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September 4, 2018

How to Save Western Union Transfer Fees USA

Western Union has been the pioneer service for exchanging money and messages. It started as a telegram exchange and is America’s most renowned financial service. There are many products which are offered by the company which includes person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, commercial services etc.

It enjoyed the monopoly over telegram services and even today is the first preference for sending or receiving internal money. The company allows easy online transaction for sending or receiving funds, paying bills, buying gift cards, finding the stores or even tracking the transactions.

They also help their customers by creating awareness relating to fraud by using video, articles, and quizzes. When the whole world is shifting to the small screen devices even western union left no stone unturned to provide the best quality service to its customers.

Western Union mobile money transfer service

They introduced mobile money transfer service using GSM association. It covered a large clientele of about 2.5 billion mobile subscribers and covers about 218 countries. They work in association with 700 mobile operators which help the customers connect with the service by receiving notifications and opting for phone remittance options.

This also open doors for money transfer through m-bank or m-wallet which is given by mobile operators and under the guidance of regulated financial institution.

How to Transfer Money USA using Western Union

The whole process of sending money is simple with western union. The one who wishes to send the money will have to go to the western union money office with the money they wish to send along with the fees for making the transaction. There are a few options which the sender has to choose from one area where the money will be transferred the next day and in one the money will be sent instantly.

western union international money transfer fees US

The sender will have to give his or her name and address along with the recipient’s name and destination. The sender will then receive a 10-digit money transfer control number from western union money transfer which should be shared with the recipient. The recipient will then have to visit the western union agent office at the designated location provided earlier and show the 10-digit MTCN along with a photo ID.

The money is then given to the recipient when the digits match. In case there is no identification document then there is also an additional option of creating a password which should match at the time of accepting the payment.

In most cases, the payment is accepted and made in cash. But if there are some limiting rules by local authorities or limitation of cash then the payment can be made in check. The website or the phone can also be to forward the funds. There are some countries where the recipient does not need MTC number if there is sufficient identification.

Western Union Transfer Fees USA

 Each time a transaction is made then the sender will have to pay an additional fee for the service enjoyed. This fee is levied based on the location of the send and receive, the kind of transfer made (instant, next day), the choice of sending it via location or website.

When you are paying the money and added fees then it is common that people feel that it is exceeding the budget. This fee can be an extra burden for many who are making international transactions. Most of the users of the western union would want to actually find ways in which they can avoid or at least minimize the fees.

Tips to Save Western Union Transfer Fees 

Being aware: You must be sure what are the exact fees that you are paying? You must be aware of the transaction details which are present in the fine print. You must be attentive as being unaware can lead to extra charges which might be levied due to the absence of alertness.

 No matter whether you are opting for online transactions or offline one read the terms and conditions carefully. If there is any problem then the awareness of these terms and condition will be helpful in saving a lot of charges or paying the minimal fees wherever applicable.

Use Western Union Offers

Not a lot of us are aware off but there are many Western union deals that can be really helpful in saving a lot of money. Avail western union coupons and exempt yourself to pay the fee. These coupons can be used while making transactions that can be done online and save some money. Thinking about the offers they should be the first priority whenever one wishes to make a payment.

Be cautious with Western Union receipts

In case there is a situation when the money is lost then the receipt will be very valuable. These receipts have the MTCN number which will be required for the money to be refunded. There are also some charges which are to be paid before you realize that MTCN number is available. It will be a serious heart breaking situation to see money being paid as fees and not having the right information to the lost one.

Go for Online Transactions using Western Union

This one is a very suitable medium which can just save you some fees and a lot of hassle. Going online can get the job done in less time and might even attract less transaction fees? There are also many coupons available for online transactions.

Try the credit card to Pay for Transactions in Western Union

There are prepaid Visa Card options offered by Western Union that are not very commonly used. These cards are very useful when you are talking about domestic exchanges. When they have a bank account then the money can be deposited without any additional charges. There is also no activation fee which is otherwise charged and also the receiver does not have to pay any ATM transaction fees.

When you are sending money to any friend or relative you would want them to get it as soon as possible and one of the best options is using western union. One thing that bothers many of us is the fees which are charged along with the transactions. There are many simple ways which can help customers save on the fees if they are aware and careful with all the transactions.

March 24, 2018

Zerodha Demat Account Review

I am going to share Do-It-Yourself method of opening an account with Zerosha online and do a Zerodha Demat Account Review. I will show you how to open a zerodha account online, how to login to Zerodha account, what are the required zerodha account opening documents including ZERODHA account opening form pdf and zerodha account opening charges.

