October 10, 2017

How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights


Are you searching for questions about google analytics, ask a question get an answer in google analytics and ask analytics intelligence. This post talks about analytics intelligence google, google analytics intelligence beta and google analytics questions and answers. You can find many questions in this post to ask analytics intelligence and get and answers and insights.

How many of uses Analytics to see the data of your website. Have you ever used the Amazing Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights, Events, Reports To Increase Organic Traffic. Analytic Intelligence is an amazing tool for beginners and medium blogger and webmasters.

How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence (Beta): ask analytics intelligence

Login to Google Analytics
Select Audience
Select Intelligence
Type your query
Press Enter

Analytics Intelligence analyzes the query, fetches the data and present your results. Analytics Intelligence is a virtual data analyst software which is helping webmasters to save the money of a data analyst.

How To Use Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights

Analytics Intelligence act as a real time data analyst analyzing and displaying website traffic changes and trends. You can increase organic traffic to the website using Amazing Google Analytics Intelligence (Beta).

Google Analytics Intelligence analyzes and reports to give you an exact idea on what are the changes occurred in organic traffic and how you can use them to your benefit. Beta Intelligence analyzes past performance of pages and posts and forecast the trend. It reports spike and drop in page views, publisher revenue / sessions, bounce rate changes, website performance per week, improvements needed for bounce rate and page speed, changes in loading pages and changes from forecast reports.

How to ask a question get an answer in google analytics

Get familiar with the queries.

Try Asking "Trend of page views last month" and press enter.

Then "is my traffic growing". In this you will get Month over month growth of Sessions based on 100.00% of sessions.

Again ask a query "How many users did we have last week?"

Likewise you can many queries to Intelligence Beta. Read about what all you can ask to Analytics - Ask Analytics Intelligence.

If you enter a query and Intelligence comes with an error "We understood your question, but there is no data for your profile in this time range." means that the data is not available. You can try other queries in that case.

Google analytics questions and answers

Some more queries to try

My direct traffic for the past week
my organic traffic last month
Number of click from last month
Is my Organic traffic growing
How much is bounce rate percentage
Hows my organic traffic for the last 3 months
What are our top pages this week?

You can add the following words to get more understanding of the data of website - last month, this month, last 3 months, percentage, compare etc.

You cannot ask for Data projections and forecasting as they are not supported yet for direct queries.

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