A to Z SEO techniques to Increase Backlinks

I will start with an apology. This post is 1300 words long and I do not know whether you will survive this post. I took almost two weeks to write this post and it is not because this post is too complex but is so easy. I have listed the best techniques to increase unpaid traffic in Google and other search engines. These popular techniques to get traffic and back links are arranged in alphabetic order for the easy read. So that you can go through each one and do what is needed. You can skip some letters if you successfully dealt with it.

Why this post of A to Z directory of techniques?


Imagine the school days where we learned English language. The teacher will write English alphabets in the black board and read it. It was our duty to read it aloud as the teacher pronounces each English alphabet. From there we learned how to read and write English alphabets, then made sentences and became fluent in the language. Just like that every new blogger need to learn the alphabets of blogging and techniques to increase traffic to become fluent in blogging.

                          I read so many posts of various websites that give suggestions to increase traffic in search engines. Most of the blogs and websites focus only on one or two techniques and leave other methods and really, it is impossible for them to focus on every technique that exists. Therefore, I thought why not make a directory of popular techniques that are relevant and discussed in the websites. This list is not complete and will not for sure. I took hours for searching for relevant website links that discusses these techniques and increase traffic.

Assertion of authorship for content

 As you know authorship has an impact on the traffic you get from search engines especially from Google. You can start with adding authorship mark up, showing image of author in search engine lists and improving authorship rankings.

Back links from trusted sources 

Links from trusted sources always counts. Start with building organic and natural links in a slow and steady manner with .edu and .gov sites.


Conversion is important. You should start with reducing bounce rate and convert visitors into daily users of the website. You can reduce in bounce rate in Google analytics.

Do follow outbound link to relevant resources 

Usually people do not talk about outbound links to relevant resources and posts. However, it is important to add relevant links to other posts of various websites. Add outbound links to older posts to increase link juice.

Exclude the use back hat SEO techniques 

Make room for white hat SEO and avoid unnatural Automated link building using industrial services,  stuffing keywords in posts and meta tags, link wheels, schemes and hubs, link begging emails, three way links, tiered link building service and permanent 301 redirects.

Focus on creating compelling content

  Create compelling content and sometimes write off topic to generate a wider reader base.
Grand design – Create or buy, or use free templates as own design related to your niche and avoid adding too much links of other niches.

Homely environment 

 Provide a homely environment to the visitor and avoid pop ads, ads that cover content, ads that block the view of user. Provide user interest ads to generate clicks rather than stuffing with ads.

Impressive niche and domain 

Get an impressive niche that have less competition and domain and create content related that niche.

Jest with appropriate content 

Use humorous anecdotes, cartoons, images, videos, or remarks intended to provoke laughter and other emotions. That way visitor will be glued to the post.

Kinship with How-To articles 

How-To articles are awesome way to generate viewership and increase traffic. Answering the no answer questions can make visitors run to your website. Read some forums and Q&A websites to know more about these.

Love your blog more than anybody 

Be genuine and love your blog more than anyone else.

Mix links of expired domains with your owned websites 

You can buy different expired domains with page rank of 1 to 2 and mix it with your website. You can buy expired domains at GoDaddy Auctions, SnapNames or NameJet. You should find an aged domain with some page rank related to your website niche and link it with your website.

Navigation using bread crump, labels, archives, popular posts, Site map and search box 

 Add bread crump navigation of home > topic > post to provide good navigation for the visitor. Add labels gadget to deliver an idea of topics discussed in the website. Add archives gadget to offer older posts. Add popular posts gadget to make more engagement. Add sitemap for the search engines and crawlers to generate more traffic. Google custom Search Engine  (CSE) box can be used to monetize as well as generate traffic through searches.

Objectify your authority site 

 Add statistics, ranking lists, graphs, figures, diagrams etc. to objectify your website and post page.

Page speed 

Increase your page speed by reducing java scripts and using CSS. You can use Google page speed tool,  Page-speed Insights for checking the page speed or Yslow by Yahoo.

Quick social sharing plugins

Add social sharing plugins to posts including twitter, Google plus, Facebook etc.

Review the competitor’s strategies

 Make time to review the strategies of competitors using search engine tools and find whether it is good for your website. Experimenting is a great way to know more things.

SEO tools

SEO tools are important for blogs and websites. There are so many interesting free SEO tools out there where bloggers can explore the potential of the websites.

Third party sites like Hub Pages, Sqidoo

 Hub Pages, Sqidoo and other third party sites can be used to generate more back links. Write some articles in these sites and link your blogger post links with them. My hub pages page “addingsense.hubpages.com” have page rank of 3.

User generated content 

Add comment box and forum with moderation to create more content and links.

Verify SEO strategies regularly 

 Check your SEO strategies regularly, verify whether they are good, and change what is needed.

Wizardly writing in blog posts 

 Write as if you are the ultimate source of the particular content and attract visitors based on that.

Xenia with other niche bloggers 

Keep good relationship with your niche bloggers, like their posts, retweet posts, circle them in Google plus and help them.

Yardstick of responsiveness 

Responsiveness now became a yardstick of website design optimisation. Create responsiveness in your design.

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Zappy website is the best website 

After all make your website lively with rich content and visitors should feel the energy. Making a best website is a science and an art.

           This directory is not the end but is the beginning. 

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