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February 12, 2018

5 Best Online Resources to Learn Android Development

Do you want to learn Android development and android and ios app making. Are you planning to learn android development step by step and trying to find the best android learning tutorial online. There are many awesome resources online to learn android app development for free. In this post I will share you 5 best online resources to learn android app development for free, and the best free android learning websites and best android tutorial to become better than stackoverflow developers.

I have worked with many app developers in the past and developed and launched more than 12 apps in Google Play Store. From my experience with all these Mobile Android App Developers and working with them, I can tell you it is not at all hard to learn to and develop an android app by yourself. After all you are the one, with concept for the app.

Here are simple and effective Steps to to learn Anroid Development for Android and step by step guide to understand Mobile App Development for Beginners. You can learn from top developers on how to create an app for your blog, add a new functionality to app, merge two apps, assist in bug fixes, change UI/UX designs, and fix crashes.

Find the Best Website To Learn mobile app development

Android App Development for Free

There are so many websites in Internet and it would be hard to list them all here. You can put listings in to take classes from android app developers from and Upwork. There are many more website like appfutura, hiddenbrains, perceptionsystem, contus and toptal. Difficulty level of Mobile App Development varies depending on the which app you want to create and what functionalities you want in it.

1. Google's Free Course on Android Basics: User Interface

Google is offering free course on Android App that includes Android Basics: User Interface. This free course will help you to learn how to build Android apps. You don’t need any programming experience to learn Android development from Udacity.

Go to Udacity
Register with Udacity, Login and Select Start Free Course.
Google's Free Course on Android Basics: User Interface

Writing code is like writing Instructions.

The Space which we use to write the code is called IDE or Integrated Development Environment which is in Android Studio.

The language that we use to write the lines of code is called XML - Extensible Markup Language.


An Android app consists of various views;

Text View
Image View
Button View

Text View Image View Button View in Gmail app

Text View Image View Button View in youtube app

2. Code Academy - Learn Fundamentals of Java

Code Academy teaches you skills on android development and making apps. As you know Java is the basic fundamental language needed to code apps. The basic Java learning course in Code academy provides you fundamentals of Java including data types, arithmetic and operators. Code Academy interface provides you the basic java code and ask you for an input. That way you can see the code and how it generate an output.

code academy learn java for android app development

3. Android App Development for Beginners Playlist in YouTube

The playlist that contains 77 videos has been viewed 9,036,850 views since it has been published. The channel thenewboston has a subscriber list of 1.8M and they offer free Official Android App Development tutorials for Beginners. I would suggest you go through each of this videos that are up to ten minutes duration and learn the basic of programming. Below are the contents of these 77 videos that will help you learn android development.

1 - Introduction
2 - Installing Android Studio
3 - Setting up Your Project
4 - Running a Simple App
5 - Tour of the Interface
6 - Android Studio Tips
7 - Create a Custom AVD
8 - Basic Overview of an App
9 - Activity States
10 - Running the State Changing Example
11 - Designing the User Interface
12 - More on User Interface
13 - Create an Interface with Java
14 - Adding Properties to Widgets
15 - Adding More Widgets
16 - Converting DIP to Pixels
17 - GridLayout
18 - Event Handling
19 - Event Listener and Callback Method
20 - Multiple Event Listeners
21 - Gestures
22 - Running the Gesture App
23 - Fragments
24 - Designing the Top Fragment
25 - Creating the Fragment Class
26 - Finishing the Meme Apps Design
27 - Listening for Button Clicks
28 - Communicating with Main Activity
29 - Changing the Memes Text
30 - Dank Meme Bro
31 - Master Detail Flow
32 - Master Detail Flow Example
33 - Overflow Menu
34 - Animations and Transitions
35 - Intents
36 - Sending Extra Intent Data
37 - Sending Broadcast Intents
38 - Receiving Broadcast Intents
39 - Threads
40 - Thread Handlers
41 - Intent Service
42 - Services
43 - Bound Services
44 - Bound Services Example
45 - ListView
46 - ListView Example
47 - Custom ListView Row
48 - Custom ListView Adapter
49 - Saving Data with SQLite
50 - SQLite Database Product
51 - Creating a New SQLite Database
52 - Adding and Deleting Rows
53 - Printing Database Results
54 - Testing the SQLite App
55 - Playing Video
56 - Image Capture
57 - Taking Photos with the Camera
58 - Image Effects
59 - Inverting an Image
60 - Creating Photo Filters
61 - Notifications
62 - Custom Notifications
63 - Styles
64 - Themes
65 - Shared Preferences
66 - Shared Preferences Example
67 - Custom Launcher Icon
68 - Working with GitHub
69 - Creating an APK File for Distribution
70 - LibGDX Game Development
71 - LibGDX Game Project Structure
72 - LibGDX Displaying Text
73 - LibGDX Displaying Images
74 - LibGDX Game Animation
75 - LibGDX Handling User Input
76 - LibGDX Camera
77 - LibGDX Sound Effects and Streaming Music