It is not free and there is a bunch of stuff you need to do to open an account with Zerodha online and start online stock trading, option trading, commodity brokerage, futures trading, brokerage, equity and mutual fund investing services at lowest prices.

Step by Step Guide to Open an Account with Zerodha Online and Zerodha Demat Account Review

Go to Zerodha Website.

  1. First - Register the account with the required details; Email & Set Password.
  2. Enter Full name, Email and Mobile.

    Zerodha online trading account open

    Set a Password.

    Zerodha Demat Account Review

  3. Enter Your PAN and Date of Birth - If you have done eKYC or KYC before, it will fetch your details and show whether you are KYC complied or not.Enter Your PAN and Date of Birth
  4. Pay the Account Opening Fee - Zerodha account opening charges is a one time fee of 500 rs as account opening fee. This account opening charge can be paid online only using net banking wallet or credit card.Pay online zerodha account opening charge
  5. Enter your Aadhaar for esigning
  6. esign with AADHAR

  7. Enter OTP numberGenerate OTP and Enter it
  8. Fill in few basic details like background details , bank details etc.ENter bank account, IFSC details etc.
  9. IPV ( In person verification) - Write the unique 4 digit pin displayed to you on a piece on paper and hold it while clicking the IPV images. Make sure the pin is visible to the camera. I did not do this step and directly went to the next step.
  10. Two options- Aadhaar and Print and courier. 
  11. Choose Aadhaar Choose Aadhar to sign online on equity and commodity
  12. Upload the required documents [Income proof only if you want to trade in NFO and CDS segments]Esign AADHAR and add bank proof, income proof, your current signature
  13. Bank proof ( Personalized canceled Cheque/1month Bank statement / Passbook front page xerox) - If you have internet banking, you can easily generate 6 months account statement online and download via pdf. Upload this as Bank Proof. It shows MICR code.Bank Account statement for the last 6 months period online
  14. Income proof (Pay Slip/ITR/6 months bank statement)If F&O segment required. - You can upload the 6 months account statement pdf that is used as Bank proof for this.
  15. Signature proof - Sign on a white sheet , click a picture and upload
  16. Pan copy - upload pan copy with self attest ( If not KYC compliance) -  I did not do this step and directly went to next step.
  17. You need to click on “esign Equity” or “esign Commodity” as per requirement. [You have to authorise Digio, to e sign]esign commodity and equity stocks
  18. Proceed with Email Verification CodeProceed with Email Verification Code
  19. E sign is complete
  20. Now download Demat POA, Commodity ECN forms and print them. As per the SEBI rules, Demat POA & ECN can't be digitally signed. So you have to print and courier this form.
  21. If your kyc is verified as ekyc-otp-e or n which means that your kyc is in-complete. Zerodha shall process your account but still you will not be able to invest in MF if your kyc status in N and if your kyc is verifed as E-KYC you cannot invest more than Rs 50,000. So to complete your kyc process you have to send the kyc page duly signed by affixing the photograph along with self-attested pan and address proof. Zerodha shall complete your kyc after receipt of the hard-copy. If you are not KYC compliant, you will receive a mail from Zerodha to submit a copy of KYC form also, download that and print it. You have to courier all these to Zerodha office in Bangalore.
  22. Call anyone at Zerodha and ask how to fill the form and where to sign and try not to make any mistakes. Otherwise you have to resend it again. 
  23. Summary of Documents You need are; 
1. KYC form with self-attested pan and address proof. - if only eKYC verified and received mail from Zerodha team.
2. Power Of Attorney (Voluntary)
3.  Electronic Contract Note (ECN) declaration (Voluntary)
4.  Nomination Details - Annexure 1A

Mention your Registered mobile number and mail ID on the top of courier sheet.

Send the Courier to Zerodha address.
Zerodha, #153/154, 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar, 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078.

I would suggest you to scan all the documents after you filled and signed and keep a copy for any future purpose. 

Zerodha Online Account Activation

Your Zerodha account will be functional in next 24 hours. After 1 business day, You will mail from Zerodha on Account opening and user added with User Name / User ID and Login Password. 
To login on the web using any browser, please visit

Zerodha Dashboard after opening account

Happy Trading!!!.

February 20, 2018

How to update or correct Aadhaar details online and offline

This post provides Step-by-step guide to update/change/check/correct Mobile No, email id, name, Address, date of birth, gender details via Aadhar self service update portal of uidai online and How to update or correct Aadhaar details online and offline or by visiting enrollment center with Hindi and English versions of aadhar card correction form.

Why AADHAR linking is Needed

You may need to connect your AADHAR with the following services before 31 March 18 to avoid further issues.

