another. We will start with an interesting story of marriage between hosting provider and your website.

Purchase a hosting account: A Marriage using Matrimonial Sites

There are many hosting providers in the market that provides advantages over the other. They all have some disadvantages, limitations and problems.

All the hosting providers that you contact will show you their best benefits and offer you free features for lifetime. Ultimately you decide one hosting provider for hosting your website.

The payment will be done and you will change the nameservers from your domain registrar.

Enjoy new web host's servers: Hosting Honeymoon

The website will run amazingly for 2 weeks. This is called Hosting Honeymoon. You never thought that your website can go this amazingly faster and look stunningly beautiful. All your issues are solved within seconds by a senior engineer. You are satisfied with your decision to select this hosting provider.

Problems start after the Hosting honeymoon period. The hosting provider will send you emails about exceeded script executions, high cpu usage, unknown bot attacks, hacking attempts and what not.

This will make you really frustrated and tensed. So you decide to work with hosting provider to figure out ways to remove this issues. You try to chat with them and they will ask you to file a ticket.

They ask you to wait minimum 24 hours to get support. They appoint low level skill personnel to deal with you, creating more issues and frustration. You spend days and nights to fix the problems.

You think you have fixed everything and think that you have accomplished the impossible. Next day you get a mail saying your website is suspended due to over usage. Now what.

You try to chat with them and they never get connected. You file a ticker, no one responds. You send emails threatening to change hosting provider. Someone from somewhere send you a reply saying that they cannot do anything. You need to log in to hosting panel and change some settings.

You go to hosting panel and unable to login. You try all the possible means to login using different browsers and still not able to. You send a reply to that stranger saying that you are unable to access it. He did not respond. You spend another 1-2 hours searching in Google trying to decide what to do and figures better to do divorce.

Website Down, Bad Service: The Marriage is over.

Are you thinking about how to transfer web hosting from one company to another. The decision is really tough and I completely understand. It is not easy as changing email hosting provider to another or moving email from one host to another.

I was at this junction 2 months back and I wanted to change the existing hosting provider to SiteGround. I will provide show you step by step guide on how I changed the website from One Hosting Provider to Another. You can change web hosting and keep domain name in hand.

How to Transfer Hosting from one server to another

How to move website from one server to another

Changing a hosting provider is not that easy. It takes careful execution and correct steps. Otherwise your website may end up in suspended mode or experience downtime.

Choose Hosting Provider That Supports Free Migration of WordPress Website

You can start by asking a simple question. Does your new hosting provider support free migration of Word Press Site. If not, you may end up paying for it.

List Out All The Reasons of Switching web hosting

You can make a list of all reasons on why you want to move out. You can use this list to clarify ad get more info on plan details of new hosting provider.

Migrate wordpress from one server to another

You should back up your website and database before asking the existing provider for change in hosting. There are some hosting providers that locks your access and ask for money.

You can login to cPanel > File Manager and compress into a zip file all files located in public_html , then you can download that zip to your local computer . You can also use a File Zilla to do so. And from phpMyAdmin you can extract the Database. The database of the website contains only records of the website structure.

When you are ready with the back up and you are sure that all required files and Databases are saved on your computer, let the hosting provider know and then they will assist you with that further. It would be best to download the whole website files and folders. The website posts is located within the wp-content folder of yours.

How to Transfer Hosting to Godaddy

Once hosting account is cancelled, change the Name Servers of your domain through your Domain name Registrar. If the domain name is registered with GoDaddy, whatever changes you want to make with the Name Servers, should be made from GoDaddy DNS manager.

There you can set the GoDaddy Name Servers or the ones for another hosting provider and then wait for the DNS change to take effect.

Check Video on How to Change Nameservers in GoDaddy

How to Set up a Godaddy Domain Name in Siteground

October 27, 2017

How to Get Refund From Godaddy

Here is detailed post on how to get refund from Godaddy and get money back for the domain you purchased. This post will cover details on godaddy refund policies, access godaddy domain buy service refund, godaddy cancel domain transfer refund, get godaddy cancel domain refund and cancel Hosting Refund and godaddy auto renew refund. This post has the best information on godaddy customer care service numbers in all countries an how to chat with godaddy chat service center representative to get refund from godaddy delete domain.