3. Javatpoint for Learning Java

Java Tutorial point is a good resource to learn java language that is core to Android app development. he website offers a Java compiler to check the codes and verify the output.

4. Coursera for learning android programming

Coursera is a pioneer in offering best online course for android programming. The new course on Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems by University of Maryland, College Park is a good choice for beginners to start understanding mobile applications and how to tweak them.

5. TeamTreeHouse offers course on Beginner Android Development

TeamTreehouse provides free course on Beginner Android Development. It will assist you in developing a simple app in android, use of android emulators, create an interactive story app and 
finally make a weather app.

Books to Buy

If you are looking to buy some books to start with android development, here are some best affordable and brilliant books.

1. Android Application Development All–in–One For Dummies - Get it

2. Java: The Complete Reference - buy today

Extra Information: Try Adobe Phonegap. It has a good user interface than command lines like Android Studio.

Kindly share this post to your friends and classmates s who is searching for information to learn android programming and android development.

February 7, 2018

How to Find Mobile App Developer From Freelancing Websites

Are you searching for hiring freelance app developers india, freelance app developers cost and freelance app developers salary. Finding app developers and fixing freelance app developer rates is a tough task. Here is how to hire a freelance app developer easily or Hire a Mobile App Developer From Freelancing Websites. Effective Step by step guide to Hire the best Mobile App Developer freelance.

1.1 Review System for Freelancers - There has to be a review system for freelance app developers. The reviews from other clients will help you to better judge the skills and attitude of the freelancer.

1.2 Profile of Freelancers with Latest Projects - An updated profile of Freelancer with latest project can provide insights on what they have done in the past.

1.3 Secure Payment System with Less Transaction Commission - I always prefer using PayPal for payments. Some website charge high rates as commission for transaction. Freelancer charge 10% of project amount.

You can find and hire app developers independently and I think that is a better but risky option as it may increase Mobile App Development Cost exponentially. If you have an office to work, ask the person to come there and work. If working in distance mode, then ask him to send screenshots of the work and keep a daily scrum for meeting.

2. Describe Mobile App Project for hiring best mobile app developer

You have selected a platform to hire app developers. Now it is time to describe the project. A client should outline the mobile app project in a detailed manner and closer to the vision and concept.

Describe exactly what you want the developer to do.

Elaborate step by step by process and
1. Add a functionality to this app using this methods
2. Integrate / Merge this app with another app

Draw your project on a piece of paper - Page by page

Take a piece of paper and draw the first page of app in it. Take a screenshot of all these pages and attach as a file.

hire someone to make an app for you

Add Reference Apps in your project

It is better to link to existing apps developed by someone else that resembles what you have in mind. This will help the developer to visualize your app. Eg:

Check out my reference apps.

1. Calculator vault-

2. File manager -

3. Do Background Check of mobile app developers

The background check includes,
  • Reading Reviews
  • Checking Rating
  • Talking to Previous Clients
  • Knowing qualifications, certificates and past projects
You need to do a thorough check to hire perfect mobile app developer freelance. Otherwise there is high probability that you may have to bear high Mobile App Development Cost. Many freelancer app developers outsource their work to others and get the amount. Some freelancers in websites are outsourcing agencies than individual developers.

There are three types of app developers when it comes to hiring.