How to update or correct Aadhaar details online and offline

How to update or correct Aadhaar details online and offline

I have been searching Internet for the last two days on ways to change AADHAR data. I ended up wasting time by reading similar articles that describe only online methods of changing Aadhar details and I was unable to do. The UIDAI website throw up errors like below. refused to connect took too long to respond

I wanted to know how we can change change details offline.

Here is a consolidated post on how to update or change aadhar data. I would request you to share this post to as many people as possible because I hope you know the pain behind finding solutions on AADHAR correction and updating.

How To Change Mobile Number Via Aadhar self service update portal and uidai aadhar update via post

You can check the article here to do that. - Economic Times

AADHAR Correction form for changing email, name, date of birth and address to send via post to UIDAI office. Download from here.

How to change mobile number Offline Through Enrollment Center

Note: You cannot change mobile number by sending the aadhar card correction to UIDAI office. You only change email, name, date of birth and address with it. You can change mobile number via online if you are receiving OTP.

If you are not receiving OTP, you have to go to the nearest permanent enrollment center to change mobile number. You cannot do aadhar card correction online without getting OTP in the registered mobile number.

Fill the AADHAR correction form

You need to download the AADHAR correction form. Fill the form correctly and add all the information. I got this from a local enrollment center and I scanned it. I do not have the English or any other language Version.

AADHAR correction form

Download the form

Find Nearest Enrollment Center

Find Permanent Enrollment Center by going to UIDAI website here. Select State, District, Village and check the map to see the place. You can also check with local people to see if any ADHAR updating is done nearby. You can go to any enrollment center anywhere in India even if out of state to change information in AAdhar.

Go to the Enrollment Center

Take filled AADHAR correction form and photostat or original AADHAR Card and go to the nearby AADHAR Enrollment Center and tell them what need to be changed. They will ask you to put 4 fingers in the bio metric machine, take your photo,  scan your AADHAR correction form and ask you to verify the entered data. Once you verify it, you will be asked to pay 25 Rs. They give you a receipt of the payment with a request number. The process of updating AADHAR form is over.

Note: You only need the filled correction form and copy of aadhar card to do the changes. No need to take voters id, photos or any other certificates.

It may take twenty days for your information to be reflected in online status and may take up to ninety days for the AADHAR generation and update.
Verify the Updation
After 2 days, go to UIDAI website here. Add Enrolment ID, date and time and Security Code. You can get the Enrolment ID and date and time in the receipt you got from Enrollment center.

Download updated AADHAR cerificate

GO to UIDAI website link here. Enter necessary details and OTP number.  One Time Password would be sent to your registered mobile number. Select Validate and Download. To open the AADHAR certificate, use first four capital letters of your name and your birth year as password. Eg: If name is AKHIL and birth year is 1987, then use AKH1987 or AKHI1987.

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February 19, 2018

How to Lend Money to a Friend and Get it Back

We all lend money to friends and most of the time we get it back also. There are some cases where money given to friend is not returned properly and you may have gone though great efforts legally or by force to get it back. What are the things that you should take care before lending money to a friend and ensure to get money back from a friend legally. This post will provide you how to lend and recover money from a friend to avoid issues like someone borrowed money not returning, legal advice to get money back and sue your friend.

lend money to a friend

How do you make a decision on Lending Money To Your Friend?"

I remember an old joke.

Employee ask boss: How do you take a decision on money matter?

The boss replies, " I toss a coin, and when the coin is in the air, I know the decision which I need to take."

You ask your heart. If you are going through a struggle and want some money, will this person give you that.

Assess his savings, assets and his past history of giving money back to the lenders.

Steps to Lend Money to a Friend

Take a paper and pen. Plain paper is good enough. Stamp paper has no relevance, if you do not register it. Write a summary of the friendly loan, you, witness and your friend to sign it and your friend offers you post dated cheque or undated cheque. A bounced cheque is grounds for a police complaint, per the negotiable instruments act.

You can ask for a post dated cheque if the friend tell you that he will pay you back in a time frame. Otherwise get an undated cheque.


Subject: Friendly Loan

This agreement, for a short term is to document a friendly loan between ...Name.... (mobile number / PAN number XXXX) and (Friend's name), where, (Friend's Name) has approached for a short term friendly loan, to meet some personal expenses, mainly related to [Refinancing an existing loan / Pay for Medical expenses / Clear an existing Mortgage].

The amount being lent, as a friendly loan, that bears no interest is {Numbers / Words}. Friend's name has provided security in the form of a cheque, drawn on {Bank's name}, bearing number XXXXXXX with a promise to honour it before {Date, Month and Year}.

