March 12, 2018

7 Effective Ways To Tackle Bhang Effect


Bhang is a regular drink in Holi till you consume enough to get high to dance. For beginners and first time users, Bhang may feel like a lot worse. Here are effective ways to tackle Bhang Effect. Are you searching for ways on how much bhang to consume, what is experience of bhang, how to reduce bhang effects and how long does bhang take to kick in. I will share you my experience with bhang effect and details on how much bhang to drink to get high, how to consume bhang goli, bhang hangover duration and bhang side effects treatment.

My Experience of Bhang and Bhang Effects

I bought Bhang from an approved Bhang shop and I asked him to mix 4 spoons of Bhang with sweet water for take home. I went home and consumed 1/3rd of the total content of Bhang mixed in cold sweet water around 8:30 PM night. I took a break of 15 minutes and nothing happened. I took another 1/3rd and waited for another 15 minutes and nothing. Then after 15 minutes, I took the last portion in a gulp and drank some water. I thought the shop keeper cheated me as I am not feeling anything.

bhang effects

After 1 hour, I suddenly felt numbness in my body as I was talking to someone in call. I cut the call and tried to sit and started to Google on how to prevent Bhang effect as I was sure after ten minutes, I may not be able to do so. My mouth got really dry and I kept on drinking water. Pain sensation was gone. I kept on drinking like 2-3 ltrs of water till my stomach is full. I sat sometime in my bed eyes closed and I could feel the all the bodily sensations such as breathing, gas coming out of mouth and heartbeat in real. I tried to sleep but started vomiting.

I went to the toilet and vomited multiple times. Mouth got dried and took a bottle of water and sat in the toilet itself and drank water and vomited and coughed. I opened the tap and pour water on my head and body. I really felt like crying as this is really bad. I realize that I can control my sensations by commanding to them. I commanded to stop vomiting and coughing and that decision coincided with the bodily sensations. That conflict made my body crumple and shiver. I sat there for more than half an hour and later took a towel and wiped my head. Took a bedsheet and pillow, lied on the floor with wet body and dresses.

I was shaking like hell. Every minutes my body shakes and I am unable to do anything. After 4 hours around 2:15 PM, the effects reduced and in ten minutes, I came back to my senses. I felt enormously relieved and thanked God.

How much bhang to consume

There is no specific answer to it. I would suggest for beginners to take less than half a spoon and wait at least 1 and half hour before taking another dose. If you want to take more, take in a period of 15 minutes or so. You can consume bhang goli with cold sweet milk or water. Other items are Bhang Thandaayi, Bhang Pakodas, Bhang Barfi, and even Bhang Ice Cream.

How long does bhang take to kick in

Bhang generally take 1 hour to 1 and half an hour to kick in. Beginners do not understand this and drink more creating a havoc experience. Always take very small amount.

Bhang hangover duration

Again there is no specific answer to it. It depends on how much you have taken. I took 4 spoons and got high for 4 hours.

How to reduce bhang effects and side effects

To Do List

Eat food moderately before taking Bhang -  Many say to eat heavy food before taking Bhang. I would suggest to eat moderately. Heavy food will make you really tired and dehydrating. You can include juice and fruits in the food. Do not forget to drink water. Moderate food consumption will also help in vomiting. After a point of time, nothing will come out of your stomach and then you can command your inner systems to stop vomiting.

Drink water moderately - If you keep on drinking water without any control, you may end up vomiting badly and get dehydrated. Take regular shots of water like one glass and urinate as much.

Eat Apple - I ate Apple and banana and I do not know whether it actually helped me. 

eat apple to reduce bhang effects

Lemon Juice - You can lemon water as it will somewhat stop the Bhangover. I have not tried it so cannot advice.

lemon juice to subside bhang effects

Stay Cold - I would suggest to open shower and sit in the washroom itself. This will suspend the effects and increase the blood flow. Try to make your body as cold as possible to raise body temperature and increase blood flow.

shower to wear of effects of bhang

Not To Do List

Do not take caffeine products as it will worsen the experience.
Do not smoke.
Do not take any other drugs or alcohol.

Post Bhang Sessions - Bhangover effects

Next day you may feel lethargic, dehydrated and tired. Drink water and eat apple in the morning. Take light food only and do not take hard heavy food. Stay hydrated.

Update: I am having stomach pain and bloating feelings for the last 2 days. Taking antibotic for it

Always Remember: No one has died using Bhang. The experience will last only 4-8 hours and it will go away fast. Stay hydrated and keep your conscience awake. This Shall Too Pass On.

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