Category A. Hire a Highly skilled developer - A highly skilled developer will ask for high amount of money. The person will finish the project in less time and high quality. There is not much of scope in negotiating with them.

Category B. Hire a Moderately skilled developer - A developer who has moderate skills will ask for high amount of money but settle for moderate amount. There is a huge scope for negotiation.
They boast their skills and you may end up getting annoyed.
You may need to intervene multiple times to get the project in line with quality indicators.
The person may do some bit of work and submit to you for review and negotiate for full payment.
The person will do exactly you said and not anything more.

Category CHire a Poorly skilled developer - Many freelance app developers that I talked were really arrogant and boasted their skills. In reality, they were bozos.
They will quote a small amount to make you happy to get the project and submit a work that has no remote resemblance to the project.
The person negotiate more to get money from you than actually working.
They boast their skills and can submit other's work as their own.
You will waste tons of time talking to them.

Case Study On Negotiating Mobile App Development Cost

I wanted to create a file manager app for Android mobile phones and I used Upwork to get some freelancers. Category A developers quoted an average of 1500$, Category B was 800$ and Category C was 100$ for the same project. I invited each of them to work with me and submit their work after completion.

Category C developer submitted few scripts of codes and asked for 50% of payment. Category B developer submitted the app with functionality and an unattractive design. She told me I need to pay more for design and started negotiating. Category A developer submitted the app with awesome design and functionality and added 2 more features for free and offered bug fixes in future. It is always better to go for Category B developers. This will reduce Mobile App Development Cost significantly.

4. How To Hire the best mobile app developers: Cost Guide For Beginners

How To Hire cheap app developers india

If you fixed the developer, it is time to negotiate. Do not negotiate so much as it may affect the overall quality of the app. Start negotiating for 20% less than what he quoted and fix at 10% - 15% less.

Finalize a satisfactory amount for you and the developer.

Once amount is fixed, set up milestone. Set up 3-5 milestones for a project that are comfortable with developer.

If you are hiring independently, use a 10% when screenshots are send, 40% after sending apk for testing and 50% after sending source code.

Case Study On Setting Milestones

I hired a person for developing an app and we had an agreement that I will pay 50% when sending apk and 50% after source code. She sent me the apk and I paid 50% of the amount and asked for source code. Then she negotiated to get more than what was agreed to send the source code. I had to drop the project half way because of that.

This case study leads to the next important point in hiring app developers and negotiating Mobile App Development Cost.

5. Never Over Trust In Mobile App Development Payments

Always get Screenshots of the work they are doing. Set up daily scrum for meetings and ensure proper checks and balances.
Test the work and Pay.
Never accept work until you are FULLY satisfied. Ask them to do it again or redo and do the necessary changes. Everyone wants to do less work and get more money. Always think as Devils Advocate.
Value Time, Avoid Fights, Offer A Bonus Amount and Do not renegotiate.

I have seen hundreds of tactics used by developers to get money from clients without doing proper work. It is more or less accepted idea to scam clients when it comes to payment.

It is not easy to hire the best android app developer india. Finding app developers and hire a mobile app developer to make an app for you costs you. Mobile application development is costly business.

Freelancing sites are the best way to find out app developers for hire. In Conclusion, the steps would be Pick Your App Developer, Get Quotes, connect with app developer profiles using freelancing sites and create the best mobile app projects.

November 19, 2017

How to Upgrade Android Studio to Latest Stable Version

The latest stale version of Android Studio is 3.0.0 and I was having Android Studio 2.3.3. I wanted to upgrade the version 2.3.3 to  3.0.0 in Windows. I will demonstrate how I updated and upgraded SDK, SDK platform tools in Android Studio. Here is the best tutorial to download,  install and upgrade android studio 3.0 stable version on windows. This post will explain android studio 3.0 features and android studio 3.0 stable release date.

Upgrade Android Studio to Latest Stable Version

Android studio 3.0 stable release date

Android studio 3.0 stable release has been published on OCTOBER 25, 2017 and is available to download. The stable release some amazing features, more options, smoother interface, material type icons and better emulators.

File Size:
681 MB
File Name:
OS Support:
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 + 64bit
Date Added:
OCTOBER 25, 2017

Read more on Release dates of Android Studio Versions.