5 Rules to Get Refund From Godaddy

Get Refund From Godaddy Money Back Domain

RULE 1 To Get REFUND: Do not cancel anything before you talk to customer care and always ask them to cancel it for you. If you cancel it yourself, they may consider it as an act of choice and deny refund.

RULE 2 To Access REFUND: Do not assume anything and ask for clarifications.

RULE 3 To Request A REFUND: Have your receipt number, date of purchase, customer ID and customer pin number ready.You can open a notepad in your computer and save the all these details needed. This will save lot of time while talking or chatting with GoDaddy customer care representative.

RULE 4: When different products are added on to another product, you have to make sure to cancel them too when you cancel your main product. Eg: Sitelock, Search Engine Visibility.

RULE 5: Turn of Auto Renew Feature and Unlink Your Master Credit card from GoDaddy Account. You should verify this even after getting refunded from GoDaddy. If not, there are chances that GoDaddy may credit money from your account.

GoDaddy Refund Policies: Careful Buy Domain

GoDaddy has various refund policies for customers. Request a refund web page of Godaddy mentions to contact support team first. All refunds for GoDaddy purchases is limited as per the terms and conditions in this refund policy page.

Standard Refund Terms: Registrations and renewals for many TLDs listed in the web page are not eligible for refund.

Refunds can be done if products purchased are cancelled in the time frame.
Annual Plans+ - Within 30 days of the date of the transaction
Monthly Plans*+ - Within 48 hours of the date of the transaction.
*Monthly Plans include all plans with less than a 1-year term (e.g., 6 mos., 9 mos., etc.)
*Date of the transaction means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date any renewal is processed

Access GoDaddy domain buy service refunded

Domain Buy Service Policy: All purchases using domain buy service is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Get GoDaddy cancel domain transfer refund and cancel Hosting Refund

Contact GoDaddy Support Team using Live Chat or via call and request a refund. If chat is always offline, wait 3-4 hours until the Chat agents become available. No live chat on the weekend.

You may get long waiting time and get charged for calls. There is no other way to request refunds. GoDaddy could have offered an email ID for sending such requests and they haven't.

Always try to use the chat system of Godaddy to request for refund for domains. If chat is down, then wait for it come back online.

You do not have an option to send a customer refund request ticket or send a customer support email to godaddy service to request for a refund. You need to check with customer care to how long you have to delete the domain or cancel the hosting to get refund.

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October 6, 2017

Fix Server DNS Address Could Not be Found GoDaddy

DNS Address could not found error can be removed easily by opting for Open DNS address.

Fix Server DNS Address Could Not be Found GoDaddy

Change Local Computer DNS Settings

Windows 7 Users
Go to Network and Solutions Center
Select the current connection
Select Propoerties
Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 [TCP / IPv4]

Select "Obtain an IP address automatically"
Select "Use the following DNS Server Address"
Add as preferred DNS server.
Add as alternate DNS server.

Select ok.

Disconnect and connect again your internet connection. Check the domain again.

Chrome Browser Advance Settings

Open Chrome.
Select Settings.
Select Advanced.
Select Clear Browsing Data.
Select Browsing history, download history,  cached images and files
Select From beginning of time.
Select Clear Browsing data.

You can also press CTRL+H to access clear browsing data.

Buy a hosting plan to host your domain. Your domain may be parked by GoDaddy currently.

Restart Chrome and reload the domain.

Add a nameserver to the domain. Your hosting provider will give two nameservers which needs to be added in the DNS manager.

Go to WhatsmyDNS and Check if the name severs are updated all around the globe.

You can use DNSChecker for checking the DNS status of the domain.

If you have purchased a new domain, then wait for 24-48 hours. It will take that much to propagate nameservers.

If you are unable to access naked domain, then forward the domain to www.