This agreement is made in good faith on this day, witnessed by __________ (Mobile / Pan number)


The cheque, where the amount and the beneficiary (your name) should be clearly written in his / her handwriting, incorporate the cheque by reference, by mentioning it in the document.

Transfer the money to the person' account and do not pay cash. You can use NET Banking for that. You will get a receipt Number in NEFT.

Ensure that you maintain a trail. If it is not too indecent, get it witnessed (optional).

Make 2 copies and give him one. When the repayment is done, destroy the document and the cheque.

This way you can ensure that you are serious about the money given and your friend will also get the serious vibe from you. Please share for others who are confused on how to lend money to a friend in emergency cases.

September 5, 2017

How to Verify that Restaurant Have Registered GST or Not

There has been many reports that hotels and restaurants are charging customers almost double of the actual cost of food using GST added bills. Most of the hotels and Restaurants have registered but there are a few Restaurants that have not registered to GST but still charging GST Taxes, CGST, taxes, SGST taxes adding additionally to the food bill. Here is a way to verify that Restaurant Have Registered GST and their tax details in your mobile phone.

August 23, 2017

Think Twice Before Opening Multiple Bank Accounts

Are you a person with multiple saving bank accounts. Are you planning to take multiple bank accounts. Have you notice how your money is slowly disappearing from bank accounts? You must read these 7 reasons on why you should think twice before opening bank [SB or Current] accounts in multiple banks.

August 22, 2017

How To Verify GST Bill For Meals From Hotels and Restaurants

There were many incidents reported where non registered hotels and restaurantsof duping the bill with GST, CGST and SGST tax rates. Non registered businesses such Hotels and Restaurants should not collect GST tax for products and services as they are not paying Goods and Services Tax to Central and State Governments. There were multiple reports from customers who posted the bills from Hotels and Restaurants in social networks, asking how to verify GST amounts in the food bills. Here is a quick guide to verify the the GST taxes included bills and how to verify that restaurant have registered gst.

August 15, 2017

Calculator Tax For GST Cananda

Canada has 2 tax systems - HST and GST + PST. Here HST stands for Harmonized Sales Tax and GST + PST stands for Goods and Service Tax [GST] + Provincial Sales Tax [PST]. These rates are fixed and regulated byThe Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

August 14, 2017

How to Enable International Transaction on SBI Debit Card

Here is a short guide on how to enable international transaction on sbi debit card of State Bank of India. SBI debit card are usually is used for domestic transactions in India however there is a tested method debit card for international transactions. The International Transaction fees will apply for the debit card. You can use the debit card for international transaction especially for Paypal. Many have asked me on can sbi classic debit card be used internationally, how to enable international transaction on sbi credit card, sbi classic debit card international use and how to enable international transaction on sbi debit card. In this post I will explain how to enable international transaction on SBI debit card, what is domestic usage in atm card and sbi international debit card charges.

Debit Card For International Transactions

Identify the debit card that you have. SBI has four debit cards. Global Visa, MasterCard, Classic Debit Card and Paywave touch.

SBI debit cards. Global Visa, MasterCard
SBI debit cards Classic Debit Card and Paywave touch
Check whether "International Debit Card" is written on the back side of the Debit card.
You can only activate International transactions if "International Debit Card" is written on the debit card.

International Debit Card

Activate POS Channel For International Usage On Debit Card

POS channel is Point of Sale Transaction that will support transaction through point of sale terminal.

Go to Online Sbi Website and Login using your credentials.

e services > ATM Card Services >ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change > Select your bank account > Continue > Select Card number >Select Services > Change Channel type > Submit >Select Channel Type > POS Channel >Enable POS Channel > Submit > Enter OTP number > Submit.

Activate International Usage in Domestic Debit Card

e services > ATM Card Services >ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change > Select your bank account > Continue > Select Card number >Select Services > Change Usage type > Submit > Select Usage Type > International Usage > Enable International Usage > Submit > > Enter OTP number > Submit.

Enable International Usage On Debit Card Through Mobile

Create a new message > Type SWON INTL XXXX [where XXXX is the last four digits of your card] > Send SMS to 09223966666.

Once you have done all the three above steps, wait for 1 hour and then international transaction would have been activated on your SBI debit card. You can use it for paying using Paypal.

To do transaction through PayPal, choose Pay Via Visa, Master card

Choose Pay With a Card in PayPal.
pay with a debit card paypal

Use Guest Checkout.

International financial transactions using Debit card on paypal

You can also add your debit card to Pay Pal and do transactions from there.

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