Android Studio 3.0.0 Features

The new Android Profiler replaces the Android Monitor tool
The new Device File Explorer
Instant Apps support
Create adaptive launcher icons for Android 8.0
New toolbar layout and icons.
APK Analyzer
Support for Android 8.0.
Support for building separate APKs based on language resources.

Check out all the features of android studio 3.0.0.

How to Download & Install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows

Let us start then to download and install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows PC. 

Your Windows PC should have Java JDK Installed. If no JDK is installed, install it first. You can use the tutorial on download and install Java Development Kit (JDK). Watch video for that.

If Your Windows PC Do NOT Have any previous installed previous Android Studio, then follow the steps in the tutorial of installing Android Studio 2.3.3 On Windows.

If your Windows PC have previous versions of Android Studio installed, then follow the tutorial.

Get Stable Version of Android Studio in case if you go to Canary download home page. If you Want Canary version, select download.

android studio 3.0 canary download

Download Android Studio 3.0.0 Stable Version from Official Website. Link:

Download Android Studio The official IDE for Android

Accept Licence Agreement

Accept licence agreement for downloading android studio 3

Double Click the exe file and run the installer of Android Studio

run the installer of Android Studio

Select Uninstall Older Versions. Select Install. Select Yes.

Uninstall older versions of Android Studio

Uninstall older versions of Android Studio continue yes

How to Upgrade Android Studio to Latest Stable Version

Welcome to Android Studio Set Up : Next

Welcome to Android Studio Set Up

Choose Components. Deselect virtual devices to save space in disk. Android Studio will only take up 1.1gb size without virtual devices. With virtual devices it will take 2.1 GB of space.

Choose Components 1.1gb size without virtual devices

Configuration settings choose android studio installation location

Configuration settings choose android studio installation location

Choose a start menu folder.

Choose a start menu folder on windows

Extraction of files and installation of android studio is successful message.

 Extraction of files and installation of android studio is successful message.

Completing Android set up click finish.

Completing Android set up click finish

Complete installation import from previous version.

Complete installation import from previous version

Type master password for android studio starting up.

Type master password for android studio starting up.

Watch the below video for Installing android studio 3.0 canary

Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows: Review

 I installed this release in my Windows PC with 4 GB ram and it hangs little bit. Built is stable but takes up most of the resources. I had Android Studio 2.3.3 and was working quite well without hanging. Now I had to close other windows, browsers and open Android Studio 3.0.0 only.

Other fellow Android Developers may be looking for this information. Share to them and they will appreciate it. Sharing is Caring.

November 17, 2017

3 Top Free Weather Apps - Android Apps on Google Play

Are you searching for weather app for android apk, weather download mobile and weather and clock widget for android free download. These 3 weather apps are Weather Camera, Weather Photos Live Pro, Weather Outlook - Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast and Weather Daily - Multi city Weather Real Time Update. These are top weather apps and widget for android home screen and provide weather 24 app download.

1. Weather Daily - Multi-city Weather Real Time Update - weather and clock widget for android

Get Real Time Up To Date Weather Updates from Multiple Cities in One App.

Premium Flat Interface
Sliding Menu
Next 5 Days Forecast
Different color for different weather
Weather Updates of Multiple Cities

Weather Daily - Multicity Weather Real Time Update

weather report my city

weather conditions forecast in saurashtra today

weather in saurashtra today

Download The weather app for android on play store.

2. Weather Outlook -Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast - Weather app and Widget for android home screen

Premium weather app for free with Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast.

Weather Outlook is a premium app available for free.

Know Real time updates on Temperature, Wind, Humidity, Pressure, Cloudiness, Sunrise and Sunset Timings

All Weather Updates: App provides real time updates on temperature [Celsius or Fahrenheit Unit], wind [m/s Unit], humidity [Percentage unit], pressure, cloudiness [percentage], sunrise timing and sunset timing [AM and PM unit].

All Weather Graphs: Weather Outlook provides user friendly weather graphs of Temperature, wind, rain and snow to understand weather for a particular city.

