June 26, 2018

Double Glazed Windows Benefits


Ever heard of the double glazing windows? Basically, what are double glazing windows? Double glazing windows are the types of windows where two panes of glass are used, which are separated by air. In this article, we will talk about how beneficial is double glazing, double glazed windows benefits, double glazing thickness mm and double glazing glass advantages.

We will share details of double glazing salesman, companies, suppliers where you can check double glazed windows prices online. Most of the times theses panes are separated by inert gasses like argon, due to their less conductivity of heat. You might have seen these double glazing windows used in the windows of aeroplanes.

Double glazing how it works and benefits

Double Glazing windows help to maintain the temperature inside the room and keep the hot air inside. These windows have several advantages over single glass pane windows. Like, double glazing windows keep the cold air outside, maintaining the temperature of the room. Double glazing windows prevent the noise from coming inside the room. These also act as barriers for UV rays. And also, double glazing windows are harder to break, so they act as barriers for thief and burglars too.

Double Glazing Windows | Beginner's Guide

How beneficial is double glazing: Advantages and Benefits

A survey was conducted and most of the people said that by installing double glazed windows, they were able to save quite efficiently on the energy bills. By using double glazing windows, their house was hotter than what it used to be and they were not needed to use the heaters. And eventually, they all ended up saving on the energy bills.

For some reasons if you are unable to install double glazing windows, then there’s an alternative for it. Its secondary windows. Secondary windows involve installing a second sheet of glass inside the already existing single pane window. It’s not as effective as double glazing windows but helps saving on energy bills to an extent.


There are several aspects that one should keep in mind while buying double glazing windows. Some of them are as follows.
  1. Gaps between the two panes of double glazed glass. Generally these gaps vary between 6mm-20mm. a gap of 12mm is considered as ideal choice. Always remember, more the gap, more is the insulation provided by the windows.
  2. Next thing is gas used between the panes. Mostly argon is used for insulation. But if you are willing to spend more and want better insulation, you can ask for other options available.
  3. Glass types used should also be considered. Generally there are two types of glasses low-e and laminated. Low-e glasses are better insulators while laminated glasses are a better barrier for noise. Depending upon your needs you can choose from low-e and laminated glass.
  4. The cost of the double glazed glass is also an important factor. However, this depends on person to person. The more you will spend the better performance you will get.
  5. The type of locality you live in and temperature in you locality also plays an important role. For example, if you live in regions like Alaska, you might buy windows with more gaps for better insulation. It’s always good to take advice from an expert before buying double glazing windows.


Cost of double glazing windows depend upon the several factors listed above. The gas or insulation used between the panes types of panes used low-e or laminated. Also the size of the window matters. Typically, the approximate price of the windows is $800 per square meter. This price also includes installation and labour. This price may vary depending on your needs.


In America there are many companies that sell double glazing windows. You can find some by just googling them out, in your locality. But there are some companies that provide their services all over the America. Some of them are alside, Marvin windows and doors, alpen windows, paramount windows, paradigm windows, schuco windows, great lakes windows, weather shield, vinyl kraft and many more.


I have mentioned some of the websites of the companies that supply double glazing windows;
  1. Mysuperwindows.com
  2. Extechnic.com
  3. Consorvatorymd.com
  4. Americanwindowandglass.com
  5. sweets.construction.com

Apart from these you can also find some manufacturers and suppliers on eBay or just Google them out.


Double glazing windows are very hard to repair. Even if any one of the panes cracks, and if the gasses breakout, it becomes nearly impossible to repair the same window. So beginners will have to get new pair of panes installed with new set of insulation. If something else is damaged, like the frame of the window, it can be easily fixed. All of the above mentioned suppliers provide repair services too. So you can visit those websites and contact them.

Few products that you can buy in Amazon.

1. Bulk Hardware BH04947 Shrink Window & Door Insulation Double Glazing Kit Supplied with Double Sided Tape, 6 x 1.5 Metres (19'6 inch x 4'11 inch/95sq ft) - Check the price


This was it; hope that I have answered all your questions and queries regarding the double glazing windows.

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