September 25, 2017

16 Best Shared Wordpress Hosting 2017 Compared

Are you looking for Best shared WordPress Hosting Companies 2017 to host your domain. It is really tough to identify each shared WordPress hosting plan by going to each and every website, clicking links, finding out details and then do the same for the next hosting company. Here is the list of 16 major Best shared WordPress Hosting 2017 (with screenshots) of their plans and prices.

Word of Advice: Whenever you want to purchase a hosting, do a google search on the problems of the hosting provider. If you want to host in Blue Host, do a google search on "BlueHost Problems". Do not search for reviews as they are mostly biased and sponsored by hosting providers.

In these reviews, I did not put an biased wordpress hosting comparisons or tried to make one hosting better than the other. Majorly I got this information from reddit, users in hosting communities etc. There are many new bloggers searching for best wordpress hosting 2016 or fastest wordpress hosting to get a good shared hosting package with lesser price.

I wanted to share these best shared wordpress hosting 2017 plans and some wordpress hosting comparison to give you a first hand information before searching for hosting companies.

1. BlueHost WordPress Hosting

BlueHost is one of the pioneers in word press hosting and offer value to what they offer. They offer free SSL and thirty days money back guarantee. The website can have up to 100 million visitors and they offer 30 GB storage and back up space. Free SSL and Free CDN is another considerable addon to the wordpress plan. There are are mixed responses about customer service.

16 Best WordPress Hosting Companies 2017 (With Screenshots)

Link: BlueHost Wordpress Latest Plans 2017

2. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting offers Launch Plan for small blogs with unlimited diskspace, bandwith and email. You can 2 domains in this plan. There has been very much criticisms on the service of inmotion hosting. 

Inmotion Hosting


3. HostGator WordPress Plans

Hostgator is an Indian company with servers in India and US. The started plan can host 1 domain and can have 100 K visitors per month. They do not offer free SSL.

HostGator WordPress Plans


4. SiteGround WordPress Plans

Highly recommended by many bloggers. They provide amazing customer support and the plans are affordable and efficient. You can use my guide on How To Buy a Hosting Plan From SiteGround. They have put limitations on script executions and resource use for shared hosting compared to other hosting providers.
SiteGround WordPress Plans

Link: Siteground latest plans

5. Digital Ocean Plans

Digital Ocean Plans


6. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 2017

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 2017


7. Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Company

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Company


8. Pagely WordPress Hosting Plan 2017

Pagely WordPress Hosting Plan 2017


9. Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pricing 2017

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pricing 2017


10. CloudWays WordPress Hosting 2017

CloudWays WordPress Hosting 2017


11. HostWinds



12. GreenGeeks


Cons: SSL is an addon service which will cost you $49.95/yr and no Lets Encrypt support.

13. NameCheap



14. ResellerClub

ResellerClub is a part of the Endurance / Directi group and are one of the largest players in the Web Domains and Web Hosting business over the past 12 years.

Wordpress Hosting 2017 Compared

Check their wordpress hosting plans here.

15. BodHost



16. Host4Geeks



Updates: I will be adding more best shared Wordpress hosting companies.

Before buying any of the hosting plans, read the description and chat with the hosting provider. This way you can understand more about the limitations of the plan that you are looking at. To know more hosting provider, check out this.

Template that you can use to chat with hosting provider


My name is ..... I have a domain called .... I would like to know more about the word press hosting plan. My site will have approximately ..... number of visitors per month.

1. Is there any limitations on bandwidth, script and program execution, traffic per month etc.
2. What are the possible chances and causes of my site goes down or get suspended.
3. Will you able to do the wordpress install for me and do the necessary changes
4. Does the plan support Lets Encrypt Free SSL
5. Is it shared hosting or managed hosting
6. Can you offer me a discount on this plan

I have taken five major hosting providers from the list and wrote a concise guide on pros and cons of web hosting plans. Check that here. For hosting offers and discounts, do visit Limited Offer On Web Hosting 51% Off Bluehost and 50% Off on Hostgator.