7 Day Weather Forecast: The app provides 7 day forecast on night, morning, day and evening weather  - temperature [Celsius or Fahrenheit Unit], rain [mm Unit], wind [m/s NE Unit], snow [mm Unit], humidity [percentage Unit] and pressure [hPa Unit].


Premium Flat Interface
Sliding Menu
Next 7 Days Forecast
Different color for different weather
Different Light and Dark Themes for app
Quick Share button to share weather updates with family, friends and relatives.
Quick Refresh button for faster real time updates
Weather Updates of Multiple Cities.

Weather Outlook -Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast

5 to 7 day rainfall forecast

6-10 day outlook weather

3. Weats - Weather Camera, Weather Photos Live Pro

Capture live photos with current weather and location with your android phone.
  1. Weats will get your location name and collect information on the current weather, temperature and time.
  2. Use your Camera in Android Phone to take any photo.
  3. Customize Your Photo by giving effects to make your photo more beautiful and choose weather information layout.
  4. Weats save the photo to local storage like your gallery automatically.
  5. Share your photo with weather and location information to social media like Face Book, Instagram, Twitter etc.
live weather camera android app

weather info city time in photo

add weather in photo

Download the weather outlook app for android

November 12, 2017

How to Solve Accessibility Services Remove Apps Warning Play Store

Are you searching for Accessibility Services Remove Apps Warning mail on Play Store, Accessibility services, android accessibility permissions, accessibility service android example, android accessibility permissions, android accessibility tutorial and android accessibility service description. Here is a detailed explanation on avoiding warning from Google on android start accessibility service and accessibility service android notifications example.

Google has sent emails warnings to developers to not use Accessibility Services outside of intended use, otherwise their apps will be removed from the Play Store.

Email From Google Play Support on android accessibility permissions

30 Day notification: requirements for use of Accessibility services

Hi Developers ,

We’re contacting you because your app with package name com.xxxx.xxxx is requesting the ‘android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE.’ Apps requesting accessibility services  bshould only be used to help users with disabilities use Android devices and apps. Your app must comply with our Permissions policy and the Prominent Disclosure requirements of our User Data policy.  

Action required: If you aren’t already doing so, you must explain to users how your app is using the ‘android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE’ to help users with disabilities use Android devices and apps. Apps that fail to meet this requirement within 30 days may be removed from Google Play. Alternatively, you can remove any requests for accessibility services within your app. You can also choose to unpublish your app.

If you need to make changes to your apps, please follow these steps:

Read through the Permissions and User Data policies for more details, and make sure your app complies with all policies listed in the Developer Program Policies.

If you don’t need the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission in your app or the permission is being used for something other than helping users with disabilities use Android devices and apps:
Remove your request for this permission from your app’s manifest.

Sign in to your Play Console and upload your modified, policy-compliant APK.

Or, if you need the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission in your app to help users with disabilities use Android devices and apps:

Include the following snippet in your app’s store listing description: “This app uses Accessibility services.”

Provide prominent user-facing disclosure of this usage before asking the user to enable this permission within your app. Your disclosure must meet each of the following requirements:

Disclosure must be provided via the android:summary and android:description elements of the AccessibilityServiceInfo class

Disclosure must describe the functionality that the Accessibility Service permission is enabling for your app. Each feature used with the Accessibility Service request must be declared in your disclosure with justification.

Alternatively, you can choose to unpublish the app.

All violations are tracked. Serious or repeated violations of any nature will result in the termination of your developer account, and investigation and possible termination of related Google accounts.

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel we may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. One of my colleagues will get back to you within 2 business days.


The Google Play Review Team

How To Fix Accessibility service Warning

There two ways of dealing with the problem.

1. Remove the permission from the app and upload new apk to play store

2. If you need the permission, then,

2.1 Go to Google Developers Console and open the app that needs accessibility service. Go to Store listing. Edit store listing and add "This app uses Accessibility services." text on the bottom.

2.2 Open the source code in Android Studio, Eclipse, Unity etc. And add a user-facing disclosure, a dialogue pop up asking for permission from user. You can use the following text for that.

The app using AccessibilityService needed to have a permission from settings>Accessibility in order to lock apps. Allow permission from settings.

