October 11, 2017

Timer App - Time Management, Work Out, Fitness Android App To Download

Here is the Best Time Management App for Corporate Professionals, Workout, Fitness Training.

Set a timer for your work. During the work period Productivity Timer can disable features on your phone such as sounds, vibration and wifi.

Timer App - Time Management, Work Out, Fitness

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Avoid Distractions: Keep your work on track using timed sessions handled by the app.

Clean your mid: Reward yourself with short breaks and get refreshed.

Get Started: Stay Focused, get rid of procrastination and improve your productivity.


+ Set timer for working
+ Automatically disable sounds and vibration
+ Variable timer duration

Work Session Duration - Select duration from 1 minute to one hour.
Break Duration - Set Your Breaks from 1 minute to any custom time.
Long Break Duration - Get a coffee, hang out with friends, set your break time.
Number of sessions before a long break
Select Custom Sound alerts from 10 different sounds.

Additional Features

Landscape Mode
Full Screen Mode
Continuous Mode
Sessions Counter
Option to Disable sound and Vibration.
Disable Wifi if needed
Keep the screen on option

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