April 19, 2019

How to Dating Your Ex Again


It is no wonder sometimes dating your ex seems a pretty good idea. Osho, the famous philosopher said that we tend to have a certain temperament to specific behavior patterns in people. We always search for the different but end up in finding the same old behavior pattern resembling our tastes and similarities.

How to Dating Your Ex Again

Time heals all wounds. 
No, scars heal.
Then what happens to wounds
They fade, I guess - remember these lines from Kung Fu Panda Movie. This very well applies in life. Getting back together with your ex seems a good idea. It depends whether the ex relationship gave her/him scars or wounds.

How many years have passed since yo/her broken up? - If this is less, then it is a great time to get back and ask for dating chance.

Have you had any contacts with him/her in this separated time? - If you have contacts, then it is easy. Casually pass on messages on dating with ex and eventually lead to dating your ex.

Have you offered any assistance or acted as a support system for him/hers in their difficulty time - Everyone needs a hand in difficult times. If you offered any assistance, even if you have broken up, that means you are in good standing. She/ He will obviously would be interested in spending time with you.

How to Dating Your Ex Again

Patching Up Leading to dating your ex

What was the reason for break up. - Find out that reasons and try to mend them. If they are not good for discussion, then completely ignore them and say sorry for your mistakes and start over. It would be difficult if cheating involved in the previous relationship.

Substance abuse, physical abuse are some of the major reasons for break ups in relationship. In that case, do fix these reasons first before approaching for patching up the old relationship. Dating your ex should not lead to the same old habits which again will result in same old breaking up.

Why dating your ex is a good idea

The best reason is that you have spend enough time with her/him. She/He know you better than anyone and have seen and faced all your mood swings and life choices. She/he was there to support you to lead to opt for good things and habits in your life.

Look back together to examine how did you feel while living with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. Were you two were younger back then, not knowing what exactly as going to happen in a relationship. Then this time, you can approach with ease. Time has changed. You both have attained enough maturity to decide.

Think Before Dating your ex

Is it a good idea to date your ex again? Are you going to be fine with a long term commitment. Pain and emotional turbulence after breakup changes people. It is better to accept that before asking her/him to date again. If she/he says like they had a toxic relationship with you, then it is better to leave the idea.

The issues that you both had in the past can come up again. You may need to upgrade your coming styles to adjust and compromise this time. Forgiving and unconditional love are the best things in life. Dating your ex is easy if you learn to talk about the faults and resolve them in the same day. Growing Happiness should be the long term goals when dating your ex.

Dating your ex works out

Dating your ex works out more often that you think. Many have successfully patched up or restarted dating after years of gap. Think dating your ex as a means to do something more in you life. You took a decision to date your ex by knowing all her/his faults and knowing how she/he makes you feel.

Be very open minded and take life as it goes. No need to complain for small things but talk about all the good things you both had in the past. Do not hold expectations about the previous relationship and the feelings she/he gave you. Things have changed and it is quite normal that the behavior also changed.

Many have find True love in dating and your ex may be the right one for you. Talk confidently and engage in meaningful conversations. Hope you find your true love.

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