January 31, 2018

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018 Review


Google Algorithms were not steady for the last few months and I wanted to share a few important updates on SEO and SERP changes in the period of January 2018 and what you can expect in February 2018 and coming months. This post will share latest Google algorithm updates on January 2018 and review other Google Updates and SERP changes for the month of January 2018. Latest Google algorithm updates were subtle but Ship Me This team found out each of these updates and reviewed it.

Semrush sensor image showing google algorithm volatility

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018 Review in semrush sensor

More Google Featured Snippets on the way

Google has been adding more rich snippets in search pages resulting in pushing the websites and blogs down. Users tend to stick around in the search page and read answers there itself resulting in no visit to blogs and websites. I predicted this change 4 months ago and wrote a post on why Google Featured Snippets are bad for blogs and websites. The features snippets are covering the first 5 results and visitors never go beyond 5 first results. Normal users never go beyond first 3 links and the snippets resulting in less or no traffic for websites on 6th or 7th ranks.

Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018

Meta Description is now 320 words

Google has decided to increase meta description length from 160 words to 320 words. Now web masters need to update all search descriptions up to the maximum length. This will increase rankings and gives you a SERP boost.

Put No Follow on Download Links

You may have noticed that many websites provides links to download from Microsoft, OneDrive, GDrive, mp3 songs, videos, movies, software and apps download, ios 11 download, album downloads etc. Ensure that all these links must be no follow links.

Google new search console for webmasters

Google introduced new search console that shows index coverage of valid pages and pages with errors. 

Google new search console for webmasters January 2018

SERP Volatility and latest google algorithm changes in January 2018

From January 23, Google algorithm has been dramatically changing till January 29th. It is hard to predict what kind of changes can come in February due these high volatility. US, UK, Australia country rankings has been affected for many and many websites has been ranking for new keywords from older posts.

SERP Volatility and latest google algoritm changes in January

Backlinko has shows the rank brain of Google on how google picks up insights from searches and how it updates the algorithms. SEO Round table is showing all kinds of latest Google Algorithm updates and changes in moz cast, and other ranking sensors.

These updates started from September 2017 and still continuing. I am waiting eagerly to find out what more changes are coming from Google and what will be the latest Google algorithm updates for February 2018.

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