April 24, 2018

Best Private Photo Vault App in Google Play Store


Everyone wants to keep private images and photos safe and hidden from children, family and others. It is tough to keep family images and private images safe due to high penetration of intruders to your phone. These intruders can be third party apps that share your pictures without taking permission from you. This post will share you the Best Private Photo Vault App in Google Play Store. This private photo vault app provides amazing capacity to safely keep your images in phone.

Calculator Vault - Private photo vault app

The calculator Vault from vaults apps is excellent in providing safe and sound encryption to your private images. The private photo vault app has excellent password and pin protection features. You can select multiple images from phone gallery and safely add them to the vault. These images are saved in a hidden folder in memory card.

Private Photo Vault App

Other awesome features of Private Photo Vault App are;

1. Categorize photos in folders.
2. Easy access to Add a folder, Gallery, Camera
3. Directly import pictures from Camera
4. Sort and arrange
5. Long press on folder to get number of images.
6. Full screen Slide show
7. Rename images
8. Get details of images including size and resolution.
9. Long press on image to get unhide and move to other folders option.

Private photo vault backup

The images in private photo vault is automatically stored in memory card. If memory card is not accessible, it will be stored in internal storage. The private photo vault backup is provided in this app making it easier to safely access all the images. You can access the back up section and select back up and select internal storage or external storage. Once storage is selected, all the photos will be copied and transferred to back up folder. This will safely protect your pictures even if you delete the previous folder.

Keepsafe private photo vault

Many private photo vaults apps in play store has one BIG issue. Data gets deleted once user uninstall the app. This keepsafe private photo vault provides Uninstall protection for your data. This means even if you uninstall, the photos will not get deleted. You can try reinstalling app and access the images once again. This is one of awesome features of the keepsafe private photo vault app.

Unlock private photo vault

The unlock system of private photo vault works inside a calculator. You have to set a password or pin in the beginning once you install the app. Then you open the calculator app, enter the password and you will be automatically redirected to the home page. From home page you can access image locker and all your safely stored images.

Private photo vault review

We are always looking for your reviews and comments about the private photo vault app. You can send the comments via email or even add to Google Play store private photo vault app page.

Private photo vault Download

You can download private photo vault from Google Play Store using this link.

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