March 30, 2018

Best Stocks to Buy for Investing in Stock Market


Are you looking for the best stocks to buy in india for long term, best stocks to buy for investing in stock market for beginners, best stocks to buy in india 2017 and 2018, best stocks to buy in india for short term and best stocks to buy today. You have to look for the top 10 shares to buy tomorrow and get the list of best stocks to buy in india for short term 2017. I will explain the basics on how to do investing in stock market, best shares to buy for beginners and stocks to buy tomorrow for greater returns.

A Beginner Look for Names of Stocks to Buy

Everyone wants to make money by investing in stock market, buying and selling stocks without any effort. A beginner want the name of the stock, when to buy and when to sell. A beginner want to get something for nothing. He/she is ready to invest his hard earned money, ready to trust you with the money but he/she is not willing to learn the basics of investing in stock market.

A Beginner Investor has three basic questions.
  1. How does the stock look in near term?
  2. How does the Stock look in long term? and,
  3. Are there better/other stocks that I can consider?
Best Stocks to Buy for Investing in Stock Market for Beginners

Let me share some stock stories for you.

Go to Google and search for "graphite share price". The stock price of Graphite was 78.55 in January 2017. Just one year back right?. Now stock price of Graphite rose to a amazing figure of 852.10 in January 2018. Imagine you have bought 1000 stocks of graphite in 2017 for 78550 INR and you could have sold all of them in January 2018 for 852100 INR. That is a profit of 773550 INR in one year.

Go to Google and search for "maruti share price" 1243.55 in August 2013 and the price of the stock surged to 9729.55 in December, 2017.

There are many other stocks that have so much potential to earn. It is just that you need to spend time and effort to do real research and invest and exit in the right stock at the right time.

Basics of Stock Market for Beginners

Stock Market is where you buy and sell shares. It exist in electronic form and you do all kinds of transaction using internet. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) make up all the stocks. You can access the stock market via a registered intermediary called the Stock Broker.

Those who participate - I mean do transactions in the stock market is called Market Participant. You may be knowing about so many scams such as Harshid Mehta, Satyam Computers related to stock market in last few years. The Securities and Exchange board of India - SEBI - The Regulator - was established to protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities market and for matters connected there with or incidental there to. SEBI ensures a level playing field for all the market participants. In order to regulate the market, SEBI has set specific rules and regulations for the entities those participate heavily in the stock market.

Best Stocks to Buy for Investing in Stock Market for Beginners

  1. *Plastiblends India* - India's largest manufacturer and exporter of color & additives master batches and thermoplastic companies for the plastic processing industry.
  2. *Indoaolar* - India's largest PV solar cell manufacturer producing high efficiency premium solar cell and modules.
  3. *Sampre nutrition* - Biggest candy supplier to patanjali.
  4. *BDL* - Monopoly in mfg missile
  5. *Tilaknagar Ind* -Producer of mention house (largest selling brandy in India)
  6. *GOCL CORP* - one of the largest dentonator manufacturer in world
  7. *Bharat wire roaps*- One of the largest manufacturer of steel wire roaps in India and globally
  8. *Diamonds and chemicals* - The only manufacturer of etylenediamine in india
  9. *Gravita India*- India's largest lead manufacturing company
  10. GAIL- 68% share in lng market
  11. SUNILHITEC - Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited (LTP - 8.30)
  12. GVKPIL - GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd (LTP - 14.15)
  13. ZEEMEDIA - Zee Media Corporation Ltd (LTP - 38.2)
  14. OMMETALS - Om Metals Infraprojects Ltd (LTP - 48.85)
  15. BOM: 522134 - Artson Engineering Ltd (LTP - 71.65)
  16. RCF - Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (LTP - 73.1)
  17. MEGH - Meghmani Organics Ltd. (LTP - 84.30)
  18. SONASTEER - Sona Koyo Steering Systems Limited (LTP - 98.45)
  19. PURVA - Puravankara Ltd (LTP - 138.55)
  20. PRABHAT - Prabhat Dairy Ltd (LTP -150.70)
  21. Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd
  22. Ajanta Pharma Ltd
  23. Asian Paints Ltd
  24. Atul Ltd
  25. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
  26. Avanti Feeds Ltd
  27. Bajaj Auto Ltd
  28. Bajaj Corp Ltd
  29. Bodal Chemicals Ltd
  30. Britannia Industries Ltd
  31. Byke Hospitality Ltd
  32. Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd
  33. CCL Products India Ltd
  34. Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd
  35. Credit Analysis And Research Ltd
  36. Cummins India Ltd
  37. Cupid Ltd
  38. D B Corp Ltd
  39. Dabur India Ltd
  40. Dhanuka Agritech Ltd
  41. Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co Ltd
  42. Divi’s Laboratories Ltd
  43. Dynavision Ltd
  44. eClerx Services Ltd
  45. Elantas Beck India Ltd
  46. Gabriel India Ltd
  47. Hawkins Cookers Ltd
  48. HCL Technologies Ltd
  49. Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  50. Hindustan Unilever Ltd
  51. Indo Count Industries Ltd
  52. Indraprastha Gas Ltd
  53. IST Ltd
  54. ITC Ltd
  55. National Fittings Ltd
  56. Orient Refractories Ltd
  57. PI Industries Ltd
  58. Pidilite Industries Ltd
  59. Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd
  60. V-Guard Industries Ltd
  61. Vinati Organics Ltd
  62. VST Industries Ltd
  63. Ybrant Digital Ltd
  64. Page Industries Ltd
  65. Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd
  66. SNL Bearings Ltd
  67. Sonata Software Ltd
  68. Southern Magnesium & Chemicals Ltd
  69. Star Paper Mills Ltd
  70. Sun TV Network Ltd
  71. Symphony Ltd
  72. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
  73. Tata Elxsi Ltd
  74. Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd
  75. Marico Ltd
  76. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd
  77. Menon Bearings Ltd

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stocks under hundred rupees

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