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September 23, 2017

Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic Website http to https

Are you searching for website traffic drop after migrating to https from http, google analytics traffic drop, organic traffic decline, sudden drop in website traffic and reasons for decrease in direct traffic. This post tell you reasons on why did my organic traffic drop, google analytics sudden drop in traffic and reasons organic traffic drop.

Did your website had a significant Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic? and you will agree with me if i say you want to find out why such a traffic drop occurred and fix it somehow. Here is detailed tutorial to fix Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic of your website.

There was lot of chit chatter about google organic traffic dropped after algorithm updates and people were asking why did my organic traffic drop and did my site got google https penalty etc.

When I digged more I understood many sites experienced traffic drop after https transfer especially after http to https migration. 

Cause for Sudden Drop in Organic Website traffic drop

There are tons of reasons for a drop in organic traffic that is coming from search engines to your website. Here I am focusing specifically on domain redirects. Search engines lists out different domain extensions of your domain and if proper settings and rules are not added, visitors may get 404 error, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT or nginx dns error.

You can use Google Analytics to know more about this drop in traffic. Read more here.

You can use SemRush To find changes in Organic Traffic of your website.

Replace with your domain and enter in browser or search your website using the Semrush search tool in the sidebar.

Domain Extensions May be a Problem of organic traffic decline

If you domain is, then the following are extensions for an https website.
If a visitor clicks any of these links, it should successfully redirect to your website. If not, you will lose a significant chunk of organic traffic.

Many websites added HTTPS to their domain and this has led to major traffic changes and organic traffic drops.

Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic Website http to https

How to Check Drop in Organic Traffic: sudden drop in website traffic

First things first
Close all tabs and Clear your browser cache
Type the first link of your domain in browser and enter
Check if it correctly forwarding to your website.

If yes, great. If not, well, you found the problem.

Again Close all tabs and Clear your browser cache
Type the first link of your domain in browser and enter
Check if it correctly forwarding to your website.

Do these for all domain extensions and find out which is not leading to your website.

Fix it and your problem of Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic is solved.

Methods to Fix Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic: reasons organic traffic drop

There are various methods that you can use to fix this domain redirection.

Domain Forwarding

Go to your domain registrar
Set your naked domain to www

For DNS changes in domain registrar or CloudFare
Add a A Record in DNS Settings

Name: [your domain name]

How To Redirect naked Domain to www GoDaddy

http to https URL forwarding

Add a rule in hta access if you are using WordPress.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{ENV:HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

If you are using CloudFare, add below page rule and save changes.*

Setting: Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - On

Save and Deploy

These may fix your problem.

CloudFare With Custom Domain HTTPS Redirect: reasons for decrease in direct traffic

If you are hosting custom domain in blogspot and using cloudfare for https redirect, then you select "Flexible" instead of "Full Strict". In blogspot, the domain's canonical url tag is http:// and all the requests will be from http:// such as recent posts, popular posts, searches, internal links etc.

Activating Flexible HTTPS option will enable CloudFare to serve pages with http:// in http:// and redirect possible http:// requests to https://. This was your website will load with mixed content.

If you are hosting domain in another hosting provider, you need to use "Full Strict". In hosting provider you can add the above rule in hta access, making all internal requests to be https. If you add Full Strict, CloudFare will ensure all requests are redirected to https. Flexible and full options will not redirect all the http requests in the website.


Login to CloudFare
Go to Crypto
Change SSL


Encrypt communication to and from your website using SSL.
It may take up to 24 hours after the site becomes active on Cloudflare for new certificates to issue.

How to Add Page Rule for HTTP to HTTPS in CloudFare

Add XML Sitemap for HTTPS websites and blog to Web master tools.

Go to Webmaster tools.
Add your sitemap for indexing all the HTTPS posts.
For custom domains hosted blogspot and redirected to CloudFare, use sitemap.xml at the end of the url. Eg:

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September 21, 2017

Solved Add / Edit Widgets in WordPress and Custom HTML

WordPress is a popular blogging with infinite themes and options to customize them. Widgets are used to add specific features like popular posts, recent posts or even custom HTML to make the site better or to increase engagement of visitors. In this tutorial, I will show you How to Add / Edit Widgets in WordPress.

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