July 26, 2018

Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 to Download


I wanted to have some nice Windows 10 Themes for my desktop computer. Unfortunately it took me a longer time to get pick the best Windows 10 themes. Here are the Top Best 7 Windows Themes 2018 to Download that picked from Microsoft website. These best windows 10 Themes are handpicked for your dekstop and laptops.

Best Windows 10 Themes For Nature Lovers

This windows ten theme for nature lovers animals is a must download. It has African wildlife themes, animals panoramic, bees, botanical garden, bunnies and ducklings etc. These are some of the best animal loving themes ever.

nature themes animals

Download from Microsoft website here

Windows 10 Themes For Creative minds

Creative minds always lurk on the abstract shades of life. These awesome themes shows abstract bright, abstract dark and other creative themes to download.

themes for windows ten computer creative art

Download from Microsoft website here

Best Windows 10 Themes for Crazy Motor Junkies Themes

If you are a motor junkie, you must download these wonderful themes. Classic Cars to Ferrai, bikes and what more. These themes are a must if you love automobiles.

Automotive themes for windows 10

Download from Microsoft website here

Themes For Gamers Windows 10

I am professional gamer evolved from Mario to DOTA to CSGO. If you are a gamer, you need a gaming wallpaper that inspires to win every game that you play. Here are some great wall papers for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 users.

gamers themes for windows ten download

Download from Microsoft website here

For Movie lovers Windows 10 Themes

I love movies. I always download latest movies and watch them all the time. Then download their superb themes like these below and put them as wall papers. It is kind of show off. But ya, I am fine with it.

Movie themes for windows computer 2018

Download from Microsoft website here

Best Windows 10 Themes For Travel Buddies

Travel always bring joy and learning's. The yearning of mind the craving of long journey always excites me. Here are some nice travel themes for backpackers. Enjoy them and do add them to your do visit list.

travel themes to set as wall paper

Download from Microsoft website here

Custom Sound Themes 2018 Applies to: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

Some say these themes do not have custom sounds. Well, stop complaining. Here are the best Best Windows 10 Themes 2018 with custom sounds to Download. 

custom sound themes for windows

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