Change lock apps to the required intent of the service like what the function is added for. When user clicks ok we have to take him to settings page.

Android Accessibility Permissions

Accessibility Services Remove Apps Warning Play Store
Accessibility Services Permission Pop up

3. You need add android summary and android description inside the source code.

Android Summary For Accessibility Service Android Example

Here are the Android summary [Brief summary of the accessibility service purpose or behavior] statements.

  1. android:accessibilityEventTypes The event types this service would like to receive as specified in AccessibilityEvent. 
  2. android:accessibilityFeedbackType The feedback types this service provides as specified in AccessibilityServiceInfo. 
  3. android:accessibilityFlags Additional flags as specified in AccessibilityServiceInfo. 
  4. android:canRequestEnhancedWebAccessibility Attribute whether the accessibility service wants to be able to request enhanced web accessibility enhancements. 
  5. android:canRequestFilterKeyEvents Attribute whether the accessibility service wants to be able to request to filter key events. 
  6. android:canRequestTouchExplorationMode Attribute whether the accessibility service wants to be able to request touch exploration mode in which touched items are spoken aloud and the UI can be explored via gestures. 
  7. android:canRetrieveWindowContent Attribute whether the accessibility service wants to be able to retrieve the active window content. 
  8. android:description Short description of the accessibility service purpose or behavior. 
  9. android:notificationTimeout The minimal period in milliseconds between two accessibility events of the same type are sent to this service. 
  10. android:packageNames Comma separated package names from which this service would like to receive events (leave out for all packages). 
  11. android:settingsActivity Component name of an activity that allows the user to modify the settings for this service. 
  12. android:summary Brief summary of the accessibility service purpose or behavior.

Android Accessibility Service Description

android:description Short description of the accessibility service purpose or behavior.

May be a reference to another resource, in the form "@[+][package:]type/name" or a theme attribute in the form "?[package:]type/name".

Go to Android Manifest
Do a CTRL+F and search for "android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE".

The code will look like this;

                <action android:name="android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService" />

To Add android:descripion for ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE

Res > Values > String.xml

Add <string name="android_description">The app uses AccessibilityService for stopping apps from settings.</string>

Go to Android Manifest

Add android:description="@string/android_description" above  android:permission="android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE".

The final code will look like this;

            <action android:name="android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService" />

The XDA Developers written about how Google is Threatening to Remove Apps with Accessibility Services from the Play Store. I do have some view points on this.

Google Accessibility Statement or Warning to Developers

Google is doing these kind of acts for "Protecting users" from malicious attacks. This is the intention. I really have no idea how a simple dialogue like this is going to protect users. Users download an app because they want to use it and for the functions it offers. The app will function only if it gets such permissions. So i guess users will obviously give permission for the app. There are talks in developers circle that Google is trying to be Apple.

Google instead of asking nicely, giving a thirty days notification to developers like they are the employers of Google. It should have been more of an official mail asking to add declaration for accessibility services than threatening to remove apps.

It is very easy for Developers to add such declaration in apps and do any changes. It is expensive for people who bought apps from code canyon, sellmyapp or hired developers to make apps. They have to again spend money to hire developers to do proper changes. Google should also think about these things and come up with inclusive decisions.

I think it is time to rethink asking for permissions. The app should display all necessary permissions in the store listing page and about page only. No need to add pop dialogues, summary and description for every changes. Google should make standard permission description that has to be added in the store listing page and about page. That way these standards will become uniform and universal.

Update on emails on Accessibility warnings to android developers

Yesterday I talked to an employee of Google about the emails on Accessibility warnings to android developers. He clearly mentioned that Google will remove apps that use accessibility service for any other purpose other than using it for people with disability. This is because Google has discovered some key issues where some publishers use accessibility services to get access to the devices of users.

It is recommended to remove accessibility service from apps. There is no way to bypass the accessibility service currently. Therefore there are talks that Google will bring a new API for such services to help publishers that gets hurt by this decision. Many app lockers apps, spotify, UC browser got affected by this accessibility permission warning from Google. Google will not suspend your developer account but may remove the app from Play store and disable ad serving. It is better for app developers to remove the accessibility permissions from apps or unpublish apps. Google has give November 30, 2017 as the last date to do necessary changes for publishers.

