February 21, 2018

How to Do Investment through myCAMS Online


Mycams online is a completely online mutual fund portal with free my cams app where you can invest in mutual funds online. mycams app and mycams site are good ways to start investing. The website of mycams and portal of mycams mutual fund is completely free and can be used unlimited. my cam free portal dis not add my existing portfolios even though I used the mycams mutual fund app. I chose mutual funds from mycams mutual fund list. Here is step by step guide process to do investment through CAMS online website. myCAMS is a free portal where you can invest money in mutual funds from many mutual fund houses [AMCs]. This post will show you how to do investment through myCAMS online portal and start investing in mutual funds.

What you have already done

Select A Mutual Fund to Invest.
Do KYC or eKYC through Mutual Fund House or through myCAMS.
Have original cancelled cheque leaf with your name preprinted and signature.


i) Investors need to be KYC compliant for Mutual Fund transaction. You can do eKYC with AADHAR if you are receiving OTP number in your mobile.

ii) If you are not KYC compliant, you can complete KYC using Aadhaar based eKYC after submission of Basic Details below. You will need to upload your signature image if in case you wish to invest or redeem through paper-based request. 

iii) SEBI circular currently permits investment of Rs 50,000/- per Financial Year per Mutual Fund for Aadhaar based eKYC using OTP verification. 

iv) You will need to upload an image of a signed and cancelled cheque with your name pre-printed in order to complete new folio opening. 

v) Please enter details of your purchase transactions here and refer SID/SAI of the respective scheme(s) of the Mutual Fund for more details on NAV applicability. 

vi) Please note that NAV applicability and allotment of units for investment(s) in Liquid schemes and for single/cumulative investment(s) =/>Rs. 2 lakhs in other schemes, is subject to realization of funds by the Mutual Fund. As per respective banking norms, online transfer of funds to the respective MF account might take a minimum of 2 hours to max of T+2 days for realization. 

Go to MyCAMS website

Enter Basic Details

Mutual Fund Name *
Date of Birth (DOB)*
Payment Type*
Bank Name*
Mode of Holding*
Tax Status*

Investment through myCAMS Online

You will receive OTP in mobile number. If you have not received it, select Receive OTP via call. Enter OTP and select Continue.

Enter Personal Details

Investor PAN*
Email ID*
Investor Name*
Mobile No.*
Date of Birth*
Telephone No.(Off.)
Office Number
Telephone No.(Res.)

Enter Investment Details

Select Scheme under the Asset Management company that you selected in the basic details. If you have selected SBIMF in the basic details, you can only invest in SBIMF fund and not any other funds from other AMCs. Select the scheme and the fund.

Enter Payment Details, add original cancelled cheque leaf with investor name preprinted and signature and start investing through myCAMS online.

You can download the myCAMS mobile app to manage the investment portfolio in your mobile phone. This service is complete free of cost.

How to Register in MyCams portal

Go to Mycams portal, select new user registration, enter email Id and mobile number and select get OTP in email, enter the OTP received in email. Enter password and confirm password.

Password should be in alphanumeric and length should be 8-15 characters.
Password should be start with alphabet.
Password must contain minimum one Upper case alphabet and one numeric value.
Password must contain one of these special characters #_ [email protected]
Password will expire in every 90 days.

Once user is created, Sign in again.

How to Use MyCams portal

Go to Transact, under Invest now, select AMC, select payment, bank and select continue. MyCams will ask you to complete Update FATCA and Supplementary Details. Select "New Customer to CAMS serviced Funds - please select the Fund Name in which you wish to invest" and enter date of birth. Submit to get OTP.  Update your KYC form by adding net worth in lakhs and submit form. Select close to go back to the portal.

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