Check video on how to unpublish app from playstore

Queries From Readers

Question: I found this article of yours very helpful , but I am unclear on one of statements
stating "The app using AccessibilityService needed to have a permission from settings>Accessibility in order to lock apps. Allow permission from settings. Change lock apps to the required intent of the service like what the function is added for. When user clicks OK we have to take him to Settings page."

If you intend to state we need accessibility service to pass an intent to take user to Settings page, then it can be done without having an accessibility service as well. If that's not what you meant can you please clarify the same.

Answer: As per Google, the developer has to ask permission from user to use the accessibility service in the normal course of usage. The permission request should contain the function and the result of the function. Accessibility is the function and locking apps is the intent. That is why I gave an example of what kind of statement can be used for this. If you do need accessibility permission, no need to do these measures.

November 9, 2017

How to Get Refund from Envato Market

Are you searching for Get Refund from Envato Market and envato refund request form. This post provide information on envato dispute and discuss the theme of refund. Read all about envato studio refund and how to apply for a refund in Envato.

Envato Market is a platform where anyone can download licensed versions of digital files. Digital files can be apps, templates, video, audio and graphics. Due to high number of uploads everyday, it is difficult for Envato Market Team to check each and every file for faulty items. Hence a customer can apply or request for a refund when they receive a faulty purchased item. Here is a quick guide on how to apply for a refund in Envato.

How do refunds work? Envato Market Refund Rules

You should try to contact the author before trying for a refund. If author is not reply even after 3-4 days or not willing to do the necessary editing, proceed with refund request. You can get a refund if you have the right reason. Envato provides refunds under certain criteria.

How to Get Refund from Envato Market

1. The product that you purchased is not as described - If the author or creator describes the product with certain features and the downloaded files does not have any of it.

2. The product does not work as it supposed to do - I bought a quiz app from Code canyon and author provided with some XML files that does not work. I applied for a refund for it and author rejected it saying there is enough documentation. I filed a ticket and received refund in few days.

3. Item has a security vulnerability - The product may contain certain scripts that are harmful or certain patches that contains vulnerability.

4. Product support is promised but not provided - This is very important and customers can get confused easily. If you go to the product page, you can see a tab called Support which lists all the support that author will provide. It may be documentation, File A Ticket, Q&A section etc. For some products, the author would clearly write as no installation support is provided. So if a support is mentioned and you could not avail it then you can apply for a refund.

5. Item support extension not used - If you download a plugin or an extension to support for an existing product and it does not work.

6. Items are purchased but not downloaded till 3 months

Can I Get A Refund? - Envato Market's Help Center

  1. You purchased and downloaded the product but now you do not want it
  2. You purchased an item looking at specifications but did not meet your expectations
  3. You changed your mind and want to return it
  4. You bought the item by mistake
  5. You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item - This happens usually with Envato customers. They expect there will be step by step documentation for each product but usually it will not have that. So customers create an issue and ask for a refund.
  6. You ask for goodwill
  7. You can no longer access the item as it is removed - To avoid this, you can download the purchased product and add to Google drive or any other cloud storage.
Read more on Refund Policy of Envato Market Place.

How To Apply For Refund With envato refund request form

You can get Envato Refund Request Form by going to The Refund Request Page in Envato.

Choose you purchase - If you want to file refund for multiple items, you need to file multiple refund requests.

Add Main reason for requesting a refund - You should select your reason that matches with the above refundable criteria.

Describe Your request - Describe other issues and details on how the author responded to your request. Eg: I bought an app locker from Code Canyon and then I uploaded to Play store. Few days after I received a "REASON FOR WARNING: Violation of the Deceptive behavior policy" from Google Play Store Team. I contacted the author and no reply from him. So I am applying for a refund.

How to Get Refund from Envato Market

Envato dispute

Once you successfully submit for refund, you will be getting an email from Envato Market team. The email will say "We have sent your refund request to Author for review". All the refund requests first go to the author and author reviews it and either accept and refund you back or reject it.

I would suggest you to send refund requests as per refund policy of envato market support center and Envato Market Refund Rules are only exempted in rare refund cases. If author cannot resolve the issue, he will give your money back. Otherwise may ask you to check your installation or editing of codes.

successfully submit for refund

If the item have been removed from Envato downloads page by the author or the staff of Envato, then you wont get a refund of the product you purchased.

You can track the refund request using the link in the email and it will show "Status: In progress:. Wait for the author to respond for 3-4 days. If author reject the request, then you can file a ticket and raise a envato dispute, themeforest dispute or a codecanyon dispute.

October 15, 2017

Make Money with 5 Best Android Game Apps below 10$

Do you want to make money from android apps. Here is the list of 5 amazing, top rated and Best Game Android Apps below 10$ To Make Money. These are build in Eclipse and can be imported to Android Studio.

1. Fat Boy World Two Top Rated Android Game App

Fat Boy World Two Top Rated Android Game App

Fat Boy is amazing running game to catch all the burgers on the way. Game has skins for Ninja, Jungle Man, JetPack Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Underwater Diver.

What You Will Get

1. Source code
2. Universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
3. PSD file

You can advertise the app with following Networks.
  1. Admob Banner
  2. Admob Interstitial Ads
  3. Chartboost
  4. RevMob
  5. AppLovin
  6. HeyZap Reward Video Ads

2. Scary Poo World Best Android App Game

Scary Poo World Best Android App Game

Scary Poo is an interesting classic racing game with 10 screens where the you get to shoot skeletons and grab coins. Small Cute Poo is lost in the Scary World. He is trying to get out from this world. You can help him by collecting gold coins and shooting at scary Ghosts, Bats and Skeletons. Many power ups are available in the game including Destroy All Enemy, Powerful Magnets and Invincibility.

What You Will Get

1. Source code
2. Universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
3. PSD file

You can advertise the app with following Networks.
  1. Admob Banner
  2. Admob Interstitial Ads
  3. Chartboost
Buy Now

3. Monster Truck Stunts Jump 2

Mobile Android Games

What You Will Get

1. Source code
2. Universal support, Phone and Tablet support.
3. PSD file

You can advertise the app with following Networks.
  1. Admob Banner
  2. Admob Interstitial Ads
Buy Now

4. Whack-A-Zombie

Best Android Game Apps below 10$ To Make Money

Whack a zombie when you see one : If You Can.

What You Will Get

LUA code: all game logic in one clearly documented file
Watermarked PNG’s for all graphical assets.
Watermarked theme music.
User guide: AdMob and Google Services Setup. Reskinning tips. Corona
AdMob-ready: Banners and interstitials supported
Google Play Games Services: Leaderboard and achievement processing
Facebook Sharing: Post scores and achievements to user’s news feed
Splash screen: show your logo on app startup.

Buy Now

5. Game about Square

game square app

You have to tap on the squares who only go into one direction and reach the goal.

- 36 levels

You can advertise the app with following Networks.
  1. Admob
  2. Startapp
  3. RevMob

October 13, 2017

Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern, Gesture Lock Android App

Do you want to Hide and Lock Your Secret Photos, credit card images and other private images that you do not want other to see and share? Then keep all of them in this Secret Photo Locker.

Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern, Gesture Lock Android App
Attractive Icon

Secret Photo Locker Major Features

Two Step Installation to lock your photos and images from gallery.

4 Types of Locks: PIN Lock, Pattern Lock, Gesture Lock and Password Lock

Hide and Lock Any Number of Photos: Hide infinite number of photos.

Set Your Favorite Background: You can select any image from gallery to use as a back ground image.

Pinch And Zoom Enabled - You can zoom the image now.

Camouflage - Attractive Icon that looks like Camera

Offline - Works without internet connection.

Small Size - Only 4.53 MB in size

Screenshots Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern, Gesture Lock Android App

Screenshots Secret Photo Locker
Screenshots Secret Photo Locker 1

Screenshots Secret Photo Locker
Secret Photo Locker - PIN,

Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern
Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern, Gesture
PIN, Pattern, Gesture Lock Android
Secret Photo Locker - PIN, Pattern, Gesture Lock

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